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Gift Card for Magento 2

Magento 2 Gift Card extension allows store owners to create gift cards for customers to purchase and give their acquaintances as a present on special occasions.

  • Create gift cards as a new product type with flexible prices and values
  • Be able to upload diverse gift card templates
  • Easily generate or import  gift code patterns
  • Send gift cards via email, post office and even both
  • Ability to apply gift code on the shopping cart and checkout page
  • Keep track of gift card purchase and gift card code usage
Community: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.5

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Free Installation
Free 1-Year Support

Customers now prefer giving gift cards as alternative presents to their relatives, friends or acquaintances on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year, and so on. The reason is that selecting a suitable and matched gift with people has become more and more difficult than ever when we don’t surely know their favorite or wanted presents. Hence, creating gift cards with real values seems to be a very good idea to replace physical presents.

However, the problem comes from default Magento 2 Community Edition when it does not support gift card as a product. This product type only exists in Enterprise edition along with necessary functions to launch gift cards to the market. Hence, Magento 2 Gift Card extension solves this limitation by allowing admin to easily create gift card as a new product type with a system of code pattern, code generator, and management. Customers can buy gift cards, then send to other people via email or post office along with custom messages added in the purchase process. Store owners are provided with essential tools to keep track gift card purchases and even gift code usage. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s go deeper to the most outstanding features of Magento 2 Gift Card extension as below:

Convenient Gift Certificates for Customers to Buy and Give as Presents

  • Configure and buy custom gift cards as wanted

In the frontend gift card product page, customers can select (enter) gift card value, select gift certificate image, define sender name and email, recipient name and email, edit the attached message, choose specific time and time zone to send the gift card. After configuration, they are allowed to preview the gift card that has been just customized.

magento 2 gift certificate

  • Send confirmation and notification emails to senders and recipients

Once a buyer successfully orders a gift card, an automatic email along with gift card outcome will be sent to the purchaser to confirm the order and another one to the recipient. The email sent to recipients includes information of a message, a gift code and expiry day. Magento 2 Gift Card extension also notifies recipients when a gift code has been expired.

magento 2 gift certificate

  • Can use gift voucher code for order in shopping cart and checkout page

When recipients receive gift codes from senders sent via emails or post office,  they can use these codes in the shopping cart page or checkout page to purchase other products. Just by adding given gift codes in the Gift Card Options, check status to know its value or usage situation, then Apply to get discount in the total amount.

magento 2 gift certificate

  • View gift code information in the customer account page

Flexible Configurations for Admin to Create and Manage Gift Cards

  • Create gift card products in 3 different types: virtual, physical, and combination

Magento 2 Gift Voucher is a new product type. Hence, you can create gift cards to sell like other product types. Besides, there are some special parts needed to set for gift card products including select image templates, gift code pattern, define expiry day of the gift code and especially gift card value.

The gift card value and pricing are set individually with various options:

+ Add a drop-down list of prices with corresponding values for a gift card so that customers can choose one of them to purchase

+ Add dynamic prices, including Min and Max values to let customers enter a wanted one to buy. Admin sets a range of values and how gift card price will be calculated based on its value (same value or percentage of value).

magento 2 gift certificate

  • Freely create gift code patterns to generate unique codes

Gift code pattern (or gift code pool) is used to generate unlimited random codes for each gift card. You can create a number of automatic codes within some settings, then promptly check the generated codes right on the gift card pool page.

magento 2 gift certificate

  • Easily add gift certificate templates

Magento 2 Gift Card extension allows you to create diverse templates for gift cards. In each template, you are able to freely upload unlimited background images and customize code and message color as well.

magento 2 gift certificate

  • Always keep tracking gift code accounts and gift code transaction history

The gift code account page is created to manage gift code generated about status, value, expiry date and also detailed information of senders, and recipients. When the gift code is used, all transactions are also recorded and shown on this page.


  • Highly recommend to purchase and have good experience!
    I took much time searching and comparing Gift card extensions because there are a lot of modules on the market and I couldn't make the final decision. Then luckily I found BSS extension, it may be not the most excellent but I think it is very suitable for every store. Its price is also more proper and affordable. When I had a problem and asked BSS support team, they were very enthusiastic and helpful to solve my issue, even useful advice.

    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Isaac Rowland on 13 December 2018
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