Ecommerce Web Testing On-Demand

While competitors are always trying to capture customer attention, a buggy ecommerce website or mobile app can ruin your business’s reputation and give others chances. That’s why ecommerce website testing is crucial to detect pain points visitors can face in your store.

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How ecommerce testing improves your bottom line
  • Ensure the expected usability and performance of your store
  • Detect bottlenecks and breaking points to prevent damages
  • Increase customer engagement and retention
Supported devices & Testing criteria
  • Desktop 1920x1080px - test on Google Chrome
  • Tablet: Ipad mini 2019, 768x1024 - test on Safari
  • Mobile: iPhone X - test on Safari
  • Other devices based on your request

What we test

Usability testing


UX/UI testing


API testing


On-demand testing requests


What we commit

Maximum test coverage

Our experienced ISTQB testers guarantee to cover all possible ecommerce website ecommerce website test cases in which customers may interact with your store to detect problematic bugs.

Highest security of confidential data

Your access/data will be protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement to which we will strictly follow. Accordingly, there will be no data leakage.

Full bug reports

The final report of our service displays the results of each section under ecommerce website test cases. For sections that fail the test, the problems will be recorded under images or videos so you can check easily.

Transparent process

BSS Commerce’s service team will conduct the test as your requirements while holding direct contact between all parties involved.

Tailored solution

As an on-demand ecommerce website testing service provider, we serve each client with in-depth insights and best-fit suggestions to fix your issues.

Sample reports of ecommerce website testing on-demand

Ecommerce website testing workflow

  • 1
    Small discussion

    Right after you send your request, we will contact you for a short discussion.

  • 2
    Requirement clarification

    We'll discuss to clarify your requirements and the wanted date of delivery.

  • 3

    Our service team will conduct the test as your requirements while holding direct contact between all parties.

  • 4
    Testing report

    After the test finish, we have a detailed report with all the results ready to be sent to you.

  • 5
    Solution suggestion

    Based on the testing report, our experts will give you the best suggestions to help you fix bugs and optimize the store.

  • 6

    As long as you request, we'll proceed to get all bugs fixed according to the given solutions.

Why choose BSS?

Expert team

Magento certified experts and passionate employees work wholeheartedly to provide you the best E-Commerce solution.

High quality

We create various products with the perfect frontend to maximally optimize your UX.

Competitive price

We do not offer the cheapest price but we do offer the most added value, which sets our competitive price.

Dedicated service

Our team is always ready to help you come over any appearing difficulties to boost your business.

Win-win mindset

We do not only try to meet your request. We do seek for the best success solution to optimize your cost & save our time.

Request tailor-made testing

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  • Regarding web app testing, what tools do you use to test cross-browsing? Which devices/browsers will you perform your test?

    We use a combination of cloud service tools (like BrowserStack) and real devices to perform our tests. We provide testing on all devices/browsers but by default, we will test on these 3 screens:

    • Desktop: 1920x1080px - test on Google Chrome
    • Tablet: iPad Pro - test on Safari
    • Mobile: iPhone X - test on Safari
  • Do you provide other services such as automation testing service, performance testing, API testing, integration testing?

    We do provide API and integration testing services. Regarding automation testing and performance testing, we don't provide these services yet, but they will be on board in the near future.

  • Can I have direct contact with the person who executes the testing activities?

    Yes, you can directly talk to them for requirement specification/daily updates.

  • When I directly contact the person-in-charge can I add-in requests now and then?

    Your testing package will be discussed and confirmed once and for all. Any requests that require more than just testing skills will be out of scope. We will charge extra for any workload that arises due to a lack of or unclear information.