Store Locator

Add a location directory to your store for better user experience and search your store visually on Google Map with ease
  • Various searching filters: Nation, zipcode, suburb, current location, radius
  • Show store on map via Google API
  • Highly responsive
1.4.x.x, 1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x

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Magento Store Locator by BSSCommerce is an effective extension for adding a location directory to your store for better user experience and searching your store visually on Google Map with ease.

This extension also allows admin(s) to import stores through visual interfaces or upload a number of stores at the same time though csv file (comma separated value file)

Magento Store Locator Extension by BSSCommerce’s Key Features

Magento Store Locator Extension Chart

For customers:

  • Allow customers to search locations of stores via nation, state, zip code and suburb
  • Allow customers to seek stores via n-km radius based on their current location
  • Allow customers to seek stores via n-km radius based on a specific address (In case there is no store in the target location, Magento Store Locator will determine the locations of the nearest stores)
  • Allow customers to see introductory description of a store
  • Allow customers to link to stores

Magento Store Locator Extension-Customer search store locations

For Admin(s)

  • Allow admin(s) to add stores directly
  • Import a number of stores simultaneously by means of CSV file
  • Automatically search the co-ordinates of stores in case customers do not provide specific co-ordinates.

Magento Store Locator Extension Admin

Why is Magento Store Locator Your Must-Have Extension?

Once BSS' Magento Store Locator is installed, it will increase the convenience for both your customers and your trading. As regards your customers, it will be easier to find a store that is most suitable for their target location because they can instantly seek the location of stores through various tools including nation, state, zip code and suburb. They can even use their current location or a specific address to seek stores as this extension supports users to search store through n-km radius.

As for admins, you can manage your ideal store as you wish. Magento Store Locator allows admins to:

Set store

  • Enable/ disable Store Locator on frontend
  • Choose favorable interface templates for their stores
  • Operate filters appeared in the frontend,  for customers to search locations of store

Manage store

  • Add new store
  • Reset filter
  • Search, etc.

Import/export store:

  • Import files to store
  • Export to SCV or XML file

Magento Store Locator Extension File

Magento Store Locator Extension's Benefits

As our number one duty, we have been making effort to best provide customers with satisfaction. Magento Store Locator is our favorite extension that can motivate your trading, save time and money for your company and your customers by:

  • Instantly facilitate users to search best location for their trading in eligible locations, hence, it saves time for customers.
  • Positively increase the quality of customer’s satisfaction by its responsive function
  • Make best condition for admins to operate the locator system
  • Competitive price help your company to reduce costs

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    • Fantastic extension and great support
      This is a wonderful extension. It's really simple to install and use. It sets up a nice store locator for my site. The support is... wow... I love you guys!

      13 November 2015

    • Best support, extension, everything
      The extension gives me full admin control. The configuration is clear for me. The developers here are caring providing me full support.

      11 November 2015

    • Love it, love it!!! yea...
      Wow! There's always a hordes of people in my shop since I installed this extension. Customers easily find our stores. Well, clothes in my shop are, kinda like, "on sale" all the time.

      19 October 2015

    • Thank you very much
      It's amazing, my customers can find us immediately. It's really convenient!!! Highly appreciated!

      09 June 2015

    • Highly appreciated!
      Store Locator is a great solution for our trading. We find out more target customers and our sale has been increased significantly after installing this. Highly appreciated!

      03 April 2015

    • Good extension for good price
      This extension is very useful and works completely well with Magento theme. I loves BSS because of your nice support and the price is super cool! If you are considering a good Magento Store with incredibly resonable price, BSS will worth a try!

      25 March 2015

      Jonky jack
    • Nice support team!
      I have bought some extensions from other famous magento store, they have great products and high quality but sometimes customer support and response takes very long time. I turned to buy 2 extensions from BSS and it really amazes me. The price is really acceptable and they do customer support very well. Highly recommend!

      23 March 2015

    • Essential extension
      I just installed this extension and find out that it will increase the convenience for both
      customers and my trading. It would be easier to find a store that is most suitable for their target location. Great ideal extension!

      12 March 2015

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