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Import/Export URL Rewrites for Magento 2


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Magento 2 Import/Export URL Rewrites extension helps admin to freely import and export URL rewrites data via a CSV file right from the backend.
  • Quickly import URL rewrites via a CSV file
  • Offer the sample CSV file to help administrators conveniently finish data and reduce errors.
  • Validate the CSV file before importing and show messages about import results
  • Easily export available URL rewrites into a CSV file format also
  • Support importing and exporting 301 and 302 redirect types

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URL Rewrite is a popular technique that can help to rewrite the urls of websites to make them clearer and more friendly to users. In terms of Search Engines Optimization (SEO) for websites, URL Rewriting can be considered as one of the best ways to improve usability and friendliness of a website because rewriting a  good URL will help Google to index more easily. Moreover, when adding more keywords into url by using rewriting technique, the value of content in the website is more highly evaluated.

In Magento 2, to rewrite a lot of URLs at one time to meet SEO demand or enhance user experience, this Magento 2 Import/Export URL Rewrite extension is a very ideal solution to help you rewrite multiple ones.

Key Features of Magento 2 Import/Export URL Rewrite Extension

  • Allow easily import URL Rewrites for category pages, product pages, CMS pages and even customized pages via a CSV file.

This Magento 2 Import/Export URL Rewrite extension helps admin quickly import multiple URL Rewrites via a standard CSV file including all information about product, category, store ID, old paths, new paths and so on.

You can conveniently download a sample CSV file in the configuration of Importing so that you can follow our examples to complete data most exactly.

One of the most awesome things is that Magento 2 Import/Export URL Rewrite extension still supports 3 kinds of Import behaviors (Add/Update, Delete and Replace) of default Magento. Therefore, you can be more familar with using these 3 types for different importing purposes.

  • Check data in the CSV file before importing URL Rewrites into Magento 2 websites.

To make sure that your CSV file is standard enough to be imported successfully, you need to check data of the file. If it is free of errors, Import button can appear for you to click and start importing.

In case there are any problems in your CSV file, messages are shown to notify you and the CSV file cannot be imported.

  • Display notification about successfully importing and also show mesages of errors occurring

  • Export all URL rewrites on Magento 2 websites or export URL Rewrites by Entity Type, Store View and Redirect Types into a CSV file.

Magento 2 Import/Export URL Rewrite extension helps export URL Rewrites into a CSV file also just be one click. You can select to export all URL rewrites or choose to export each entity type (Product, Category,  CMS page, Custom page, and custom page.), each store view and each redirect types separately.

  • Support importing and exporting 301 (permanent move) and 302 (temporary move) redirect types

Why Magento 2 Import/Export URL Rewrite is Must-have Extension?

  • Save much time and human resouce for Magento 2 stores

As mentioned before, URL Rewriting is a very important technique for Search Engine Optimization that all Magento 2 websites need to carry out. Therefore, if your website has thousands of pages whose urls needs rewritting, it is impossible for you to edit each URL manually because it takes too much time and human resource. With  Magento 2 Import/Export URL Rewrite extension, you don’t worry about this issue because you can easily carry out quickly and even don’t need help of IT experts. Cost for time and human resource can be much saving.

  • Improve Magento 2 URL Rewrite Management

By importing and exporting via a CSV file, you can not only do more quickly but also be easier to manage your URL rewrites in a system.

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