Small Business Scale: Don’t Worry, Shopware Platform Can Deal With This!

by Ella Tran


Out of many great eCommerce platforms out there, the Shopware platform is the eCommerce platform made for small businesses. Literally, Shopware truly suits small businesses’ unique needs. When you start your business, it’s really difficult to grow a business without a dedicated e-commerce solution. Today’s eCommerce industry is growing at a fast pace, thereby holding huge opportunities for committed entrepreneurs. Top eCommerce platforms can help you control website traffic, create an intuitive interface, generate more leads, and ultimately, promote sales. However, it takes much more than that to be the best eCommerce platform for your small business. 

Depending on your businesses’ requirements, only one or two may perfectly suit your unique needs. Compared to large enterprises, small businesses need to take more factors into consideration like budget, features. They need to find an eCommerce platform that can meet their businesses at reasonable prices with sufficient resources. As a result, they will not waste resources but still function business well. 

It is important to select a platform because of a wide range of e-commerce platforms with diverse features and capacities. In this blog, BSS Commerce will take you on a tour to shed light on why the Shopware platform is the innovative and suitable eCommerce platform for small businesses to rely on. Let’s dive in!

Some key insights on the Shopware platform

The Shopware platform has enough features and capabilities in eCommerce website development to create a website from scratch or to innovate an already existing online business. When developing a small business, the main goals are customer experience needs, innovations, reliable solutions, and cost optimization. With the Shopware platform, you can get what you want to run your small business. Now let’s have a closer look at the main features of the Shopware platform, a leading German eCommerce solution.

What is Shopware?

As a leading eCommerce platform in the market, Shopware is a very scalable, robust, and customizable eCommerce solution that helps users to build their own online stores easily and quickly. Regardless of their specifications and other business requirements, the Shopware platform has state-of-the-art marketing features as well as integrated SEO functionalities thanks to its new eCommerce technologies.


Source: Shopware

The Shopware platform comes with an intuitive interface and user-friendly backend. That makes it the top choice for small businesses with limited coding capabilities. In addition, Shopware is suitable for any business. It can be a medium, large size and even organizations, as well as designers, developers, and decision-makers. Up to now, the Shopware platform has powered 100,000+ customers, including big international players such as L’Oreal, Segway, and Euronics.

Key advantages of Shopware platform



The Shopware platform is created for both retailers to easily monitor and for shoppers to easily buy products. Because the Shopware platform eliminates emerging unpleasant issues and additional costs on development and online shop management. Thanks to its intuitive and simple admin panel, even beginners without any IT skillsets can use the platform to control and monitor their website. Besides, Shopware is equipped with double-click and drag-and-drop features that enable simple and time-saving store management. Furthermore, when you spend less time in the backend, you have more time to focus on main business operations and activities. Thanks to a parallel opening of multiple windows, the Shopware platform allows the admin to have full control of all the required data.

SEO and Marketing

Unlike some other famous eCommerce platforms, Shopware features automatic SEO optimization. Thanks to integrated SEO, even small businesses with limited investment can have a solid basis for a higher Google ranking. When online retailers power their website with the Shopware platform, they can carry out online marketing with better outcomes thanks to Shopware’s powerful features for sales promotion.


Start-ups or small businesses face a lot of difficulties in competing with large enterprises. However, the Shopware platform powers your website with a “Storytelling” feature, which enables you to sell goods on your website from the very beginning. Because this feature helps you communicate effectively with your shoppers and deeply understand them. Moreover, it transfers an emotional impact to your customers for future purchases. Email marketing, storytelling features from the Shopware platform takes product reviews to the next level.

Platform support

Technical support is essential, especially to small businesses. Unlike large businesses with their own Shopware development team, some businesses work with outside service providers. Most Shopware development services providers stop their relationship with clients after the product is finished, except for some like BSS Commerce. 


You can read the reviews of our beloved customers on Clutch to know why we are reliable. 

The great thing about Shopware is that it provides users with its own WIKI and forums with the needed information to control websites. Besides, the Shopware platform does not give support services in the Community version. This service, incorporated in the Shopware Enterprise edition, is well-known for its speed and high quality. Moreover, it is estimated that Shopware developers need two times fewer hours compared to Magento. You may consider this fact when choosing between two eCommerce platforms: Magento and Shopware.


Small businesses need to not only find the eCommerce platform that meets their present requirement but they must take the scalability of that platform into account. Therefore, when small merchants thrive and expand their business scale, they don’t need to migrate to another eCommerce platform. Luckily, the Shopware platform boasts vast scalability capabilities with fast loading speed thanks to its interpretation of PHP code, traffic speed, and server load. If you set up your online store on the latest version of Shopware 6, fast page loading and data processing will be smooth without any issues.

You can find out reasons why the latest version Shopware 6 is worth downloading here:

Moreover, the Shopware platform can handle high traffic with good stability and high throughput. This means that you can scale your eCommerce platform without the need to worry that your website may drop at some points due to a large influx of customers.

More sales channels


The Shopware platform allows you to expand your business through many sales channels by connecting your e-commerce with social networks, including Facebook, Instagram as well as Google promotion. Thanks to that, even though your business is at a small scale, your articles can appear high in search results. Via social media like Facebook and Instagram, small businesses can have the opportunity to increase loyal fans and steal customers from larger competitors.  

