The Huge Advantages of Store Locator Magento Extension for Your Online Store

All Advantages Of Store Locator Magento Extension For Your Business

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You are an online store owner, and you have many stores which are located in different geographical locations. The ultimate goal of increasing your store network is to boost revenue. However, it turns out to be challenging when so many locations make it difficult for you to manage and for your customers to find the right one when your same stores appear in many places.

How can you not only be able to expand your store network but also avoid the problems of management and inconvenience accompanying with this expansion?


Don’t be concerned anymore because the answer lies in our latest extension: Magento Store Locator. This extension plays the role of an intelligent searching system which initially helps customers to find stores based on a various number of searching tools: By nation, zip code, city, suburb, a specific place, even your current location. Let’s see how advantageous is Magento Store Locator brings to you!

Benefits for customers

Magento Store Locator utilizes Google API, a practical application for searching geographical locations to motivate customers in exploring the nearest stores available to them. Once Magento store locator is installed on your site, customers can easily search for a store location that best matches their demand. The system will display all the results that perfectly match the information users want to filter such as nation, zip code or radius.

“Use My Location” Function

In case customers wish to use their current location to search the store, what they need to do is press “Use My Location” button, and then the system will find n nearest stores in the vicinity of their location.

N-radius Search

If users input a radius, the system will automatically display all store that is located within that provided radius (via filter or location).

search by n-km radius

The extension allows displaying all stores in n-km radius as customers wish

Informative search

The result shows not only the location of a store on the map but also the overview information of stores and a website link so that customers can immediately go to that online store. This brings more convenience for their shopping!


Information about stores will be displayed for customers to consider

Benefits for administrators

Easy management

As for admins, once you equip Magento Store Locator, you will feel the difference. The extension supports you as much as it can in managing your online-store location. With BSS Store Locator, admins can not only control the searching tools for customers but also import or export database from your stores through CSV files. It will be especially beneficial for your management, making it much more straightforward in doing statistics.

Export Database through CSV file

Database exported through CSV file

Highly customizable

User-friendliness and convenience are our number one priorities to make sure that your administration is as efficient and straightforward as possible. With clear instructions, you can easily customize the extension as you desire.

All in all, we’ve proved that BSS Store Locator Extension is beneficial for your online business. With its convenience and serviceability, it is essential and worth having it in your store!

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