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Gift Card for Magento 2

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Magento 2 Gift Card extension allows you to create gift card products and sell them. You can easily customize and manage the gift cards with flexible codes, templates, and many configuration settings.

  • Create gift cards as a new product type
  • Be able to upload and edit your own gift card templates
  • Create and customize gift code pattern/ generator
  • Flexibly add gift card value and price
  • Easily manage all gift code accounts
  • Limit the lifetime of gift codes
  • Buy and send gift cards as physical or virtual type
  • Allow the senders to edit message for recipients on the gift card
  • Send gift card emails to recipients and confirmation emails to senders
  • Ability to apply gift code on shopping cart and checkout page
Community: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.5

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Key Features of Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

For Admins - Create and Manage Gift Cards

  • Create gift card products in 3 different types: virtual, physical, and combination

Gift Card for Magento 2 is a new product type. Hence, you can create gift cards to sell like other product types. Besides the general information and attributes settings as simple products, there are some special parts needed to set for gift card products including select image templates, gift code pattern, define expiry day of the gift code.

The gift card value and pricing are set individually with various options:

          + Create custom options of value along with price, or

          + Allow customers to enter a value (set dynamic price): the admin need to set the range of value and how gift card price will be calculated based on its value

  • Custom gift code pools to generate unique gift codes

Gift code pattern (or gift code pool) is used to generate random codes for gift cards. You can create a number of automatic codes within some settings, then promptly check the generated codes right on the gift card pool page.

  • Freely create gift certificate image templates

Magento 2 Gift Card extension allows you to design and manage the gift card visual by creating templates. In each template, you are able to upload unlimited background images and custom code and message color as well.

  • Always keep tracking gift code accounts and gift code transaction history

The gift code account page is created for the code attached to the ordered certificate. The information of order, purchaser, value are displayed clearly for admin to check conveniently. When the code was used, all transactions are also recorded and shown on this page.

  • Set up email to send gift card buyers and recipients

  • Apply default code pattern and anonymize codes if needed

For Customers - Buy Gift Certificates and Use Gift Codes in Magento 2 Stores

  • Configure and buy custom gift cards as wanted

In the frontend gift card product page, customers can select (enter) gift card value, certificate image, define sender name and email, recipient name and email, edit attached message, choose specific time and time zone to send the gift card. After configuration, they are allowed to preview the gift card that has been just customized.

  • Send confirmation and notification emails to senders and recipients

Once a buyer successfully orders a gift card, an automatic email along with gift card outcome will be sent to the purchaser to confirm the order and another one to the recipient. Magento 2 Gift Card extension also notifies customers when a gift code has been expired.

  • Can use gift voucher code for order in shopping cart and checkout page

  • View gift code information, balance and transaction in the customer page

Why is Magento 2 Gift Card Your Must-have Extension?

  • Offer the convenience of gift-giving to customers

In holiday season, many people might feel difficult to choose gifts for their family and friends. They will wonder about unsuitable or disliked items. Magento 2 Gift Card is a way to give money to friends can ease the holiday gifting. It is shown that 60% people most like to receive a gift card as a gift in holiday season or special occasions. The giver conveniently buys the gift card and immediately sends it to the recipient without shipping or wrapped cost, which helps save time and money significantly. The recipient comfortably shops her favorite items at your online store by the received gift voucher.

  • Get more potential customers and increase sales

Adding gift card function is a smart way to engage new customers and keep valuable purchasers coming back. Moreover, Magento 2 Gift Card extension can be the good up-sell tool because with the gift voucher, a customer will visit the site more than once to consume their voucher. Gift card is the pre-paid product and the cash is always be kept in your store. Therefore, you will get the maximum revenue from the cash flow of gift cards.

  • Improve customer trust of service and branding

Magento 2 Gift Card extension is a powerful marketing method. You can use gift vouchers for promotion strategies to build brand awareness. Your business will get the highlighted attention from customers.


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v1.0.0: First Release