What Customers Want From Delivery Dates In Magento E-Commerce

What Customers Want From Delivery Dates In Magento E-Commerce?

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Delivery is one of the most important stages for every online store in Magento e-commerce. It is the last step in the purchase process that connects store owners to customers by distributing products based on the complete transaction. However, there is still a lot of businessmen that have not yet taken much concern about this issue, especially the step of researching customer demands of delivery dates: what they are demanding and how to enhance delivery dates more flexible to make customers satisfied about services.

In this blog post, we will together explore what customers want from delivery dates to understand more about their needs and then provide suitable services to meet these demands.

As you know, customers are busier and busier and they do not have the fixed time to receive their orders. Therefore, you cannot give a fixed period of time to ship products to customers. If you do shipping for them in their unavailable time, the only thing you have is the higher abandonment of purchase. It means that no choice for customers to select their delivery options about time and dates is equal to abandoned purchases. According to a survey conducted using the Toluna survey tool, 50% of respondents had left a purchase online due to unsatisfactory delivery options. Thus, this figure can show the importance of setting a wide range of delivery options for customer to choose because they will freely select their own time and date to receive orders without worries about products coming too early or too late beyond their control.

Delivery Options


So how we can do to meet this demand of customers? Let’s think of these suggestions to set up delivery options and enhance the delivery process to bring better services for customers:

A calendar to choose dates and times

You can make it easier to choose date and time to receive orders by proving customers a detailed calendar including both time and dates to select quickly and conveniently. Customers click to their wanted time and date for their orders and then store owners can manage all of these things to prepare for shipping based on the given date and period. This will make customers feel very comfortable when placing orders because they can control their orders in hands.

Moreover, to manage these times most effectively, store owners need to set up proper time slots and dates that customers will choose to have enough time for preparing orders and delivering products for customers exactly.

Messages about delivery

Proving delivery options is not enough because customers not only want to simply choose dates and time but also want to send some messages to note about their orders. This message is also very necessary because customers have a lot of things to talk with you about their wanted delivery other than dates and times. Therefore, a message written by customers can enhance your interaction with customers and make them have more belief in your store as well as products.

No delay

There is also an extremely important thing you must not ignore is that no delay for shipping orders for customers. Although you provide them perfect delivery options, you fail to bring their items in the accurate time as they selected on your site; it means nothing, and you still lose customers and revenue. Therefore, let’s take much concern in the whole process, both in the checkout process on the site and in the real shipping process to make it more complete and bring more benefits for your store.

As a smart online store owner. Don’t forget to give customers the options to select their delivery dates. It will help you to save a lot of time in managing the distribution of orders and also bring a better shopping experience for customers.

Let’s start your delivery options right now! 


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