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Magento 2 SEO Extension

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Magento 2
Magento 2 SEO Extension is the comprehensive Magento 2 SEO solution to boost your ranking and increase traffic.
  • Add various rich snippets to make websites more highlighted on SERPs
  • Provide advanced breadcrumbs for better site navigation
  • Support Open Graph and Twitter Card for social shares
  • Create super-advanced XML and HTML sitemap 
  • Eliminate duplicate content by Canonical tag & Hreflang tag
  • Generate meta tag templates for products and categories 
  • Generate ALT tag and name template for images
  • Allow admin to use additional H1 for pages
  • Support 301 redirects and external links 
  • Integrate a smart SEO report and an SEO analysis toolbar 
Community: 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.3
Enterprise: 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.3
Magento 2 SEO Extension is the comprehensive Magento 2 SEO solution to boost your ranking and increase traffic.
  • Add various rich snippets to make websites more highlighted on SERPs
  • Provide advanced breadcrumbs for better site navigation
  • Support Open Graph and Twitter Card for social shares
  • Create super-advanced XML and HTML sitemap 
  • Eliminate duplicate content by Canonical tag & Hreflang tag
  • Generate meta tag templates for products and categories 
  • Generate ALT tag and name template for images
  • Allow admin to use additional H1 for pages
  • Support 301 redirects and external links 
  • Integrate a smart SEO report and an SEO analysis toolbar 
Community: 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.3
Enterprise: 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.3

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1. Rich Snippets & Breadcrumbs

Rich Snippets - Make websites more highlighted on SERPs

As you know, default Magento 2 supports a few snippets for product pages to display on Search Result Pages (availability, rating, price). Obviously, if you want to make your products highlighted on SERPs and steal customer attraction, your products need more than that! 

Our Rich Snippet extension stays here to help you: 

  • Show various rich snippets for a product on SERPs, including price, rating, review, availability, image, brand, even custom properties and so on. 
  • Display rich snippets for a category page such as name, description, image and product offers.
  • Optimize rich snippets for your business, saying name, logo, description, business type, price range, …
  • Contain a search box to let customers directly search items of your store from search result pages. 
  • Support Open Graph and Twitter Card for sharing your pages on social networks
  • Allow breadcrumbs to present better site navigation on SERPs


magento 2 rich snippets


Advanced Breadcrumbs - Better Site Navigation

Why should you need Breadcrumbs? Cause Google says Yes and really loves it!! Breadcrumbs let Google figure out how your site is structured and Google highly evaluates the site if it is built with good navigation. Good site navigation leads to a good user experience, right? 

Whether default Magento 2 supports Breadcrumbs? The answer is absolute Yes, but it still covers a lot of limitations. Our module inherits default features and adds more advanced functions to make your site both user-friendly and Google-friendly. 

  • Determine how breadcrumbs are presented with 2 types of Breadcrumbs: Use Short URL Path and Use Long URL Path 
  • Adjust category priority ID to determine breadcrumbs 

magento 2 advanced breadcrumbs

2. Super Advanced Sitemap & Index Optimization 

HTML Sitemap - Give users an overview of websites

An HTML sitemap instructs users to explore the whole website! Customers can overview everything on your site, conveniently look for their wanted pages, and quickly navigate without any difficulties. It’s also recommended that you should provide an HTML sitemap to reach a higher ranking on SERPs because Google will always reward such a website with user experience improvement. 

Don’t worry that default Magento 2 doesn’t support HTML, our Magento 2 SEO extension helps you get an out-of-box HTML Sitemap. 

  • Generate an HTML sitemap containing products, categories, CMS pages, and additional links 
  • Allow the admin to include/exclude product, categories, and CMS pages from HTML sitemap in the edit page 
  • Enter a unique URL key for the sitemap 
  • Create specific HTML sitemap for each store view
  • Show sitemap shortcut in the footer or header 
  • Auto-update if there is any change in the store’s structure.

 magento 2 html sitemap

XML Sitemap - Instruct Google crawlers to read websites

Unlike HTML Sitemap, the XML sitemap is used for Google crawlers to read the content of your website. This sitemap works as a table of contents, making it easy for the crawler to check what’s on your website and then index it.

Default Magento 2 allows you to set up a very basic XML sitemap, but it’s not adequate for your website. 

Our module helps to improve your XML sitemap: 

  • Generate an XML Sitemap containing homepage, product, category, CMS pages, and additional links 
  • Exclude  category, product type or product ID, and CMS pages from Magento 2 XML sitemap 
  • Include/Exclude links from the sitemap in the edit page 
  • Divide sitemap by category, date, and manufacture
  • Specify a root path for the sitemap 
  • Add title and description for the sitemap 
  • Provide the best interface for XML sitemap ever

Robot Meta Tag - Instruct crawlers to index websites

In default Magento 2, you can set up Robot Meta tag as INDEX, FOLLOW or INDEX, NO FOLLOW, … when you want Google to index your website. These settings play a role in instructing crawlers to index the site and check back later.  However, it is limited that you are not allowed to customize for each specific page. In some cases, specifying Robot Meta Tag for a page is quite necessary because you may not want Google to index some unimportant URLs. 

