Shopify POS Apps – Top 5 Every Merchant Cannot Miss

by Librah Do

In the past, retail stores processed sales transactions manually with traditional cash registers. Nowadays, thanks to the rapid development of technology, processing transactions and also the entire retail industry, in general, has been significantly enhanced in terms of efficiency and profitability. To facilitate that, more and more merchants seeking well-functioned Shopify POS apps.

The Shopify POS system is one of those technologies that make great contributions to the retail industry growth rate. Initially, POS systems are designed as on-premise software and linked to in-house terminals. Over the years, many providers have developed this solution into cloud-based apps that can run flexibly on any computing device such as smartphones or tablets.

Modern POS systems can not only speed up the transaction process but also optimize the overall sales process, which leads to a significant increase in sales orders and revenue. Moreover, some robust POS solutions are even able to support businesses with inventory and supply chain management, accounting process, customer relationship management, and so on.

In this article, we’ll introduce a list of the best Shopify POS apps any merchants cannot ignore. Let’s glide down!

How to examine great Shopify POS Apps

When it comes to the POS software market, you can easily find many providers and a wide range of powerful features offered on the Shopify App Store. Perhaps, you may be confused to choose the best suitable option for your stores.

Choosing the right Shopify point of sale app is highly important. Here are some aspects that need taking into consideration when looking for your POS providers.

1. Inventory management

Inventory management is a crucial part of any retail business. Advanced POS apps should be able to handle this aspect effectively in order to guarantee a streamlined process. Also, some robust Shopify POS systems enable you to optimize inventory management by automating particular tasks such as updating stock data, reordering inventory, or identifying high-demand products.

2. Sales tracking

Shopify POS systems can help Shopify store owners easily track purchases, returns, information about sales and supply. Moreover, some Shopify POS apps can also support businesses to personalize shopping experiences with loyalty reward programs based on detailed customer information.

3. Pricing plans

When it comes to adopting modern solutions, the money budget is one of the biggest burdens for every business. At first, POS software appears to be so expensive that small retailers can not afford it. Fortunately, many providers have developed POS into software as a service which is more feasible to newly established store owners. In fact, the price for Shopify POS apps varies by provider and also by its diversity of features. Hence, it is a must to take this aspect into account when choosing a POS for your Shopify stores.

4. Compatibility with hardware

A powerful POS is not all about its software but also its hardware. In other words, you will not only have to invest in the software but also hardware necessities such as cash registers, barcode scanners,  receipt printers, etc. And it is important that these hardware and software can work well together.


5. Ability to integrate with third-party software

Although many POS systems have offered users a wide range of helpful features, Shopify retailers may need to integrate with other third parties. For example, retail stores may want to connect with different payment method providers. A great Shopify POS app should be flexible to integrate with other secured software and further enhance the sales process as well as customer experience.

6. Customer support

Another aspect that you should consider is customer service from your POS providers. Adopting and integrating POS systems into the sales process may pose some challenges, especially for stores with little experience using technology. Make sure that the POS provider is an expert and always willing to support your business whenever you need it.

Top 6 Shopify point of sales apps

Magestore POS

Magestore POS is well-known as an omnichannel POS solution for retailers selling on Magento and Shopify. Like its powerful features for Magento, the Magestore POS for Shopify offers rich features to help retailers manage stores effectively with an extremely affordable monthly subscription. This Shopify POS app enables merchants to manage multiple locations and multiple POS machines per location.

Because this solution is tailor-built for the Shopify platform, it ensures sync data such as inventory updates, sales transactions, customer orders, and customer information both online and in-store. This helps save time and cost on labor costs, minimize manual errors, and avoid overselling or stockouts.

Here are key features of Magestore POS software for Shopify:

  • Staff management and staff role management
  • Multiple location management
  • Simplified checkout process with multiple payment options
  • Flexible customized POS solution to fit your specific business requirements
  • Automatic discounts on your selected product list
  • Expand your customer pools with attractive customer loyalty programs such as store credits, reward points, and gift cards
  • Allow merchants to hold orders for customers and check out later
  • Enable merchants to solve with order exchange and refund in-store
  • Give customers more shopping options such as Buy online Pick up in-store (BOPIS)
  • Automatically generate essential insightful reports for marketing strategies
  • Robust integration with online shipping methods and your existing operation systems
  • Accessible on tablets, iPads, and PCs
  • Offline mode that allows you to create and process orders without stable Internet status
  • 30-day free trial policy

Magestore offers pricing planning as follows:

  • POS Lite for Shopify: $15/month
  • POS Standard for Shopify: $50/month

Compared with other POS providers for Shopify, Magestore POS might be a smart choice for you for 3 reasons. Undoubtedly, firstly it has launched for a short time, you can enjoy exclusive offers and the best price on the market when choosing this POS solution. You’ll not find any other better POS with a better price. Secondly, Magestore POS gets many positive reviews from worldwide retailers, so you can rely on its functionality. The last one is that you’ll have unlimited users and register with one POS package, which helps you save a lot.


ConnectPOS lies among popular cloud-based Shopify POS apps worldwide, especially for SME businesses thanks to its wide range of powerful features and pricing plans.

With the ability to synchronize all data between online and offline store locations in real-time, this solution allows you to closely monitor every change within the sales process. Also, every inventory information is constantly updated and informed to cashiers accurately, which ensures a streamlined omnichannel shopping experience.

