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The Emergence of Cloud Computing

The IT industry’s newest buzzword is cloud computing. It has altered the manner in which IT solutions are distributed and consumed by end-users. You are employing cloud computing when you change your Facebook status. When you utilize net banking, you are once again in the cloud. There is a good chance that you will rely on cloud services to address your company’s problems.

Since the arrival of cloud computing, the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure have become more apparent year after year. Because their technological environments are ineffectual in sensing and responding to market changes and new trends, many businesses today are finding it difficult to adapt to market changes and new trends.


Cloud-based services provide a considerably more scalable and reliable IT infrastructure, which is designed specifically to assist businesses in improving their performance and expanding.

What is Shopware cloud?

Let’s tell about Shopware

Shopware is a well-known eCommerce system that assists retailers in creating excellent shopping experiences. As a result, to achieve their development potential as a trendsetting open-source software – quickly and effortlessly. More than 100,000 clients in the B2B and B2C segments utilize Shopware’s eCommerce solutions today. Among them are some of Europe’s most well-known brands from a variety of industries.


Shopware is supported by a global community and has over 1,200 sales, technology, & solution partners. Shopware operates remotely or locally from headquarters in Schöppingen, Germany, with approximately 250 workers. Their team works toward a single objective every day: to provide clients with adaptable, forward-thinking, and growth-generating eCommerce software.


What is Shopware cloud?

Shopware 6 is the cutting-edge version that provides a long-term solution – Shopware cloud. Everything gets even easier for clients as a result of the pre-packaged cloud solution. Best of all, with Shopware Cloud’s free edition, sellers may open their online store for free and only pay a tiny income share when they produce sales. 

Upgrades and cancellations are also available on a monthly basis. As a result, the cloud is extremely adaptable to the demands of the user and allows for a risk-free introduction to online companies. 

This ‘easiest route to online business,’ as Shopware calls it, concentrates on new market participants like entrepreneurs and start-ups, and employs creative design to make Shopware 6’s benefits more appealing to them.

Shopware is the ideal option for future eCommerce, opening for you new potential for development while minimizing risk. Best of all, you are entirely flexible and may try Shopware for free for 30 days before deciding whether to continue your business in the cloud or migrate to the self-managed world.

Who is suitable for Shopware Cloud?

Forming a regular web store is often associated with a lot of planning, comparing offers, creating designs, hosting, and, of course, costs. However, you may not even know if the product you want to offer is selling well or in demand. That’s why Shopware Cloud is a very interesting tool, especially for small companies, to keep investments low. But it is also suitable for larger companies, for example, to test a product in the market for the first time.


Why Shopware Cloud?

Data security

Only fiscal receipt data is communicated in real-time with classic methods based on local hardware. The remainder of the information, such as people, purchases, contracts, and stock balances, is kept on the enterprise’s computers. Due to the rarity of data backups in retail enterprises, this information may be irreversibly lost in the event of device failure.

Shopware cloud technologies require the backup of data on separate servers. As a consequence, business owners may have faith in the security of financial data sent to the cloud. Backup specialists recommend storing copies of crucial data at a distant location.

Maximum load resistance

Only applications that are used during a high-load time can be removed from the Shopware cloud. And if your business is characterized by substantial seasonality or an alternating time of more strain and routine.

There is no local hardware

The expenditures of building your own IT infrastructure are unlikely to be recouped during the course of its operation. You simply need to pay a fixed monthly cost to use the Shopware cloud. As a result, renting software is more cost-effective than acquiring it. This eliminates the requirement for a system administrator or customizer to be paid.

Developers update and adjust the application on the server independently, and new features are immediately available to users.


An entrepreneur who opens a supermarket or retail store may not prepare for future business growth. As a result, the procurement of a “box” solution for trade automation takes place per outlet. In the future, such solutions will be nearly hard to scale. So, if you want to create another store, you’ll need to purchase a different, more functional IT product.

In turn, the advantage of Shopware cloud-based solutions is the capacity to grow the services utilized.

Diverse plans

Because the retail industry is fluid, retailers may increase or reduce their sales area and workforce over time. The minimum needed capability of trading automation tools might also alter in response to administrative demands.

If an entrepreneur purchases expensive networking hardware for a new store, they will continue to incur amortization charges even if the size of the firm shrinks. And, while utilizing the Shopware cloud, it is sufficient to alter the plan or even discontinue specific goods in order to save money.

