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Shopware B2B: About B2B Suite And Top B2B Extensions

by Snowy


Currently, B2B continuously gains its importance in the eCommerce market. Moreover, Shopware also offers various solutions for complex and individual demands as well as any business models of B2B. Therefore, Shopware B2B can provide a suitable basis for long-term business relations and new distribution models. In addition, Shopware is a recommended platform for B2B stores to meet all the requirements of the B2B segment as it is considered the most effective tool on the market. Besides, the Shopware B2B Suite has shaped the potential of the B2B space and has become what many businesses need to implement.

However, when you are running a B2B marketplace on Shopware, you should consider essential B2B extensions to add functionalities for your eCommerce website as those can deliver up-to-date experience and maintain equipped with B2B standards. 

In this article, we will give you detailed information about B2B Suite, including definition, the reason to choose it, and top B2B Shopware extensions. Keep reading this, and you will explore more about B2B Suite.

What is B2B Suite?

B2B suite is built for representing functions in eCommerce and demands a high degree of integration and individuality along with the conventional business. 


Along with it, while the Shopware B2B Suite is designed to meet a huge number of complex requirements from B2B, it can offer a high level of customizability.  Besides, this powerful framework enables your business to have a seamless integration into existing workflows and processes. Thus, this makes it possible to adapt to different types of business models. In addition, Shopware B2B Suite is a part of the Enterprise Edition as you can display B2B and B2C processes in a system solution. With the modular design of software, eCommerce requirements, and basic eCommerce requirements, sales solutions will be implemented.

Why should you choose Shopware B2B Suite?

As you may know, Shopware is an open-source PHP solution with capabilities for creating interactive interfaces. It can offer you various options for customizing and expanding your marketplace. With the aim to replace React.js and Angular, the administrative panel is created with Vue.js – a quick and straightforward framework. Now, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should choose Shopware B2B.

High security and performance

Shopware B2B provides the user with a high level of security and performance. Moreover, you will be prevented from a cyber-attack, hacking, or any consumer data thefts. In addition, you can assume that the performance is relatively high. Therefore, your obligation is just to find the right hosting provider.

SEO capabilities

With Shopware B2B Suite, you can optimize your eCommerce site for SEO to get more traffic and sales.

An extensive feature set

The B2B Suite of Shopware 6 gives an extensive feature set including clean interface, consistent design, managing different sales channels from a central location, easy product control,…

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Implementation of certain restrictions and permissions

Shopware 6 offers precise control or rights and roles, budgeting, and launch processes. In addition, it helps the online store to perform certain restrictions and permissions on the employees relied on their roles. The buyers will have some restrictions, like the case of budgets or order quantity. Therefore, if the order exceeds the allowed budget of the employee, it will automatically divert to the supervisor for approval.

Targeted customer approach

The buying prices of individuals are influenced by the number of orders, different customer groups, individual discounts, delivery costs levied on products,…


API-oriented approach 

The API-oriented approach offers the flexibility and technological basis for implementing different scenarios. Therefore, the manager can control and manage the processes via API with ERP, PIM, CRM, and other third-party systems.

Dedicated B2B-Suite 

The powerful B2B Suite gives the entrepreneurs rights and role management, quick checkout, quota and budget management, and price management… Therefore, Shopware B2B Suite is really designed to solve all complex requirements of any business model.

Combining content commerce with B2B

The user can simply create dynamic and scalable pages based on intuitive guidance. Therefore, B2B is not device-dependent.

Upgraded integration capabilities

If they are the marketplace, accounting software, or an ERP system, they can be simply integrated and automatically controlled via the API.

The ideal environment for global trading

Shopware can be considered as an ideal environment for global trading. Thanks to different language packages, an international ecosystem, multilingual administration, country-specific pricing regulations, multi-currency, multi-customer capabilities, and custom tax calculations, the international process makes it easier to explain your marketplace.


Quick search engine

By using the Amazon-powered Elasticsearch, the clients of B2B can quickly find what they need.

Seamless integrations with payment gateways

The B2B Suite Shopware seamlessly integrates a wide variety of ready integrations with payment gateways, including PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and Skrill payment systems. In addition, it also supports seamless integration with Microsoft web services, such as the WordPress CMS, and works well with numerous APIs.

The best B2B extensions for your Shopware online stores

According to the eCommerce trend in 2021, the viable Shopware extensions for B2B should provide compliance with the preferences and expectations of modern businessmen, prices and payments options, direct communication channels, and multichannel B2B commerce capabilities. 


Below are the best Shopware extensions for the B2B segment that completely meet mentioned requirements:

B2B — company register 

Thanks to this plugin, the company can store all the contact details of their clients and suppliers. It allows new customers to re-register by the name of the company. Whenever an order is made, the address in the invoice will be the company name, not the delivery address. Therefore, please remember to note text if the invoice address is not the company address.