How to choose a suitable eCommerce platform for small businesses?

Before you choose the right eCommerce platform for your small business, you must consider all must-have features you’re looking for. If you intend to grow your eCommerce site, you will need to find a scalable platform that features easy product management. If you don’t know much about tech, you’ll need easy web hosting. Furthermore, a distinctive, brand-centric layout is important for your small business to compete with other businesses. Remember to look for platforms that allow personal customization. 


If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, consider taking full advantage of free trials or the community edition. After you understand all platforms you consider, you can make the final choice. As to small businesses, you can not just settle for the cheapest option. In contrast, it takes time and money to choose the best eCommerce platform for your small business. However, it is an investment in your own future success. Because the right platform will boost sales and bring in more revenue, thereby making your business a success. 

When considering the leading eCommerce platforms on the market, you need to keep these factors in mind. 

To small businesses, budget is probably the biggest factor because your expenses with an eCommerce platform may surpass a flat monthly cost. That’s why you need to consider the transaction fees and how they will add up when your business grows to another level. In the case of the Shopware platform, it can handle all small, medium, and large businesses. Moreover, another important thing to consider is the tools that the eCommerce platform offers for you to run your business. Last but not least, your technical capabilities are something to investigate as well. Because some eCommerce solutions like Shopware are more user-friendly while others ask for advanced functionality. 

When you’ve narrowed down your list after considering all these factors, you can dive deep into your specific needs by scanning reviews from clients who adopt business models resembling yours. Lastly, sign up for a free trial or try with the Community Edition to make a test before committing to your final choice.

Why is the Shopware platform suitable for small businesses?

Based on the key advantages of Shopware jotted down above, perhaps you understand partly why Shopware is suitable for small businesses. Now, we will shed light on every requirement of small businesses that Shopware can tackle easily. Undoubtedly, small businesses’ requirements are different from big businesses. Depending on your goals and business scale, you need to consider different factors to find the best eCommerce platform. We have made a list of all the unique requirements of small businesses below. And luckily, Shopware features all of them. Let’s check them out! 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO optimization ensures that your website is targeting your favorite customers. So, you can attract more website visitors and generate more leads. Remember to choose the ideal eCommerce platform for small businesses that must offer top SEO tools and customizable URLs, image ALT tags, and more like the Shopware platform.

Overall Monthly or Flat Cost


It is not true that you need to pay fees to get access to ideal eCommerce platforms. In fact, free eCommerce solutions won’t typically provide users with a wide range of features, and payment-required eCommerce solutions don’t always offer good performance. For example, the Shopware Community Edition can run businesses of different sizes with top-notch frontends and backends. Thus, follow price plans you are comfortable with which offer both a monthly rate or one-time cost like the Shopware platform.  

Ease of use

A small business will need to find an eCommerce platform that is easy to use. That eCommerce solution needs to have all the top-notch, must-have features, but it needs to be easy to navigate. If not, it’s going to take up more time and money and slow down your business growth. Opt for something like the Shopware platform so that you’ll be able to use it with ease.

Speed, Performance & Scalability


An ideal eCommerce platform needs to feature fast speed, high performance, and scalability. Thanks to that, your site can perform well and tackle a large number of website visitors. Otherwise, customers can become frustrated and leave your site after only a few seconds of waiting. Therefore, you need to stick to an eCommerce platform like the Shopware platform, which offers top-performance capabilities and has the infrastructure base to assist you as you grow. 

Customizable Design

When you use the Shopware platform to power your website, you can customize your website freely and creatively. Because it is only a matter of time until your online store reaches the next level of success and then requires an updated design. Fortunately, the Shopware platform is one of the eCommerce platforms that allow you to do that. 

User Experience

Small businesses definitely do not win large competitors in many aspects like reputation or market share. Apart from being easy for you to navigate, it also has to be user-friendly. For instance, the Shopware platform offers top features within an organized website structure that helps build a world-class customer experience. It allows customers to get access to your website on diverse devices and many payment options.

Marketing Options


If you want to turn your small business into inspiring success stories, look for an eCommerce platform that tracks site visitors with customer analytical tools so that data can turn into leads. When you choose the Shopware platform, your site is accordingly compatible with automated marketing tools and you have a significant advantage. 


Honestly, with limits of resources, small businesses need to rely much on a dedicated eCommerce solution to grow their business. Understanding your difficulties, we hope that all the useful information above can help you to fully understand the Shopware platform and consider it as your ideal solution. Whether you’re just starting out your small business from scratch or upgrading from an already existing online storefront, Shopware is an eCommerce platform that gives you flexibility and full control over your customers’ data. 


If you are finding a reliable partner to implement Shopware, BSS Commerce is confident of meeting your expectations. Especially, we provide the latest version of Shopware 6 installation services. With wholehearted and certified professionals in developing eCommerce software, we are committed to the highest security, transparency, and no hidden cost in all of our services.

After building your website based on the Shopware platform, BSS Commerce also provides maintenance services to ensure that your site is safe, updated constantly, and runs seamlessly without bugs. Moreover, we are able to incorporate your website with limitless third-party integrations for better management and user experience. BSS will boost your loading page speed to match your needs. Each store project we tackle will have its own unique factors that make your site stand out in the market. 

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