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How To Set Up Developer Client Restrictions In Magento 2

Being a store owner, you should know a little about your website: how many elements your site has, which tools you can use to impact the website’s function and how you use it, etc…

If you are running a Magento website, you might know and desire to find a way to use Advanced Developer tools. They are used to establish the compilation mode during frontend development, construct an IP address allow list, provide template path hints, and perform spot text changes in the storefront and admin interfaces.

And now, BSS Commerce will guide you to config one of 7 advanced Developer tools – Developer Client Restrictions. Read the instructions right now!

Why Need To Restrict Developer Clients?

Developer Client Restrictions config is used before activating Template Path Hints config. You need to add the IP address whose you want them to see the path hints. 

Extra information about Template Path Hints. It is a diagnostic tool that adds notation to each template used on the page with the path and you can enable it for either the storefront or the Admin.

Back to Developer Client Restrictions, you should use this function because it will minimize interfering with customers’ shopping experiences at the store. 

Besides that, when you have the allow list, the checking and customizing of the path hints will be simpler, faster, and more correct because there are some resources doing that. Hence, your customers will not feel unpleasant because they can access the error links.

Step-By-Step To Config Developer Client Restrictions

For a detailed example that helps you comprehend the benefit of a restricted developer client: you want to enable path hints but only you can see and not others, it’s time to activate this config.

Follow these below steps to complete this action:

1. Log in the admin account.

2. On the Admin sidebar, click Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Developer .

3. Click Developer Client Restrictions section.


Note: Developer Client Restrictions only appear after enabling developer mode.

4. Enter your IP address in Allow IPs. If you want to add multiple IP addresses, separate each with a comma.


5. Don’t forget to save config and refresh any invalid caches so this action is active.


It’s very simple and neat, right? Follow the detailed instructions above and you will get everything more effectively. 

We hope it is helpful to you. 

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