Partner Program

Giveaway Exclusively Enormous Discounts, Branding Chances, Speedy Support
with BSS COMMERCE’s Innovative Solutions .

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Partnership Level

  • 20%

    Right after
    a partner

  • 33%

    per year

  • 50%

    per year


  • Big savings

    Pay the least, get the deepest discount up to 50% according to a transparent progressive timeline

  • Timely support

    Receive prior assistance and high solving order from our supporting team

  • PR opportunities

    Get your brands and badges advertised on Partner Program page and other social channels of BSS Commerce


  • Agencies
    Website Development
    System and Software integration
  • Individuals
    System and Software integrators


Eligibility to partners

The partner program puts effort to build a strong mutually beneficial partnership with Agencies, Integrators, Individual Developers & Consultants. We want to check your website, your Linkedin profile, or contact in person to make sure the relevancy. The approval can be as soon as a working day.

Partner Level

After the Registration success, you become BSS Commerce Partner. At this first level, you will get 20% off on every purchase immediately. When a Partner reaches $3000 accumulated spent in 12 months, that Partner becomes Anchor Partner and gets 33% off on every purchase. When an Anchor Partner reaches $6000 accumulated spent in 12 months, that Anchor Partner becomes Premier Partner and gets 50% off on every purchase. At any time of the year, as soon as accumulated purchases of Partners reach $3000 or $6000, their status will move up to accordingly higher partner levels.

Minimum Spending Commitment

If the 12-month Accumulated Order Value of a Partner is lower than $500, current Partner will be downgraded to Regular Account. For Anchor Partner and Premier Partner, if the 12-month Accumulated Order Value is failed to reach its Goal, the account will be downgraded to its lower status. This excepts for partnership less than 12 months.

Client Support

We offer you 1-year Free support for all paid extensions made by BSS Commerce. However, in case the extension code is heavily changed, modified or add features on original functions, BSS Commerce has the right to not provide the support for it.

Refund Responsibility

In case clients feel dissatisfied with our products, we take full responsibility for providing refunds to our Partner’s clients. The value of the refund can be up to equal to the price that the Partner bought the extension. However, all refunds during the last 12 months are also excluded from the accumulated total order amount of Partner.

Other Discount & Sales Promotion

Since Partners can purchase with a special incentive up to 50% off on any product, you will not be able to join in other BSS Commerce promo campaigns.
*This excepts any Promotion campaign exclusively for any level partnerships of Partner Program.

Partnership Termination

In case of violation of the terms and conditions or any unacceptable behavior by the Partner, we can terminate the partnership relations without prior notice. Both BSS Commerce and the Partner can end the Partnership agreement by providing a special notice.

Partnership Badge

We are welcome to promote our partnership via our social media, blog, and newsletters. Current Partners can be honorable at Our partner page.
It is not a must, but we appreciate Partners put our BSS Commerce Partnership Badge on Partners' websites too. We believe that action can benefit both sides.

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  • Who can become our partner?
  • If you are of any of the following: Website Development Agencies & Individual Developers, Consulting agencies & Individual Consultants, System & software integrators, who wish to join partner program, please fill out the registration form above.
    Our team will review your application and shortly reach out to you.
  • I am interested in the partner program. How can I sign up as a partner?
  • Complete the Partner Registration Form and submit to us. We would like you to provide us as much detail as possible for revision. All your information is well protected.
  • Do I have to pay anything if becoming a partner?
  • No, you do not have to pay any fee if participating in the program. We are looking forward to bringing to you the best benefits from our partnership.
  • Is an agreement required to become a Partner?
  • No, upon approval on our Terms and Conditions, please fill out the Registration Form. If your request is accepted by us, you have successfully become the Partner. Once archiving purchase value of $3000 or $6000 within 365 days, your account status will be automatically upgraded to the corresponding level of the partnerships.
  • In which cases would I be downgraded?
  • With Anchor Partner, we expect $3000 of purchase value within the next 365 days to keep your partner level. With Premier Partner, we expect $6000 of purchase value within the next 12 months to remain partner status. Any accumulated value below than that within one year will move you to the lower grade of partnership.
  • I am a Partner. How long do I have to wait to become Anchor Partner/ Premier Partner?
  • As soon as your accumulated spent reaches $3000, you will promptly become Anchor Partner. Correspondingly, if reaches $6000, your status will immediately upgrade to the Premier Partner. We will record your purchases and automatically update your Partner status to apply the discounts. Note: Accumulation counts for 12-month-cycle.
  • Can I use the given partnership badges on our websites?
  • Yes, you are encouraged to use the badge for promotion on your websites.

Drop a line via helpdesk at or skype support.bsscommerce