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Magento 2 Code Audit Package

If you frequently experience bugs and disappointing performance on your Magento website, chances are your code is buggy or unoptimized. BSS Commerce's Magento Code Audit Service includes an overall code analysis and recommendation to eliminate any coding issues before causing more severe/serious problems.

Magento 2 Code Audit Package

Sample Reports of Magento 2 Code Audit Package

If more than 20 modules, +$20.00 for every extra 10 modules

+$50.00 for every additional website


Magento 2 B2B extensions help store owners to build a better wholesale business in many aspects such as improving purchase process or customer management and so on.

What does our Magento Code Audit Package do?

BSS Commerce's Magento Code Audit Service is a Magento health check process. Our certified Magento developers will review and detect any coding issues that cause pain points on the buyer journey and give you advice on how to fix them before they get worse.

  • General audit

    • Detect JS errors from the browser console
    • Point out redundant files from the main code folder that should be removed to optimize Magento performance 
  • Code core integrity

    • Check the integrity of code core to see whether it is edited/hacked or not, which can deeply affect site security & stability, and upgrade process in the future as well
  • Module code audit

    • Audit the third-party modules based on Magento coding standard, check module version and check if any modules need upgrading 
    • Audit the self-customized modules based on Magento coding standard
  • Theme code audit

    • Audit the third-party theme based on Magento coding standard and check if the theme needs upgrading
    • Audit the self-customized theme based on Magento coding standard
    • Advice general solutions to fix reported coding issues and point out rooms for improvements

Who need Magento Code Audit service?

Code quality is one of the most impactful contributors that affect Magento website performance and customer experience. If code quality is not good enough, it may cause annoying bugs that interrupt the buyer journey and finally lead to a sales drop. Instead, writing quality code and avoiding redundant/unnecessary code can dramatically improve the performance of your Magento website.

There are different signs to recognize that your code is vulnerable, including display issues, functionality issues or poor performance. Specifically, you should think of Magento Code Audit Service in these cases:

    • Your site is suddenly slow or your sales drop down
    • Your site is crashed during high traffic and you don't know if the cause is from the code or the server
    • Some features (in the backend or frontend) do not work properly as they should 
    • You failed to upgrade your Magento version
    • You wonder if your Magento is the latest version, whether extensions/themes need upgrading, or you might miss any of Magento security patches.
    • You suspect there is a flaw in your code that creates a potential risk of compromising security
    • You are skeptical about the code quality and compatibility of themes/extensions installed on your website
    • Your website does not display as expected in the frontend

Magento 2 Code Audit Package workflow

  • 1line

    After receiving your order, we would respond your request within 2 hours on working days (GMT+7)

  • 2line

    An immediate contact would be made via Email/Helpdesk/Skype so we can confirm your problems and understand your expectations

  • 3line

    Our dedicated team collects all necessary access for the audit process, including SSH, Admin access, Frontend URL, Theme code package, and Third-party module code. We keep all your information secured by signing NDA

  • 4line

    The audit process is deployed and we can surely come up with the full result within 3-5 working days

  • 5line

    Finally, we will send you the full result and be ready to resolve any appearing questions. If you need our support to fix reported coding issues, we will consider/prepare our resource then discuss with you further

Why Choose Us?

Expert team

Magento certified experts and passionate employees work wholeheartedly to provide you the best E-Commerce solution.

High quality

We create various products with the perfect frontend to maximally optimize your UX.

Competitive price

We do not offer the cheapest price but we do offer the most added value, which sets our competitive price.

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Our team is always ready to help you come over any appearing difficulties to boost your business.

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  • How can I get my Invoice?

    Your invoice is sent to your email after you finish your payment

  • Does this package support Magento 1?

    This package is currently supporting Magento 2 stores only. However, we understand that there are a huge number of websites still running Magento 1, and we are pleased to help them. Please contact us for more details if you are seeking for Magento 1 code audit service.

  • Does this package include fixing bugs?

    This package includes the consulting service only. However, we understand that it's hard for clients to fix bugs by themselves, so we are pleased to help them. Please contact us for more details if you want us to help you fix bugs.

  • Does it work for multiple websites?

    In case your websites belong to one Magento installation only, generally, we will support you. However, if you have a deeply customized Magento system (multiple domains, multiple channels, etc.), we strongly suggest you use our consulting services.

  • How can I count the number of installed modules on my website?

    The number of custom modules equals the number of installed modules minus the number of core modules (303 for EE edition and 226 for CE edition). Here are 3 ways to find the number of installed modules:

    • Method 1: Use admin panel
      • Login to admin panel
      • Go to System > Tool > Web Setup Wizard
      • Click to Module Manager and you will see the number of installed modules. See example
    • Method 2: Use SSH
      • Log in your server via SSH
      • Run this command: php bin/magento module:status
      • The list of installed modules will appear. See example
    • Method 3: Use SFTP
      • Log into your server via SFTP
      • Open file: app/etc/config.php
      • The list of installed modules will appear. See example
  • Does this package support websites using Magento Cloud?

    Yes. This package supports websites using Magento Cloud.

  • Is this package refundable?

    We are afraid that the answer is No. This package is a service so it is not refundable.

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