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Error deploying static file on Magento 2

During loading a page in Magento 2, CSS and JavaScript files will be called from pub/static folder. How does Magento handle if the files are needed but not there?  Magento will create that files in pub/static, otherwise error 404 is reported.

To accelerate website speed, we can deploy all static files in advance so that when send a request to website in Magento 2, it only needs to give back the link to this file. The command to run deploying is php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy.

When an error arises in the process of deploying on a certain theme, the deployment will stop and report about it.


To skip this error and keep deploying, fix file vendor/magento/framework/Css/PreProcessor/Adapter/Less/Processor.php, commenting on line 92: throw new ContentProcessorException(new Phrase($errorMessage));


Hope the article help you find solution.

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