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Creation & Customization Service

We create not just features but solutions to enrich your Magento store functionality and match the growing business that is your online website. All in BSS style: best price - best success solution.

Magento 2

In what cases can we help?

Feature Customization

Finding an exact fit on the Magento marketplace can be time-inducing and resource-wasting. Not anymore. With BSS’s customization service, we can add-on or modify the functions to make one extension the perfect match for your webstore.

Compatibility Customization

Having multiple extensions from different providers can result in conflict and we’re here to fix it for you. We will enable a harmonizing environment for all Magento extensions on your site to work in your best interest.

Cross-project Customization Application

We also have the option for Magento agencies and selected customers with aiming to use the customization on multiple projects. While you still need a separate and unique license for each project on different websites, you only need to pay for our customization once! .

Magento Customization & Modification


Magento Module Creation


Debug Service


Temporary Outsourcing



100% Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is the most important measurement of success here at BSS and we'll stop at nothing to achieve this goal. We strike for solutions that we're proud to give and you're happy to have.

Transparent Process

Throughout the development process, we will hold clear communication with multiple entries for you to observe our work and contribute input accordingly. Every step of the way will be monitored closely and reported to you subsequently.

Spear-heading Technology Application

We’re proud of housing a team of veteran Magento developers who always strike to update their skills on the latest technology innovations. We’ve done multiple projects regarding PWA, API, and other cutting-edge technologies.


It will be a direct path from your demand to our solution. Our Magento customization service is engineered to optimize your store with what you have onboard rather than pulling multiple resources for a reliable solution.

Protect Your Data

We will follow the Non-Disclosure Agreement strictly to ensure that your data is protected in the highest security priority. Your information remains confidential with us.

No Core Modification

Both the module creation and optimization service we provided will not touch the default Magento code. This practice protects your baseline and gives space to other development projects down the line as your business blossoms.

Our Works

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Magento Module Creation & Customization Work Flow

  • 1
    Gathering requirements

    We receive your request for our service via Skype, email, Whatsapp, and our contact form.

  • 2
    Consulting service

    We will process your request and start consulting with both brief and in-depth discussions.

  • 3
    Sending quotation

    Subsequently, we will send out the compact quotation completed with technical information, and logic of modifications.

  • 4
    Accepting payment

    We will proceed with a payment link that you can process via Paypal, credit card, or bank transfer.

  • 8
    Supporting service

    We are willing to support you if there any issue that arises with our service and under our customization terms of conditions.

  • 7

    Upon passing the test, we will deliver the whole custom package regarding your request with testing results and related documentations.

  • 6
    Reviewing & testing

    All solutions will be reviewed and tested by our ISTQB-Certified Testers before packaging.

  • 5
    Processing implementation

    Our team will start the Magento customization and deliver our service as the committed deadline.

Why choose BSS?

Unmatched Quality

Our Magento customization & module creation is 100% open-source, customizable with standard & consistent coding. We also have a strict code verified process with constant improvement upon our works and services.

Proven Credibility

We’re passionate about the credibility we have built with 8 years of experience. Being a Magento/ Adobe partner and Magento select extension builder, we’ve proven to be one of the most cutting-edge companies regarding Magento customization and modification.

Competitive Price

With 8 years in the Magento scene, BSS’s successfully associated the brand image with reasonable prices and exceptional services. This Magento customization is no exception. We value your investment and always aim to provide the best solutions within your budget.

Peace of Mind

Working with an agency and letting them get a hold of your store data can be skeptical. Not with BSS. We guarantee you complete peace of mind with reliable service without any hidden charges or overhead expenses.

Win-win mindset

We do not only try to meet your request. We do seek for the best success solution to optimize your cost & save our time.



  • Will you support to customize extensions from other providers?

    Yes, we support all Magento 2 extensions, not only ours but also other providers. However, our rule is the extension must past Magento coding standard checking

  • Can I re-sell the module you create for my store?

    We are open to discuss more in case you want to sell the module worldwide. However, the module creation/customization services are our services for shop owners/agencies who want to implement for their current stores only.

  • Is this service guaranteed? If yes, how long?

    Yes. This service will be guaranteed for one month upon delivery of the project. For further support, you need to extend the support time and we would like to charge you an additional amount for extended support time. Besides, we guarantee only for the site we work on. We are not responsible for any site's change/update/upgrade later on the site or applying the same customization on other sites even in the free support period of the project.

  • Can I get a refund on my customization?

    Given we've delivered the service as in our agreement, we regret that we can't issue a refund upon your request. 

  • Do I need to provide you a dev site to work or you can work on your local environment?

    The development environment will be decided in our discussion. Based on your request, we can develop the service on your dev site or on our local server.

  • What does the quotation contain?

    Estimation is basically based on the original module installed on Magento default. The quotation does not cover fixing any conflict issues with third-party themes/ modules on your site. If there’s any, it will be detailed in the quotation. The customization fee does not cover the original module's price.