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5 Email Marketing Content Examples for Shopify 2024

by Robin Tran

With hundreds of businesses moving their sales online, competition in the e-commerce sector has never been bigger. Marketers are putting their best efforts into ensuring that their services and products stand out from the crowd!

Although many emphasize social media as the main communication channel, email marketing shouldn’t be underestimated. With the right emails sent at the right time, you can drastically increase your sales and boost your business to a whole new level.

Follow up, as we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the tips and best practices regarding shopify email marketing content and great examples of content ideas that will help you get your clients on board!

Ecommerce Email Marketing

Ecommerce email marketing is a tactic where emails are being used to generate sales for the online store. It can vary in importance and difficulty – starting with a simple promotional message moving into highly segmented, personalized emails which trigger your customer’s actions.

When using email marketing for Shopify, brands tend to send emails to build the email list and create a loyal customer base. However, different targets in the business will require different approaches and messages to ensure it is working effectively.

As you might think of what content works best, below we have some of the commonly used email marketing campaigns which you should consider applying to the Shopify business:

  • Announcing new products (promotional email)
  • Sending discounts or coupons on special occasions (discount email)
  • Showing the items left in the cart (abandoned cart email)
  • Presenting the product recommendations (recommendations email)
  • Confirming the purchases by order confirmations or transaction emails (confirmation email)

Shopify Email Marketing Content

Now, once we categorized the main email types being sent by e-commerce businesses, let’s look into more details and examples of shopify email marketing content:

Promotional Emails

email template

Source: Original Project Social T email

Promotional emails are being used to inform your customer about new arrivals to your store or any other offers you might have. Send this type of email once you have any news to share so your clients would be up-to-date with your brand.

Discount Emails

Discounts are considered to be very effective when it comes to e-commerce marketing strategy. Besides, a study shows that 72% of Millennial customers are open to retargeting while using discounts.

discount email template


Abandoned Cart Emails

Abandoned cart email is a spectacular opportunity to recover the lost sales. With many customers leaving their carts without continuing a purchase, an email might actually be the winner on this occasion. Besides, 54% of customers are likely to purchase the products they left in the cart if the discount is offered!

abandon cart email template

Original Dick’s Sporting Goods email

Product Recommendation Emails

Product recommendations email is another smart move your business can take. Suggesting suitable products based on customer data adds appreciated personalization.

product recommendation email example

Source: Original Emp email


Confirmation Emails

Another personalized touch is confirmation emails. Confirmation emails provide peace of mind, and you can use them to add info, promotions, and discounts for future purchases.

thank you email example

Source: Allbirds email from

We have presented the main types of content you can add to your emails when tackling the customers from your Shopify store. Remember, sending effective messages is a work in progress. You need to test your campaigns, personalize them and do everything that’s in your power to make your customers happy. 

To ease your email marketing journey, many email marketing tools are available as Shopify apps to help out. But, if you are on a budget, Sender might be a great solution as it offers all the required features free of charge so that you can create killer email campaigns in no time!

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Email Marketing Tips and Tricks for Shopify

Since you are now aware of the best content ideas for your email marketing, let’s dive in and look at some best practices to ensure that your emails are competitive, timely, and best performing!


  • Adapt your emails to all devices: Ensure that your email can be clearly seen on desktop as well as mobile. With many people checking their emails via phone, you must adjust and make anything you send well accessible regardless of the device.
  • Segment your customers: Customers differ so do their preferences. Ensure that you target them in groups by classifying multiple categories, for example, high spenders, recent buyers, loyal customers, etc. The clients can also be segmented based on age, gender, location, behavior, or any other details, which can help you create more attractive emails.
  • Test and track your progress: Testing is an essential part of your email marketing. Without implying A/B testing, you will not find out the best subject lines or content to fit your customers. For that reason, ensure you examine your campaigns before releasing them to avoid any failure.
  • Timing is key: Regardless of your email content, timing is crucial to success. Ensure you know the ideal time for specific email types (e.g., confirmation emails right after purchase). Use behavior-triggered campaigns, apply email automation, and schedule emails effortlessly for perfect timing! If your campaigns are behavior-triggered, you can use email automation and schedule your emails with a few simple clicks so that the timing will be perfect!

Summary: Email Marketing for Shopify

Email marketing is an excellent communication tool to use when running an e-commerce business. To compete, test, segment, time, and adapt campaigns for all mobile devices.

Start Shopify email marketing with suggested content: promo, discount, abandoned cart, recommendations, and confirmation emails for personalization and sales recovery. On the other hand, only you know your customers best, so it is up to your brand to tackle them to ensure maximum success.


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