Migrating from other shop systems to Shopware

This plugin allows you to automatically migrate the stored data from the existing platforms to Shopware. Many different types of migration profiles and updates are supported to fit the latest versions.

Business Essentials

This extension enables you to adapt different sites for customer groups whether you are of B2B or B2C segment. You also can customize registration pages and processes for approval requests. In addition, you can easily control backend configuration selections and process groups of clients by using templates.

FineCom logistics integration

The extension of synchronization with FineCom allows Fincom logistics integration. This means that updating product numbers, order statuses, and invoice creation will be automated.

B2B VAT: Tax-free when entering the UID number with Validation

The decision of this plugin aims to customize the displays of taxes (gross/net), combining VAT for customer segments based on triggers and rules. It allows you to set up Tax-free to deliver to certain customer groups. In addition, it enables you to insert conditions for VAT ID in the rule builder. There are three features of this extension that are net price display, net price in the card, and the possibility to extend tax rules.


Locamo Shopware Order API 

With Locamo Shopware Order API, you can offer your company’s goods at the online marketplace of German Loma. Thanks to this extension, the integration will automatical perform for your existing products. You just need to edit content, manage and track order information, cancellations and returns. The synchronization for any changes will quickly perform in this system. 

The turbo boost for the recurring order

This plugin will support you to check inventory and promote bulk ordering.

Quick order

Quick order is the plugin that is compatible with variant items. This design of this extension aimed to provide customers with a more satisfactory experience thanks to its features to offer you a quick order of products will full keyboard or scanner support. It can also provide you quick search of articles in the shopping carts. Besides, you can import or export CSV files for quick and uncomplicated ordering of articles.

Display shop only after login

With this extension, you can block individual sales or shops for customers who have not login. Only customers who have successfully login into the system will be able to access those sales channels. In addition, the store owner will activate them in the admin area for access. It can be said that this extension is highly suitable for B2B stores with the aim to not reveal their products to everyone. When using this plugin, you will have the flexibility for establishing the information text on the login page and the free assignment of pages where customers who did not register also have access.

Dealer and branch search with OpenStreetMap

You will provide many basic features for dealer and branch search thanks to this extension. The admin will have the right to export CSV and complete it with the support of the import wizard. Besides, this extension provides elements for the shopping world, manufacturer logos for each dealer in the frontend as well as standard design.

Customer-specific prices without customer group

The plugin will enable you to set up customer-specific prices for many items without using customer groups. In addition, it offers API support by using the API extension, customer price calculation by using article-specific price or discount, customer price calculation by general discount, and compatibility with many standard price groups.


Magnalister: Amazon, eBay & more

Thanks to this interface, the admin will connect all major marketplace websites, such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon,… with the Shopware-based website and manage all inventory from one place.

There are many important features of this extension that we want to mention:

  • Central Product Upload: Time-effectiveness and efficient upload of products from your Shopware store to connected marketplaces.
  • Attribute Matching: Match features and products variations with marketplace attributes.
  • Invoice Upload: Send invoices from your website or by marginalizing them to Amazon.
  • Price and Inventory Synchronization: automatically match the price, synchronize current stock to avoid unwanted cancelations.
  • Automatic Order Import: Import and control all marketplace orders in your Shopware online store
  • Order Status Matching: automatically match order status with other marketplaces
  • Interface Customization: Customize the plugin through so-called hook points as you desire.

Gross/ Net price switcher

With the support from this plugin, the admin can switch displayed prices across a store, including or excluding VAT. It can be activated for registered clients. In addiotn, previous reselected settings can be defined by a URL-Parameter. 

Order process Shipping method Payment method Preselection

By using this plugin, you are allowed to set the priority for shipping methods and automatically assign them. Besides, default payment and sipping methods have been developed for each sales channel. If the express shipping or payment method is not available for some products, there will be an error message displayed. Then, the system will assign the suitable approach automatically.

Price on request for Shopware 6

This plugin enables establishing a minimum price, therefore each item that has a higher price will be automatically labeled as “Price on Request”. In addition, there are many outstanding features of this extension, such as Shopping Cart Requests, price on request, email notifications, DSGVO compliance, and Recaptcha v3. 

Form Building Kit Professional

This extension will enable the aim to create individual and freely signal forms, which can be integrated as CMS components into the shopping markets. In addition, these features include elements for the shopping world, email templates customizable, and twig template Snippets.

Thus, the Shopware B2B extensions can increase value to your Shopware online website and support your B2B business to compete with market competitors.

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Currently, we have seen a fast-growing market in B2B eCommerce. Therefore, If your online store wants to run your business successfully, companies should quickly adapt to new emerging trends, including B2B Commerce. In addition, we can not ignore the essential Shopware B2B extensions as they will create an effective platform. In this article, we have given information about the top B2B extensions which can extend your Shopware B2B Store’s capability. Finally, we do hope that all provided information will be useful for you in the process of building your Shopware online store. 

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