Magento 2 Product Image Top 4 Practices

Magento 2 Product Image: Top 4 Practices To Boost Your Sale!

by Chloé Nguyen

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Granted, images are powerful, especially in Ecommerce. It’s undeniable that the first impression of customers with an online store is its products’ images. Thus, this is one of the most potent drivers to increase engagement and conversions of every business. 

However, many merchants are still at a loss of how to apply the Magento 2 Product Image in the best way to boost the sale. So that, we’re here to bring you all the TOP 4 BEST PRACTISES of this feature!

Let’s get started!

A. The Importance of Magento 2 Product Image

A product image is crucial for an e-commerce store because it influences the buyer’s decision. An image complements the product description, making it more appealing to the visitors. In an online store, the shopper cannot touch the product; instead, they visualize it before purchasing. 

As a result, the product image in Magento 2 is the most effective way to communicate with customers about the details of your items. Let’s explore the 03 major factors we listed below: 

1. Make the first impression

Product photos are the thing that customers notice at first glance. Every buyer wants to ensure that the product meets their expectations in color, size, or quality. However, it’s more difficult to give a fair evaluation when it comes to purchasing online. So that, the customers usually decide whether they’ll buy the products or not based on its images. 



2. A better understanding of store’s items

The goal of modern online shopping experiences is convenience. But the most painful drawback of this business model is the lack of physically handling the customers’ wanted products. 

Yet, high-quality Magento 2 product images from various angles can fill this void by providing your customers with the required information. And when customers can easily find the information they need, they are far more likely to return for more.

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3. Boost the brand

Good product images play a role as brand ambassadors, and they telegraph your brand and style in a straightforward, efficient, and effective manner. Let alone with the factors such as your website’s interface, product design or the actual item’s quality, Magento 2 product images are also an integral part of brand presence, which decide how consumers and buyers perceive your brand.

Boost the brand

B. 4 Best Practices of Product Image in Magento 2

1. Use high-quality product images

Online buyers usually make an instant evaluation based on the look and aesthetic of your product, just like shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores. Whether or not that is a fair assessment of the quality of your product, it means you must have clear, high-quality photos that accurately represent your product offering.

Use high-quality product images

The tip here is you should choose (.jpg) as the file type of your product image because it will bring you many advantages, such as the ability to be compressed without sacrificing quality.

2. Interacting with customers through product image 

Although your store provides various high-quality images for customers to boost their trust in the store’s products, they’re more easily to believe in the “real” photos provided by the previous customer. 

Due to this problem, store owners should configure Magento 2 store to enable customers to share their own experiences and view the other feedback as well. Especially, with the review containing product images, they need to select the most explicit and valuable photos to upload images in the Magento store

Interacting with customers through product image

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3. Replace standard Magento 2 product image with option image

The next one, shop owners can set up the product option images for your Magento 2 store to display the specific photo when selecting each option. It helps customers a lot in their purchasing journey and facilitates them to choose the most suitable products possible. 

magento 2 option image

Moreover, this option image feature also saves space on your website by not displaying any of the product’s extra details until it is selected. 

4.  Animated GIF and 360-degree product image

The two-last best practices we want to mention here are the animated GIF and 360-degree Magento 2 product images. It’s excellent features because it brings a lively and better description of products, resulting in the exclusive customer’s shopping experience and increasing the revenues.

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C. Wraps up 

The above practices are the best case for every online store to boost their sale through Magento 2 Product Image. Hopely you can apply these tips we commended to enhance your store’s performance and attract more customers.  

If you still have any wondering about this issue, please feel free to contact us via the comment section below!

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