5 Reasons Why You Should Install Social Login On Your Website

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Social Login On Your Website

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Have you ever find it so much time-consuming and tired when you try to make every special effort to create each new account on websites that you want. You might feel bothered with how complicated the sign-up steps on each page are.

In fact, in 2010, research named Blue Research done with more than 600 customers by Janrain has shown some impressive results:

  • 86% of customers confirmed being annoyed by the requirement to create a new account at websites and said they would change their behavior such as leaving the page or turn to other sites if it is possible, etc.
  • 88% reported to submitting incorrect information or leaving form fields incomplete.
  • 90% admitted to going a page now that they cannot remember their login sign-in information rather than spending time on recovering their accounts.
  • 77% replied that social login is “a good solution that should be offered,” with 41% preferring social login over creating a new user account or using a guest account.

Thanks to the development of technology, which brings us important means of stimulating communication on the Internet, social login appeared and had been widely used in almost all websites nowadays. As a result, we are no longer strange with the way of logging in a website by using our Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or other social accounts. Consider a brief guide on social login in Magento 2.

What makes Social login powerful and useful for websites? What creates its appeals for the owners to forget to install it on their sites hardly?

Following are outstanding benefits driving social login popular with us:

5 reasons why should you install social login

1/ Easy Sign In

Are you always looking for a simple registration process because you don’t have enough patience as well as time to fill into a long and complicated form? Social login makes the process of joining a website with an account speedy and convenient. Your Magento site users can choose by using one of their social credentials to log in on your online store. Therefore, they save more time to access your website than filling out a registration form.

Furthermore, the details of customers’ social accounts are easy to remember since they use them a day and almost users are happier to use these to sign into a website.

2/ Accurate Data

Some users will use false information when signing up for a social networking site. They may use a nickname instead of their real name or an email that isn’t real or not in use anymore. Users can also control their privacy settings for birth date, gender, etc. and can restrict who accesses that information.

3/ Bring repeat and new customers

Visitors would like to re-visit a site that provides secure log-in. Social Login incentivizes repeat visitors to your Magento site, which can lead to repetitive purchases. The fact that visitors can use their social account to sign into a web page gives them convenience and comfort that they don’t need to worry about forgetting usernames and passwords when signing in your Magento site. One more benefit provided by social login is that it enables users to share their browsing experience with their friends. This is the exciting kind of spreading your brand and engaging the website with more new users.

4/ More time on site


Users spend more time on your Magento site because Social Login makes it more engagement friendly. While they browse your Magento site, users are connected to their social network, which fundamentally means they would like to share anything that’s worth sharing with their friends on the network from your eCommerce page. It’s a useful post on your website blog; they will take time out to share it with their network. The more time they spend on your online store, the more chances that your brand will be shared with their social network. This leads to improved brand awareness.

Moreover, users signing in with their social references are more likely to comment on the site, which is what you want. The fact that users are spending more time on your Magento site helps your Magento site to place at the preference rank in Google search page.

5/ Friendly engage users

Social login deserves a part of your website’s social media matrix for the reason of better user engagement. Your eCommerce web page takes to reach with visitors. The advantage here is that you do not need to struggle to engage your visitors, for you already owned their details through data sources from the social network. With users spending more time on social media, there is a huge source of user data ideal for you, which allows you to achieve a level of foresight as far as user expectations are concerned. Conveying on these expectations becomes much more comfortable as a result. This effectively enhances customers’ satisfaction with your offerings.

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