What does RMA stand for in Magento 2?

by Marcie Nguyen

In the state-of-the-art technology era, shopping online has become an indispensable part of daily life for lots of people. Besides its advantages, several problems can happen when making an online purchase because customers do not have a chance to interact with or experience the item in person before. For instance, the quality of products is under the expectation, the items are damaged in the delivery process, or simply, clients just change their minds, etc., and want to return the goods to your store. 

However, the return process can be complicated and time-consuming, while the eCommerce store has a huge number of new orders per day. So, how can the online store overcome this issue? 

In this blog, let’s take a closer look at what the RMA tool is, how it works, and why it is necessary for any eStore. After that, we would like to recommend a trusted vendor offering this solution for your Magento 2 website. 

What does RMA stand for in Magento 2?

RMA is the abbreviation of the term Return Merchandise Authorization that allows buyers to have a right to return, repair, or replace the products they already purchased in exchange for a refund or credit. This return policy will be different by each store, providing customers detailed information about the valid time and conditions to be eligible to perform the return requests. Accordingly, RMA will carry out that policy to facilitate customers to proceed with their requests properly. 

The reasons why Magento 2 Stores exclusively need RMA

Ensure the product quality for customers


When it comes to online shopping, we must admit that it contains more risks compared to brick-and-mortar retail. Online shoppers have no chance to view or try the product before purchasing but only see the images, videos, or reviews from previous customers. 


Therefore, it is essential to have a return allowance to reduce that risk level for their consumers as they have nothing to rely on when placing an order online. In particular, return possibility is considered a way to not only provide your clients with the security and trust feeling but also assure the stores’ products and service quality.


Provide alternative solutions for return requests

Return can be overcome by using various flexible solutions to minimize buyers’ risks and stores’ losses. Instead of returning the goods and receiving the money back, customers can select other appropriate options such as replacing other relevant products or redeeming the return amount to store credit used later. 

These effective alternatives are more beneficial to merchants because buyers are somehow forced to make future purchases in your store. Accordingly, it is an opportunity for you to gain some long-term customers.

Bring satisfaction for customers in the return process

For online merchants, return is something that cannot be preventable. Customers have no interaction with the items in real life so, sometimes, it does not meet their requirements and leads to the return.


However, just by giving customers the right to return and also encouraging them to share thoughts and ideas about those goods, you can turn this unhappy process into a comfortable one. Moreover, you can find out your weaknesses and improve your products and services better when talking to your clients.


Build up the store reputation with high customers’ pleasant experience

Another reason you need the RMA functionality is that it helps eliminate the bad reviews on your websites by offering buyers a tool to communicate and directly send negative feedback to stores. Over time, customers will recognize your store as a trustworthy brand with almost no negative reviews and a flexible return policy. Therefore, they will feel no worry when making a purchase on the site. This is the long-term goal that any eCommerce business desires to achieve. 


Save time and money for the Estore in the long run 

We have to accept that for businesses, return means losing money, and no store prefers it. But if you look at the bright side, you can find that every return is a lesson for your successful business later. Feel free to listen to your buyers, willingly learn from them, and make their not-really-good experience a better one.


With the help of an advanced return extension, return, and complaints from customers always in your control. Customers are allowed to send return requests and leave feedback into that form, which is only viewed by store admins. As a result, it is easier for stores to apologize, give discounts and compensation, or exchange alternative products to consumers privately. 

The best solution to help both customers and stores process returns effectively

Since the RMA function by Magento 2 Default only supports Magento eCommerce, it is hard for small and medium businesses to manage return requests. Understand it, the Mageplaza RMA extension was created with multiple outstanding features to fulfill your wish. 


Allow guest to submit an RMA request  

One of the useful features of this RMA extension is enabling non-login customers who have purchased the products before to send RMA requests for returning/replacing purchased items with ease. This function brings lots of comfort and convenience for guest shoppers.

Customers are able to access and submit their requests by clicking an RMA link displayed at the top link or footer link on the homepage.


The ability to apply RMA based on multiple conditions

This module allows applying RMA depending on orders’ conditions and the products’ conditions. If the orders acquire certain conditions, including subtotal, total weight, status, purchase point, customer group, payment method/region/country, etc., customers are able to use RMA.


In addition, the conditions can be configured for each product in the backend. These conditions are based on Product Attributes, which are SKU, Categories, etc. Besides, RMA eligibility rules are set without any limitation by admins. 


The flexibility in choosing RMA items

This module supports handling return requests for each item, several items, or the whole order. After placing an order, clients can ask for a replacement/refund for the entire order or particular items only. 


There are two options for the customers to select containing all items and each item in the RMA form. When customers choose each item option, they will tick to select one or more products they prefer to replace.


Create additional fields for the RMA form 

Apart from the default order information like Order ID, Billing Last Name, Email, admins can create additional fields for RMA information such as:


  • Available reasons: wrong items, low quality, change mind, etc. 
  • Available solutions: return, exchange, refund, etc. 
  • Enable/Disable customers to upload images as the evidence
  • Other fields

Moreover, it facilitates customers in picking an option as a reason or solution for their cases when raising an RMA request.


Notify and keep in touch via emails

With this extension, buyers and store owners are always kept alerted by emails whenever there is any updated information from the RMA requests. Specifically, admins can be notified when having any new return requests, and customers will receive notification emails when their requests are approved or rejected.


Furthermore, it assists customers and stores in discussing via emails before going to the final decision. All conversations’ transcripts will be recorded at the backend when the request is finished.  

Final thought!

In a nutshell, there is no doubt that lacking a fair and comprehensive return policy is one of the factors that cause customers to remove your website from their list of choices. Therefore, RMA is believed to be the most essential part of e-commerce solutions that should not be ignored. It will help you to build a strong relationship with your customers and gain their trust and loyalty.

Besides, with the RMA module built up for Magento 2, store owners can manage product returns and exchanges from their buyers effectively as well as make the return process become clear, comfortable, satisfactory for both sellers and purchasers.

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