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Magento 2 Speed-Up Consulting Package

Your Magento 2 speed should and can be optimized for better customer experience and better SEO. But where to start?

With BSS experts, no time to delay the Magento speed optimization. Our certified team will follow, audit your website speed performance and help you inspect all technical problems. With audited site speed status, BSS will recommend a plan to speed up the Magento website. A Magento site with 3 seconds of loading pages and high Google speed scores is achievable.

Starting only from $600!

magento speed up
Magento 2 Speed-Up Consulting Package

Sample Reports of Magento 2 Speed-Up Consulting Package


What does Magento 2 Speed-Up Consulting Package do?

We offer a thorough scan of the whole Magento website to detect what causes your Magento store’s poor loading time. Then we would come up with a full recommendation of “what and how to do” to optimize speed for your Magento website.

  • magento speed up
  • Audit Magento default setup

    • Magento 2 site speed can be faster if Magento default supports are well set up.

    Audit server

    • We will check all the server configurations and how the site proceeds with both hardware and software optimization (web server, varnish, SSL, HTTP2, Redis) to advise on increasing the efficiency of data processing and overall server performance as well.
  • Detect unused code

    • Any unused test files, code scripts, or modules code can be a factor in slowing down your website. Based on the Magento code standard, we will review and detect unnecessary code on the whole site.

    Audit frontend and database optimization

    • to advise if any actions can be taken to make sites in Magento faster.

    Review caching

    • solution to enable and disable the most appropriate caches with the Magento site.
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  • How can I get my Invoice?

    Your invoice is sent to your email after you finish your payment

  • Does it work for multiple websites?

    In case your websites belong to one Magento installation only, generally, we will support you. However, if you have a deeply customized Magento system (multiple domains, multiple channels, etc.), we strongly suggest you use our consulting services.

  • Does this package support websites using Magento Cloud?

    Yes. This package supports websites using Magento Cloud.

  • Is this package refundable?

    We are afraid that the answer is No. This package is a service so it is not refundable.

  • Does this package support Magento 1?

    This package is currently supporting Magento 2 stores only. However, we understand that there are a huge number of websites still running Magento 1, and we are pleased to help them. Please contact us for more details if you are seeking for Magento 1 speed-up consulting service.

  • Does this package include fixing bugs or optimization?

    This package includes the consulting service only. However, we understand that it's hard for clients to fix bugs by themselves, so we are pleased to help them. Please contact us for more details if you want us to help you fix bugs.


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