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Why Advanced Order Attributes Will Be Your Biggest Magento Success

by Robin Tran

A considerable portion of this blog aims to improve upon Magento’s default settings in BSS’s style: Best Success Solution – how to use the least amount of resources to transform your Magento business. 

Today, let’s talk about Magento’s area where you need to strike a balance between customization-ability and total time-run for a purchase. All in favor of customers’ satisfaction.


KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER: By customizing the Magento order attributes section of your checkout.

But first, we must know what we have to start with.

What Are Magento Order Attributes?


Magento order attributes are characteristics of one order that are being explained and presented with the assigned value.

Think of them as insights that customers must or are encouraged to fill-in for their purchases to validify.

Default order attributes

Generally speaking, you have 20 Magento order attributes to start with:


In the grid view, the built-in setting shows you 10 out of those 20, and they are:

ID Purchase Date Ship-to Name Grand Total (Purchased) Action
Purchase Point Bill-to Name Grand Total (Base) Status Signifyd Guarantee Decision

Order custom attributes

In the backend interface, choose Stores -> Configuration -> Engagement Cloud -> Configuration -> Transactional Data


And you have more order attributes you can add to specify customers’ purchases. To choose multiple options, press the Ctrl key (for Windows users) or the Command key (for Mac) and click on the opportunity.

Bespoke order attributes to your store

By code

If you have experience with coding, you can manually put in your own custom attributes using the following code: 


  “category”: “Customizations”,

  “description”: “Definition of the predefined Custom Attributes”,

  “title”: “Custom attributes”,

  “type”: “object”,

  “targetScopeTypes”: [“CLIENT”],

  “securityTypes”: [“SYSTEM_INTEGRATOR”, “ADMIN”],

  “properties”: {

    “addressLevel”: {

      “title”: “Address level”,

      “description”: “List of predefined custom attributes for the Address entity”,

      “type”: “array”,

      “items”: {

        “type”: “object”,

        “properties”: {

          “key”: {

            “title”: “Attribute Name”,

            “description”: “Key that will identify the custom attribute”,

            “type”: “string”


          “type”: {

            “title”: “Type”,

            “description”: “Type of the custom attribute being defined”,

            “type”: “string”,

            “enum”: [







          “enumValues”: {

            “title”: “Enum Values”,

            “description”: “List of allowed values (only for custom attributes of type ‘enum’)”,

            “type”: “array”,

            “default”: [],

            “items”: {

              “type”: “string”




        “required”: [“key”, “type”],

        “additionalProperties”: false



    “orderLevel”: { . . . },        // contains the same definition as addressLevel

    “orderItemLevel”: { . . . },    // contains the same definition as addressLevel

    “paymentLevel”: { . . . },      // contains the same definition as addressLevel

    “returnLevel”: { . . . },       // contains the same definition as addressLevel

    “returnLineLevel”: { . . . }    // contains the same definition as addressLevel


  “additionalProperties”: false


Source: Magento OMS Docs

And in case you find the code too much to handle, you can turn into the extension route. We’ll have the list of best Magento order attributes later down this post for you to choose and pick!

However, let’s proceed with this part.

Why Invest In Magento 2 Order Attribute Will Get You A Big Bag

To Optimize Order Fulfillment Speed

The whole idea of order attributes is to break down the order into smaller details that you can compartmentalize for different apartments. The reason why you should do this is to improve the speed of said order.

By making it a step-based process in which each step can proceed thousands of a similar task, you fasten sending out orders by thousand. 


In the same token, you can also control and assign the responsibility for an individual/group of people, which makes your business more effective and organized.

To Create The Ultimate Customized Product

Regardless of its resource-intensive nature, catering to customer’s needs is something we as shop owners and marketers can’t afford to be decisively split on. And the most exact way you can get these insights is through advanced order attributes.

Better customer satisfaction 

Even though we have buyer personas to categorize customers into groups that we can better manage and cater to – everyone is not the same.

In addition to that, no product is fit-for-all. Therefore, you need to create products and provide services with customization attributed to extending your exposure to the broad majority of shoppers.

But how can you get these attributes? Copy the market is just the beginning level. Learning directly from your customers is the way to go

Hence, order attributes are here to shine. Why? Because asking customers at the checkout rather than a survey makes the purchase feels earned, and you will get more accurate information in the process.

It’s an excellent justification for your price.          

People do prefer low prices, and that factor drives the whole market.

However, when it comes to customization – the ability to involve themselves in the product they’re purchasing, people will be more likely to pay more.


Source: deloitte

Daniel Mochon, a professor at Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business, calls this the “Ikea effect.” In his own words – “We come to overvalue the things that we have created ourselves.” 

This claim refers to the success of IKEA in the furniture industry with the “do-it-yourself” aspect of their products which in turn makes customers more committed to their purchases. 