Additionally, ConnectPOS enables Shopify retailers to directly pay to third-party payment gateways without any extra fee required. ConnectPOS can connect with the majority of highly secured gateways and accept various payment methods from cash, card, and reward points.

Besides software support, Connect POS is also compatible with many hardware including every modern computer device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc), POS bundles, all-in-one, printers, cash drawers, scanners, and so on.


Many other highlight features provided by ConnectPOS are:

  • Click and collect: Allow customers to make purchases online and pick up/return in stores.
  • Second screen for customers: Support buyers to track detailed information about their carts before completing transactions.
  • PWA Customer App: Enable customers to search for their expected products or services and self-checkout.
  • Stocktake: Accurately count and keep track of stock levels.
  • Customer loyalty: Award customers with special programs such as discounts, coupons, or reward points.
  • 20+ insightful reports: Automatically generate essential reports based on data in hand.

ConnectPOS offers retailers four main pricing plans along with particular features:

  • The $9 Basic
  • The $49 Standard
  • The $79 Advanced
  • The $99 Premium

Before making any decision on which package will be the most suitable for Shopify stores, retailers can experience this solution with a 14-day free trial.

When being a partner with ConnectPOS, you can assure that staff is always available to support your business needs.

Shopify POS

Shopify also provides their retailers with a Shopify POS developed by this platform. Shopify POS is considered an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate solution with Shopify online stores. This app allows store owners to synchronize data with their Shopify store in order to track sales and inventory across channels.

Shopify POS also enables retailers to accept various payment methods. Yet, retailers are required to pay extra fees for their transactions, which may range from 0.5% to 2% of the total bill.

Retailers are provided four pricing plans for Shopify POS which are Shopify Lite, Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. The cost for these four versions ranges from  $9 to $299 per month. Also, features and extra transaction fees vary between these versions.


To illustrate, with Shopify Lite, retailers are provided with all basic features such as Support mobile checkout, Custom sales, Refund and Exchange, etc.  However, they have to pay 2.7% for every purchase completed.

With Shopify Advanced, retailers not only own basic features but also other advanced features like Click-and-Collect, Print and customize receipts, Save and Retrieve cart, Smart inventory management, etc. And you will have to pay 2,4% for each transaction.

Similar to ConnectPOS, Shopify POS offers its users free support. Yet, due to its huge number of users, your request may not be processed quickly.


Another pioneer in the POS market is Square. This app is designed perfectly for mobile devices. Unlike the two formers, this app does not require users to pay monthly fees or statement fees for operation. Instead, merchants will pay for each of their transactions.

There are three main categories of transactions, according to Square. Each swiped, dipped, or tapped transaction cost merchants 2.6% of the total bill plus $0.10. A keyed transaction costs 3.5% + $0.15. And the fee for online transactions is 2.9% + $0.30. When using other services such as gift cards, costs are calculated similarly.


More than an app supporting the payment process, Square also enables merchants to synchronize their online stores within app inventory. The Square dashboard supports store owners to monitor store card capability, invoicing, online order options, customer management, sales analytics, etc.

For more in-depth features, retailers can consider paying $60 per month and you will be provided with advanced inventory, reporting tools, and other aspects of a retail business.

If having any problems when using Square, retailers can freely contact the provider via their forum, email, or phone calls.


Since its first launch in 2010, Vend has now introduced the retail market to one of the most robust Shopify POS apps. Vend supports retailers to stay organized and develop their omnichannel businesses. Also, Vend is highly appreciated for their in-depth inventory management system.

Some other highlight features of Vend POS app are:

  • Discounts and notes: Allow retail staff to add discounts or notes on particular items or categories.
  • Return and refund: Support stores to quickly fulfill return or refund requests from customers.
  • Tax rate customization: Easily customize tax rates based on areas, cities, or countries.
  • Inventory counts: Perform multiple full or partial counts at the same time.


There are four pricing plans provided by Vend. Each pricing plan will include all basic features and particular extra features.

  • Free version
  • Lite versions: $99 per month.
  • Pro version: $129 per month.
  • Enterprise version: Retailers can contact Vend directly to negotiate appropriate pricing.

Vend also offers free customer phone services on every package any time their retailer needs any help.


The last Shopify POS app mentioned in this article is Hike. Hike is an all-in-one Shopify POS app that supports retailers with inventory management, eCommerce, business analytics and reports and so on. Similarly, Hike allows store owners to keep track of their performance by synchronizing store data, inventory, orders, and customer profiles.

Besides, Hike developed some other powerful features such as loyalty programs, multiple payment methods, Accounting integration, Offline Mode, etc.


Every potential retailer is offered a 14-day free trial experiencing this solution. Afterward, you can choose among three Hike versions based on their price and features.

  • Start-up Plan: $59 per month.
  • One Store Plan: $79 per month.
  • Multi Store Plan: $129 per month.

Hike enables every retailer to ask for support services through phone calls, email or their 24.7 live chat. The customer support team will respond to your request in a timely manner without any fee required.

Bottom line

Integrating Shopify POS apps is now an emerging trend in the retail industry due to their huge benefits to modern retail owners. Hence, more and more retailers have decided to invest in this excellent product. For the same reasons, the number of POS retailers is also increasing significantly.

Choosing a suitable Shopify POS app is the very first step in the long-term journey to succeed. With these recommendations above, we hope to somewhat support Shopify retailers quickly pick out the best option for their stores

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