Hence, it’s nothing but our module can bring you useful features to make Robot Meta tag advanced: 

  • Assign Robot Meta Tag for each URL conveniently 
  • Select pages to set up NOINDEX, FOLLOW Robots Meta header 

3. Duplicate Content Avoidance 

Canonical Tag 

In terms of SEO, Duplicate content happens when multiple URLs point to the identical content on a website. And Google doesn’t like it at all because it cannot know which version of a page to index or rank for relevant search queries. Hence, you can be penalized by Google and of course, your ranking on SERPS will be negatively impacted. 

To overcome these issues, canonical tag is a very ideal solution to tell Google which page to index and give it greater weight than others with the same content. This Magento 2 SEO extension also helps you to set up canonical tags easily and quickly: 

  • Canonical tag for homepage and product pages 
  • Canonical tag for category pages 
  • Add canonical URLs from the edit page in the backend
  • Use Next/Previous tag in categories to apply canonical tag for pagination 
  • Add Canonical Tag to layered navigation for filtered results or sorting options 


For multiple store views sites, SEO in Magento 2 is more complicated. You need to inform the crawlers that you have various versions of the site in different languages. Hence, Google can serve the right content with the right language for the suitable user. In case you don’t include this Hreflang tag on your site, Google considers the duplicate content issue due to the similar content between versions of your page. 

Our Magento 2 SEO extension stands by you to eliminate the duplicate content issue: 

  • Add Hreflang tag for each store view 
  • Select language and country for a store view 
  • Enable Hreflang tag for homepage, product, category, and CMS page

4. 301 Redirects  

When you delete product pages, customers can face with 404 pages without any content. This not only creates a bad user experience but also hurts your SEO so much. Both removed product pages and images inside will drop out of rankings on SERPs. 

Redirects now are must-have to direct customers to a new page instead of a 404 page. With SEO extension from BSS, it is easier than ever to make redirects come to reality: 

  • Select the default destination to redirect users accessing the deleted product pages
  • Specify a time period to keep redirect on the website

5. Meta Tag Template & ALT Tag 

Meta Tag Template 

Default Magento 2 already supports you to create a meta template for products with only 3 variables like {{name}}, {{description}} and {{sku}}. However, these 3 variables are not enough to describe your products on meta title and meta description on SERPs, then attract customers to clicks. It is of course that you can totally insert additional information manually into meta data of each product but the time-consuming issue is a big obstacle!  

So how to create informative meta data in the eye of a blink? This SEO extension assists you without any difficulties: 

  • Add various Meta Tag templates to apply for multiple products and categories 
  • Add meta title, meta description, meta keywords, URL keys, short description and detailed description to each template
  • Support diverse variables to insert into meta tag templates of products and categories
  • Exclude products/categories from meta tag template updates
  • Track the process of generating meta tag templates
  • Determine the maximum text length of meta data, URL key, and maximum meta keywords
  • Auto-sync new meta data with the default meta data



ALT Tags for Images 

It is a mistake that you underestimate the effectiveness of alt texts for images on the content page. Google crawlers cannot understand your images without alt texts, as a consequence, you may miss out on a chance to be highly ranked on SERPs of Google Image.   

Hence, adding  ALT text now provides image information for crawlers to read and then give your image better rankings than others without ALT. 

Explore our module and you can add alt for images quickly: 

  • Create ALT tag template to apply for all product images on the website 
  • Manage all images on a grid and manually edit Alt text of an image right on this grid
  • Exclude product from alt tag template updates
  • Create product image name template 

 magento 2 alt text image

6. SEO External Links

This awesome function allows you to automatically mark external links as NO FOLLOW so that Google doesn’t crawl these links anymore. Hence, Google understands that the power of the URL is not transmitted to external links inside the content. 

Also, you can add specific URLs to exclude them from the module’s impact. 

7. SEO Toolbar & SEO Report

SEO Toolbar - Intensive SEO analysis for every frontend page

Default Magento 2 cannot show you how SEO on your page is performing, but our solution can do it! 

On each page on the frontend, you can get an overview about the results of your search engine optimization. We will display for you the following information: 

  • URL 
  • Canonical URL 
  • Meta data (meta title, meta description & meta keywords)
  • The number of headings 
  • The number of images without ALT text 
  • Open Graph and Twitter Card compliance 

magento 2 seo tool bars
When your information meets SEO requirements, a green tick appears and in case there are still issues, a red exclamation mark is shown in front of the line. 


SEO Report and Audit - Track SEO compliance on the backend

If SEO Toolbar provides the SEO results on the frontend, SEO Reports helps you check the current SEO situation of your page on the backend. Our Magento 2 SEO extension gives you a hand to: 

  • Show a visual bar to specify the process of entering meta title and meta description text length
  • Suggest a range of proper text length for meta title and meta description based on the search engines’ recommendation

magento 2 seo report


  • Make an SEO audit for your page and show SEO results (meta data, main keyword, description & outbound links)

magento 2 seo audit

  • Display Google Search Console information of a page such as Impressions, Clicks, CTRs and so on in a specific time period. 
  • View more SEO report information in a dashboard grid


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