Why We Need To Limit Order Quantity For Magento Stores

Why We Need To Limit Order Quantity For Magento Stores?

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For all online stores, a minimal and discrete quantity of orders are huge nightmares and cause owners a lot of losses about revenues and other costs. Therefore, almost store owners have been looking for the most effective solution to increase the order size that customers make. Beside some favorite ways such as providing free delivery, bunder offers or loyal points to encourage customers to buy more, however, for Magento sites, we can do more by merely limiting order quantity from Magento admin. So why we need to do it? Whether we are forcing customers to buy the unwanted number of items or excessive amount that is not necessary for them? This blog post will come up with 3 reasons for the importance of limiting order quantity with Magento sites.

Reduce Costs


As you know, when customers purchase any item, filling an order can take the considerable amount of costs even when this order includes only one small thing because the order-filling process still has to be carried out. Therefore, that is one of the most important reasons that online stores need to set up the allowed number of products to add to cart. They can reduce much shipping costs when they do not have to ship the tiny quantity of products to customers. Moreover, with shipping in the more significant amounts, they can gain volume discounts when negotiating freight charges. Therefore, order quantity limitation brings considerable savings for online stores.

Boost Your Sales


It is a truth that the more products customers purchase, the more revenue online stores get. Especially when limiting order quantity customers have to meet before processing a successful order, stores increase their revenue remarkably. It is also considered as an effective strategy in getting profits without any promotion programs. At that time, customers will have to add the required number of products to cart that is set in the backend by administrators.  However, there is a note that you need to do it carefully and make customers feel the most comfortable with your policy so that they do not think that they are not entirely forced to buy many products in your stores.

Good for Wholesale Business


It is not surprising that limiting order quantity is good for wholesale business. Wholesalers are big customers who bring a lot of revenue for your store with the large item quantity they make the purchase. Therefore, order quantity limitation will take control of wholesale customers with the must-have amount of products that they can buy. They cannot buy too few products at the minimum level and also cannot purchase too many exceeding the maximum level when placing orders. Notably, in some cases with the help of Magento extensions, you can configure for different limitation of order quantity for wholesalers from other customer groups to explore their buying potentials most effectively. As a result, you can optimize wholesale business for your Magento store by controlling the orders of your customers.

These are the three most important reasons why Magento store owners had better set up the allowed order quantity for your store. For more details, you can choose from types of order quantity limitation which are suitable for your purposes as well as your customer group. With Magento default, you just set up maximum order quantity for each product in the shopping cart, but some Magento extensions can help you to both setup minimum and maximum order quantity per product for customer groups and minimum and maximum order quantity per category for customer groups. Therefore, you should depend on your strategies to select the most suitable types to your Magento store to get the best results about revenue as well as cost-savings.

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