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Product pages are where you convey the value of a featured product and entice customers to buy it.

Take full advantage and improve your product page effectiveness with lots of algorithmic optimization functions never seen on the default Magento 2 Enterprise. Our BSS Magento 2 Product Improvement extensions cover most, if not all, of the indispensable features to optimize the product page.

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Why Do You Need Product Improvement Extensions for Magento 2?

The product page is undeniably the most important part of your store. It is where visitors spend most of their time to get all product information.

Unlike a traditional commerce store, online stores' customers cannot check out the product directly. They must rely entirely on the product description to make their purchase decisions.

Therefore, a compelling product page with an adequate product description is the most efficient way to win your customers’ hearts and increase your conversion rate.

You must be careful while managing the product page. If your customers don’t find it appealing, consider that as a loss of sale.

However, the default Magento 2 product page only has the most basic features, which is definitely not enough to impress your visitors. 

Here, BSS Commerce brings all needed Magento 2 Product Improvement modules to enhance your product page view and boost your sales.

Top-node Features of Magento 2 Product Improvement Extensions

Equipped your website with our Magento 2 Product Improvement suite ultimate extension, you can:

  • Improve configurable product page: A configurable product allows customers to select any variant they expect by choosing options. It’s becoming more and more popular in eCommerce stores, and you need to pay extra attention to it. You can simplify their configurable products' appearance with Simple Details on Configurable Product. You can help customers order faster and easier by changing the display configurable product options with Configurable Product Matrix View, Grid Table View, and Wholesale Display. You can create product option dependencies with Dependent Custom Options
  • Optimize product images: Easily visualize your products with Custom Option Image and make your bundle products become more visual by displaying images of children products with Bundle Option Image
  • Provide adequate product information: Adding a size chart with Size Chart and adding custom option to grouped product with Grouped Product with Custom Options. Creating multiple additional tabs to organize their products more efficiently with Product Tags and Product Custom Tabs. Attaching files to product pages to expose maximally product information with Product Attachments
  • Set up promotions and special offers: Create custom labels highlighting a set of products with promotions or special offers with Product Labels.
  • Control order quantity: You can force customers to buy a fixed quantity as you wish with Quantity Dropdown. You can also set a minimum quantity for configurable products with Minimum Quantity of Configurable Product.
  • Enhance shopping experience: Allowing customers to navigate through product pages with a single click with Previous/Next Product Page. Making configurable product page more mobile friendly with PWA Add-on for Configurable Product Grid Table View.
  • Simplify administration work: Creating custom options templates from the back-end and adding those templates to any product with Custom Option Template. Managing product customization options by setting an absolute price for a particular product option and attaching the quantity box with Custom Option Absolute Price and Quantity.
  • Build customer trust and loyalty: Doing business isn’t just about selling but also about building relationships with customers. Empowering the product reviews and rating functionality with Advanced Review. Building a powerful reward and loyalty program with Gift Card to encourage buyers to interact with your store more.

In case you want the whole deal with a better price, check out Improved Configurable Products, which includes all features you need to optimize the configurable product page, and Advanced Custom Options Package, which includes all features you need to optimize the custom option of the product page.


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Change Your Store Even Better

Magento 2 extensions, packages of PHP code, are developed to enhance or extend the default functionalities related to various fields. As the leading Magento Select Extension Builder, BSSCommerce provides merchants with the best Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions, both free and paid.

Default features are out-of-box. However, they sometimes are not enough to meet the demands of online customers. Installing Magento 2 extensions keeps your business ahead of competitors by enriching store features, saving management efforts, and improving user experiences.