Why Is Magento 2 Social Proof So Important to your Success?

by Stephanie Greene

In the previous post about 5 Magento 2 Social Proof Types To Increase Conversion, we’ve updated you on the definition and various practical ways to leverage your Magento 2 social proof. We hope that you find the sharing useful.

Today, we’ll go into details of Magento 2 Social Proof in actions to entice online shoppers on their making purchase decisions. Notably, you can take advantage of social proof to:

  • Enrich Page Content
  • Build Trust in Magento 2 websites’ Visitors
  • Drive Customer Conversion
  • Boost Total Sales

Magento 2 Social Proof to Enrich Page Content

Good content on your Magento 2 pages has a significant impact on how and why customers reach the final decision. The informative and emotional content promotes visitors to explore more while boring pages drive them out within seconds.

Studies have revealed interesting statistics on the importance of content marketing:

  • Generally, marketers invest nearly 30% of their budget in improving content marketing.
  • Internet users spend 20% of their time on content.
  • 60% of customers are inspired to seek out the products after reading material about them.
  • 70% of readers feel closer to one brand as a result of content marketing.

Now the question is “What can be considered as good content?”

The information provided by your marketers is no longer enough. As a result, the social proof is in effect to enrich your landing pages.


Improve the product page with Magento Social Proof by reviews.

To-do list:

  1. Gather and show off Magento 2 Social Proof in the form of happy customers’ stores and testimonials. Those real-life experiences require no extra cost, yet very useful in emotionally inspiring new visitors to take action.
  2. Make use of Magento 2 user-generated content tools such as product images by customers, customers’ product videos, or advanced reviews to enhance Magento 2 Social Proof.

Build Trust in New Customers with The Support of Magento 2 Social Proof

Unlike buying from a brick-and-mortar store, people have more significant doubts and need more proof when shopping online. Customers have more faith in the opinions of other people than brands, so store owners need social proof. As “…if the more others are saying or doing something, the more correct it must be.”, Magento  2 Social Proof enhances the store’s credibility.


Build trust – Build Magento Social Proof.

Please take some notes as below:

  • 45% of online users have a preference for stores offering personalized recommendations.
  • 85% of buyers say that they trust reviews posted online as much as a personal suggestion.
  • Customer reviews are 12 times more reliable than the product description from the salespeople.
  • Testimonials earn customers’ trust. What salespeople introduce about your business may be considered as the marketing activities, but if your customers talk about it, it’s called Magento 2 social proof.

To-do list:

  1. Create a professional reputation by associating products with expert or celebrity endorsements.
  2. Turn your customers into your store advocates. Reviews, one more time, are the key factors. Obtain as many reviews as possible. What’s more, make those reviews more detailed and trustworthy with Magento 2 Advanced Reviews.
  3. Use product images and videos of the lovely customers as your Social Proof. Post them on your websites, your blogs, and your social channels to make products more real and believable.

Social Proof to Drive More Conversion

The more customers trust your sites thanks to Magento 2 Social Proof, the more likely they stay longer on your Magento 2 stores and take further action.

Using Magento 2 Social Proof in the right way to boost the conversion rate dramatically. For example:


Facebook Ads – the perfect choice to make use of Magento Social Proof.

  • Adding a photo that includes the portrait of customers/experts/celebrities improved the response in BaseCamp by 102.5%.
  • There is a rise in customers’ engagement by 28% when they are exposed to a mixture of Magento 2 user-generated content and professional marketing content.
  • Reviews and ratings shown on Magento websites increase conversion by 270%, especially for high-end products, the rate can be up to 380%.
  • According to a Facebook case study, adding Magento user-generated content to social advertisements improves the CTR by 300%, and reduces both cost-per-acquisition and cost-per-click by 50% at the same time.

In short, how social proof impacts your customers are the result of people promoting your business and the positive attitude of those Magento 2 UGC. The more, the merrier.

Utilize Social Proof For Increasing Sales

“Man is a social being; it’s not surprising we love social proofs, it sells brands fast,” said Bernard Kelvin Clive – the famous brand specialist.

When it comes to e-commerce business, Magento 2 social proof is even more important to generate more sales. Online shoppers reach your Magento 2 stores, and there is no salesperson to introduce them to potential items directly. Hence, what other people experienced and shared about your stores works as the lead path to every step of the buyer’s journey: Awareness – Consideration – Decision.

As a result of more trust and a higher conversion rate, your total bottom line will improve remarkably.

  • Online shoppers are ready to spend an additional 31% of their budget on the Magento website receiving excellent online reviews.
  • With every star getting from Magento 2 social proof review, the revenue is expected to increase by 5%-9%.


The astounding development of the Internet makes online shopping more accessible than ever before, which not only brings more and more potential customers but also results in fiercer competitiveness. Enhancing and placing Magento 2 Social Proof available in customers’ paths will make the difference and help you earn a more substantial profit.

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Among various Magento 2 Social Types introduced in your post, customer reviews and product photos might be of the simplest ways to perform. Hence, we come up with Magento 2 Product Images by Customers extension and Magento 2 Advanced Review extension to ease your work.

Hope you enjoy!

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