And you can do this for your online store as well! By giving customers the options they love and want, you’ll skyrocket your order value.

Cater to the biggest forces of ecommerce purchaser

Research shows that millennials (26-40) and gen X (41-55) make up ¾ of online shopping across the broad. 

More notably, in conjunction with the previous point, 55% of millennials are willing to go the extra miles (in both effort and price) for a dedicated product/service.

Creating customization features for your online store is a critical marketing strategy to capture the biggest leads of ecommerce and turn them into currency. 

To stay ahead of the competition

Have you heard of the first mover/pioneer advantage concept? Carpenter

and Nakamoto (1989) propose and prove that there is a gap in market share between the pioneers and latter entrants that largely depends on how customers choose their preferences.

As a business, the owner has a motive to foster their product as the leading, the innovating, and the best in the market. Customers, on the other hand, are highly influenced by trust, word-of-mouth and other forms of reassurance. 

The brand lends business the hand.


Moreover, it makes it easier to convince a previous customer to purchase than convert a new one based on the product’s existence alone. It’s the comfort that erases the incentive to try a new product, making it harder for new brands to come into the scene. 

Hence, catching up and moving first toward a new and improved set of attributes to make customers fall for you is not only the right but also the wise investment.

Magento 2 Order Attributes – List of extension FREE & Paid

Here it is – what you’ve been waiting for this entire post.

Magento 2 Checkout Custom Fields by BSS’s Commerce – $119

Not to toot our own horn, but we truly believe this is the best Magento 2 Order Attribute on the market.

First, let’s talk about the range of fields we cover. You as shop owner can create almost all checkout fields using 7 input types ( radio button, dropdown, checkbox, date, yes/no, text field, and text area).

These fields can then be used as order attributes that make the order more whole. At the same time, you can easily manage and edit them at will.

Moreover, the fields are supported by API for quick and masterful front-end experience.

Highlight features:

  • Create any number of Magento 2 custom fields to checkout
  • Use those fields as Magento 2 order attributes to improve management
  • Show custom fields  in Order grid & on Order Detail page
  • Attach Magento 2 order custom attributes to transaction emails and documents
  • Get values of the created attributes via API
  • Included in Magento 2 Checkout Suite

Order Attributes By Amasty – $199

The Order Attributes extension for Magento 2 is an excellent tool to gather customer insights for further driven marketing plans. The work here is similar to BSS’s extension: put out fields on the checkout page -> gather information -> turn them into order attributes -> allow attachment to other related documents. 


However, the price of this extension is a sligh turn-off for Magento 2 users. $199 starting point without free installation is a steep price. 

Highlight features:

  • Make use of flexible conditions for attribute fields 
  • Showcase additional attributes info on the order grid
  • Add custom attributes to related documents
  • Generate plus attributes based on a shipping method
  • Mobile-friendly

Order Attributes by MageTrend – $99

The extension helps you to collect more information from your customers, so you fasten up fulfilment. In addition, with clear and easy-to-pin order attributes, shop owners can eliminate jointed problems with the traditional line of order processing. 

Moreover, the insights here can be the greatest information that help you build the marketing initiative forward that caters to your own customer image. This will guarantee a better pay-off for your online store.


Highlight feature:

  • Flexible input types.
  • Numerous positions available.
  • Compack with invoice, shipment and credit memo attributes.
  • Easy to store, manage, and edit information.
  • Field validation included.

Order & Customer Attributes by XTENTO – $179

This extension is a great solution to add additional fields to the checkout page in order to collect precious information about customers that can be turned into order attributes.


The extension supports various field types (text field, text area, checkbox, dropdown, multi select, date, files, …) with API-ready technology. 

Highlight features:

  • Support 7 input types.
  • Collect additional order & customer-related info.
  • Easy manage attribute in a grid.
  • Compatible with default checkout and one step checkout.

Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields extension by Mageplaza – $199

Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields extension allows admin users to add more checkout fields to the checkout page at will. This extension collects customer insights at the checkout step, fastens the order process, and satisfies customers.

The extension shines at its range of available fields. There are a total of 11 field inputs you can set up for your Magento checkout stage. From there, you can set up dependencies for these fields based on shipping methods.

This will keep the length of the checkout on par with customer’s expectations.

Highlight features:

  • Collect numerous information for orders from checkout page
  • Various order attributes types
  • Set custom attributes based on shipping methods
  • Set attribute priority
  • Fully-geared for REST API, GraphQL

Wrap Up

Today, we’ve talked about order attributes and how much potential they hold for your store success.

The list of extensions provided above can be a great frame of reference for you to find the one that fits your needs the best. Don’t hesitate, explore your customers’ needs and provide them the best options you can! That’s your shortest, most dependable way to success.

In case you need further customization upon the module, or you have any questions regarding Magento extensions, feel welcome to CONTACT BSS. We’re on 24/7 support!

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