Shopware Ecosystem

Shopware Cloud has a lot of features that you might be familiar with from Shopware’s eCommerce solutions: The foundation for a straightforward launch into an online company is laid down, from contemporary payment and shipping technologies to a practical drag-and-drop editor to flexible and appealing themes.  Besides, Shopware developed a new app system that is optimized for Shopware Cloud. Shopware can move its ecosystem, as well as the community’s ideas and solutions, to the cloud in this way. With this gradual expansion, it will be possible to provide the full range of functions which is another example of the basic idea of headless commerce. Finally, Shopware Cloud is a complete business-in-a-box solution with intuitive interfaces that eliminates the need for merchants to configure third-party systems.


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What are some of the advantages of Shopware Cloud?

Gain access to data when working remotely

More than ever, businesses want adaptable data solutions.

According to research, 44 percent of employees are presently working from home for five days or more. Another 42 percent of employees with remote work options want to work remotely more frequently during the next five years.

Shopware Cloud eliminates the need for your workers to work from a fixed location. When all of your company’s data is stored in the cloud, team members may work from any location as long as they have an internet connection. They are no longer reliant on business gear.

Straightforward onboarding procedures

It is simple to migrate your data to Shopware Cloud. Your data transfer will be smooth if you’ve identified your business-critical data and the best approach to export it. Most companies even offer to assist customers in migrating from outdated systems.

Cloud-based Shopware apps may also more readily replicate a buyer’s less-touch experience. The simple Shopware cloud is typically easier to use than traditional office hardware – and easier for your staff to join.

Maintain the security of your data

Once your data is in the Shopware cloud, it is always available as long as you have an internet connection, eliminating the need for backup plans. Your data will be automatically backed up by your provider.

You also won’t have to be concerned about workplace laptop thefts or sensitive data that criminals could gain access to. Data will be securely saved on the Shopware cloud rather than on the device, eliminating the possibility of data theft.

Economic savings

When you store your company data off-site in the Shopware cloud, you free up your IT personnel to focus on more essential duties. Instead of continuously requesting data catastrophe recovery, they may take the time to apply those improvements to your new business website.

Furthermore, because Shopware clouds are so adaptable, your company may be able to save money on physical software and gear that isn’t being used.

Improve your workflow management

Shopware Cloud can help you streamline your company’s workflow and increase overall efficiency. It is simpler to transfer data across divisions when team members from other departments are present.

Keep an eye out for cloud services that allow you to tag your data. For example, you may want to add different labels to your Shopware cloud to help you categorize and manage all of the data you submit.

Another advantage of Shopware cloud that we may highlight is:

  • A user-friendly interface with straightforward navigation; the ability to swiftly build a profitable online business, including payment integration and shipping, as well as appealing themes;
  • Sendcloud is an all-in-one delivery service for online shops.
  • The capacity to create appealing marketing campaigns in a matter of seconds;
  • Easy drag-and-drop building of pages of varying complexity;
  • Breadcrumbs, meta, and canonical tags are all built-in SEO capabilities;
  • The existence of a basic and sophisticated version, each with a different set of features.

What are the disadvantages of using Shopware Cloud?

In terms of drawbacks, there is just one to mention: while transferring to the Shopware cloud, you will have to forsake some plugins in favor of using apps. 

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Successful application of Shopware Cloud: Fleurbelle

Fleurbelle launched their internet business part-time, concentrating on the interior trend of dried flowers based on their creativity and interest in digital business approaches. As a result, the project’s adaptability and flexibility are crucial to its success. Shopware was the appropriate solution for developing the retailer’s online presence, and one of the first Shopware Cloud projects is now being developed further.

Fleurbelle, which was launched in 2020, sells dried flowers, decorations, and whole wreaths made from natural materials, as well as DIY wreaths. Barbara and Lukas, the founders, have been extending their product range with a focus on future client demands from the beginning of their firm and with rising requests.

Fleurbelle opted to open their online shop using Shopware Cloud as the software foundation after evaluating numerous shop systems in the early stages of their business in 2020. Flexible pricing, the ability to provide high usability for their clients in the front-end, and the flexible, straightforward, and time-saving operation of the backend were all important elements. From this example, we can see the positive effects of Shopware Cloud on businesses; let’s learn more about Shopware Cloud and Shopware Development in general!



Migrating to the Shopware cloud is an excellent method to save money and increase productivity.

Cloud platforms, when properly integrated, make it easier to handle all of your company’s data. It will eventually add usefulness and adaptability to your organization, which is more crucial now than ever.

We introduced you to Shopware Cloud and its perks in this post. The cloud infrastructure provided by Shopware allows you to significantly grow your eCommerce business. It is up to the developers to decide whether to build it on the Shopware cloud. Please Contact Us to discuss the specifics of your upcoming Shopware-based solution.

BSS Commerce is a prominent provider of eCommerce solutions and web development services in the world. You can design remarkable user experiences that will take your business to the next level with our Shopware development services. With Shopware innovation and BSS Commerce competence, you can create a future-oriented and highly adaptable eCommerce solution.



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