Magento 2 Migration Service

The official support for Magento 1 has forever ended after June 2020, which warns Magento 1 websites of security risks. If you haven’t yet planned to migrate to Magento 2, don’t worry. We have got you covered!

Magento 2

Magento Migration from 1 to 2
Now or Never!

Since M2 was first introduced, it continuously received significant quality fixes and improvements to outweigh M1 in every aspect. The new level of web design, performance, and user experience give merchants a great chance to elevate their websites and accelerate conversion.

Furthermore, Magento 1 will no longer get any update for security patches, then get more outdated and vulnerable. To prevent losses, you have no choice but to MIGRATE TO MAGENTO 2 before it’s too late.

Magento 1

  • Old-fashioned design
  • Slow speed
  • 6-step checkout process
  • External Paypal checkout
  • Technical and boring admin interface
  • Weak content staging
  • No more improvements and security updates

Magento 2

  • Responsive & mobile-friendly design
  • 50% faster loading speed
  • Streamlined 2-step checkout process
  • In-context Paypal checkout
  • Easy-to-use resigned admin interface
  • Advanced content staging
  • Improved SEO features
  • Process 28% more orders on an hourly basis
  • Improved security
  • Continuous improvements & updates

What is Covered in Our Magento 2 Migration Service?

Rebuild theme or redesign

You are afraid that your M1 theme has become iconic in the customer’s mind, but migrating it to M2 is impossible. We’ll help to rebuild a similar theme for your M2 site or redesign with a new style.

Migrate database

A small mistake in data transfer can seriously hurt your business when you migrate to Magento 2, for example, order data loss. BSS Commerce says no to those risks and ensures your database assets will be moved safely.

Rebuild custom code & extensions

Most M1 extensions will become useless when you migrate to Magento 2. With tremendous experience, our certified developers can help rebuild similar modules and make sure related functions work properly on the new site.

Full testing

Migration to the new platform may leave bugs somewhere within your M2 site. In this phase, our certified-ISTQB testers will perform a full test from every aspect of the new site to make sure that there’s no bug.

Optimize performance on M2 site

Website performance has a significant impact on customer retention rates. Please be assured of our Magento 2 Migration Service as we'll optimize your M2 site's speed to bring a more impressive experience for your customers.

SEO check on M2 site

Finally, BSS Commerce understands the importance of SEO to your store. Therefore, we’ll take great care to ensure that none of your SEO data is lost during the migration process. You can seek for our Magento 2 seo extension to try their function.

What you’ll get?


Your website will be warranted for 30 days if it has any of our mistakes. For errors arising from other activities, such as new modules installation or third-party integration, we’ll consider as change requests.

Performance-driven store

More than a new store using contemporary technology, your M2 site will be an optimized one at speed so that customers can search faster and shop harder.

Maintained familiarity

Don’t worry about losing repeat customers with the new store. As long as you want, BSS Commerce can help maintain the familiarity with the most similar M2 store.

Highest Data Security

Your access/data will be protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement that is strictly followed by us. Importantly, all of your data will be intact after the process.

Short time to market

We understand that time is money. Our Magento migration Service is made of an optimized flow to help you deliver the new Magento 2 experience speedily while ensuring your database's safety and accuracy.


  • 1

    Get in touch

    As soon as you leave the contact, we will send a prompt reply for a short discussion

  • 2

    Small sharing

    We will contact you (via phone, email, chat window) to listen to your personalized requests and make sure we can help.

  • 3

    Checking & Consulting

    You send us a full brief of migration requirements. We would check your current website and offer the best solution to migrate successfully.

  • 4

    Building the plan

    After reaching an agreement on the technical solution, we’ll make a plan to migrate under the estimated time and budget.

  • 8

    Maintenance & Optimization

    Even when the site has been successfully migrated, we’re willing for timely support if you have any issues.

  • 7

    Going live M2 site

    The Magento 2 site will be delivered to you for review. If you are satisfied, we will proceed to launch it and make sure it runs smoothly.

  • 6


    The Magento 2 site will be thoroughly tested. It is only launched if there is no bug and meets your requirements.

  • 5

    Migrating & Rebuilding

    Based on the given plan, we proceed to migrate current data and rebuild code if needed.

Why choose BSS?

Expert team

Magento certified experts and passionate employees work wholeheartedly to provide you the best E-Commerce solution.

High quality

We create various products with the perfect frontend to maximally optimize your UX.

Competitive price

We do not offer the cheapest price but we do offer the most added value, which sets our competitive price.

Dedicated service

Our team is always ready to help you come over any appearing difficulties to boost your business.

Win-win mindset

We do not only try to meet your request. We do seek for the best success solution to optimize your cost & save our time.

Start with Us


  • How long will it take to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 latest version?

    It depends on your actual Magento 1 store: the number of extensions, the customization, integration, etc. We will give you the estimation based on your requirements.

  • Will my new Magento 2 store be up-to-date with the latest transactions of the old store?

    Yes, of course. Our migration process will help to keep all data up-to-date. Our senior Magento developers always follow the best practices.

  • Do I need to put the store in maintenance mode? If Yes, how long do I have to wait?

    You do! It depends on the production hardware. It will take time if we have to change the DNS setting, configure load balancers, etc. We will suggest the best approach to reduce the "Go Live" time.

  • What access do you need to perform Magento 2 Migration Service on my website?

    We need the following information:

    1. Magento admin access (URL, username & password)

    2. SSH access

    3. Database access (for example: phpmyadmin access if you use phpmyadmin)