Why Magento stores need Lazy Image Loader Extension

Why Magento stores need Lazy Image Loader Extension?

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Your products are wonderful, your price is reasonable, your service is perfect, but customers may still not place orders, just because they cannot wait for your site loading!

Image presentation is a crucial factor for the success of an online store. It decides how much important your site can be. However, a harmful impact of images is lowering the loading speed of a website. Your customers will probably not satisfy with this uncomfortable experience, and it will affect their buying decision. BSS Lazy Image Loader Extension is one perfect solution for this problem.


Take admin less effort to manage the site

The admin can customize how much “lazy” the image will be with “threshold” function. If you set threshold value= X, the next picture will be loaded when customer’ scroll is far from it X pixels. Moreover, the admin can exclude some parts that they do not want to be affected by this extension like homepage, controllers, and paths. Lazy Image Loader also supports Jquery and does not harm SEO while other lazy image loaders may do

Saving time for customer

Let imagine now you have to wait 1 second for loading website rather than 5 seconds as before. It is a considerable improvement in customer’s experience. Unlike basic Magento setting, Lazy Image Loader allows Magento site to show product images only when customers scroll the page. It means customers no longer have to waste time waiting for pictures that they are not interested in.

Create a professional website

The lazy image load effect will make your Magento site more impressive and professional as well. Your site’s interface will look “friendlier” with your customer. It gives customers comfortableness when visiting your site.


magento jquery lazy load image

Lazy Image Loader Extension- A must-have extension

  • Enhance customer’s experience
  • Make your site more attractive and professional
  • Save time for both customer and admin
  • Increase sales productivity

It is clear that there are many advantages in only one extension. It is the reason that you should not hesitate to add BSS Lazy Image Loader Extension to your Magento site.

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