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Creating the best checkout experience for customers is about developing a great customer experience.

Take advantage and boost your conversion rate with lots of functions never seen on the default Magento 2 Enterprise. Our Magento 2 Checkout extensions cover most, if not all, of the indispensable features to create the perfect checkout experience on your website.

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Why Do You Need Checkout Extensions for Magento 2?

People talk about enhancing the shopping experience all the time. But making your shopping experience simple and straightforward doesn’t mean much if the checkout process is filled with frustration.

As you know, checkout is the last step of a customer journey and the key step in driving conversions. This is where your customers make the final decision of making a purchase or not.

However, the latest stats show that on average, up to 70% of shoppers abandon their carts due to a too long or complicated checkout process. And if they don’t make it through the checkout process, none of the rest really matters.

To reduce checkout abandonment rate and improve conversion rate, you should create the most convenient checkout experience that can satisfy your customers.

There are a number of different reasons why customers abandon checkout. Hence, BSS Commerce brings all needed Magento 2 Checkout Customization extensions to resolve each and all of those problems.

With our amazing extensions, you can optimize the checkout design on your website and guide your customers effortlessly throughout all the checkout steps.

Top-node Features of Magento 2 Checkout Extensions

Equipped your website with our Magento 2 Checkout modules, you can:

  • Speedup checkout experience: Nothing can get customers to stay engaged with your checkout page like a fast checkout process. Cutting down half of total checkout time to encourage your customers to finalize their orders by automating filling order Information with Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension and letting the admin pre-select the shipping and payment methods with Pre-Select Shipping/Payment.
  • Allow customers to pay with the display currency: By default, Magento only supports processing all payments with one base currency of the whole website. Visitors can see product prices under their currency, but cannot pay with it. It will be a big bump for your international customers. But you can easily resolve the problem by allowing customers to pay with their currency with Checkout with Display Currency.
  • Adding custom fields on the checkout page: The default Magento checkout is not informative enough, which makes it hard to collect all sufficient information to satisfy your customers. But you can add any custom fields at ease and use these fields as Magento 2 order attributes to support the order fulfillment with Checkout Custom Field.
  • Improve the shipping and payment options: Each customer group is willing to pay for a different delivery method and utilizes different payment ways. You can create the right method for the right customer with Shipping and Payment Method per Customer Group.
  • Set minimum/maximum quantity of any product: Set one minimum/maximum requirement for your products can help you save additional fees and optimize customer order quantity. If you run a B2B business, you know how important the MOQ is. Setting minimum or maximum quantity for configurable product with Minimum Quantity of Configurable Product, per category with Min/Max Order Quantity per Category, for customer group with Minimum Order Amount For Customer Group or for total order with Minimum Order Quantity.
  • Allow customers to pick up the expected delivery date and time: Some customers might want the product immediately or on a specific date. You can optimize your delivery schedule to fulfill any complex scenarios with Order Delivery Date.

In case you want all the offered features to optimize your checkout experience, then we also offer Magento 2 Checkout Extension Suite as the one and absolute choice for any eCommerce businesses.


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Change Your Store Even Better

Magento 2 extensions, packages of PHP code, are developed to enhance or extend the default functionalities related to various fields. As the leading Magento Select Extension Builder, BSSCommerce provides merchants with the best Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions, both free and paid.

Default features are out-of-box. However, they sometimes are not enough to meet the demands of online customers. Installing Magento 2 extensions keeps your business ahead of competitors by enriching store features, saving management efforts, and improving user experiences.