Why Should You Pay For Magento Admin Product Preview Function

Why Should You Pay For Magento Admin Product Preview Function?

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If you are an administrator of a Magento site, you maybe sometimes get tired of checking how your settings are displayed in the frontend only after you saved all configurations. You will have to repeat this process many times if you make settings one by one. It takes you a lot of time for saving and checking continuously, especially when some changes are needing to adjust. Therefore, optimization for the setting process becomes one of your pioneer concerns to reduce unnecessary steps for your better performance in the backend.

How to overcome this issue?

To solve this issue, we can take some considerations into adding preview function for Magento admin with buttons. As you know, Magento default supports few preview buttons to see the frontend page such as in CMS Grid, but not in some other vital parts like Product grid, Product Edit and so on.  Hence, Magento extensions assisting this preview function in more parts in the backend are developed to help administrators to take settings more comfortable and faster and test directly in the frontend without saving.

Nowadays, there are a lot of Magento providers for extensions that allow adding preview buttons into the admin. They contain both free extensions and paid extensions to support administrators the best functions for the setting process. However, you maybe feel confused about what extensions you had better install for your site: free or paid extensions. Therefore, we will go together to find out differences between extensions so that you can make your own decision finally.

Various free extensions for previewing in the backend


If you search Magento extensions related to previewing functions or preview buttons, you will see a lot of free extensions sold on Magento Marketplace and of course paid extensions also. We can list some of them here such as:

– Admin Product Preview Button by Demac Media

– Admin Category, Product, CMS Page View Buttons by Codewix

– VS Product Preview From Backend by Virendra

– Amin Product Preview Link by Openstepmedia

When you read about these above free extensions, you will recognize that they mostly provide users a few preview functions or even 1 function related to a product, category, and CMS. It means that you can solve some parts of the issue due to not enough advanced features to make more optimization for the setting process in the backend. Moreover, with free purchase, it is usual that providers do offer installation for fees and of course you can cost some extra money for it.

However, it is also said that they are too good extensions with some necessary functions to support for administrators’ tasks but generally when you cost some money, the extensions are worth with expenses you take, and I am sure that you will never be disappointed at features wonderful paid extensions to bring for you.

Let’s take Admin Product Preview Plus as a typical instance in this case. => CHECK IT OUT

It is of course that Admin Product Preview Plus can function for some main features that most other free extensions also include such as preview functions for Product, Category, and CMS. However, with this module, you can experience much more by very advanced features that can make you easier manage your customer and product information or shipping address.


Admin Product Preview Plus also provides users preview buttons in Product Grid and Product Edit for viewing the product page in the frontend. Preview functions are applied to Category and CMS for linking to the frontend of Category and Page. Also, in Order Grid, when administrators click product names and customer names, they will view the frontend product page and customer information in Order View correspondingly. Especially, a very outstanding function is linking to Google Map shipping address from Order View to position the exact customer location. That’s very great and convenient for the delivery process!

Comparisons between free extensions and Admin Product Preview Plus

For easier imagination, we can make a few small comparisons to clarify how advanced functions of Admin Product Preview Plus are with those of free extensions:


There is a very important thing that in Order Grid, Admin Product Preview Plus Extension can not only add customer names, product names as well as other product information but also allow link product and customer names to the frontend product pages and customer information in Order View respectively. This is one of the most superior features other free extensions cannot function for.

From the above comparison table, we can easily recognize that free extensions support fewer functions than Admin Product Preview Plus (paid modules). Therefore, you should take careful consideration of what you had better buy before making a decision. All of us cannot deny a very true thing that free products are quite attractive because we do not need to pay any charges but still own the module. However, to keep your tasks in the backend toward more professional and administrator-friendly direction, you had better make a long investment for your site so that you can get full advanced functions of the module. If you install extensions lacking some important features and in case you can need these functions, perhaps you have to buy another module to meet your requirements. Thus, why don’t we purchase once and use forever with full functions without paying any additional money for more other extensions?

Let’s begin with Admin Product Preview Plus!

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