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Make your customers give a “wow” for the attempt to enhance the shopping experience by adding images to custom options.

Community: 2.2.x - 2.3.x - 2.4.x
Enterprise: 2.2.x - 2.3.x - 2.4.x

Make your customers give a “wow” for the attempt to enhance the shopping experience by adding images to custom options.

Community: 2.2.x - 2.3.x - 2.4.x
Enterprise: 2.2.x - 2.3.x - 2.4.x

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The power of images in ecommerce

SEEING IS BELIEVING. And in the case of product images, seeing can sometimes mean inspiring or convincing. In today’s ecommerce world, one of the best ways to demonstrate the appeal of products is with photographs. A single snapshot of a product can provide more relevant information about the product’s quality and attract customers' look than paragraphs of text.

Consumers remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. When an agent attends a customer through a chat only, the conversion is 4.5% but if the customer service is visual, the sales increase to 15–20%.

We can see that images play an essential role in building customer trust as well as boosting the brand. With default Magento 2, we can not insert images for custom options. But no need to be too worried, our Magento 2 Custom Option Image extension will blow your problem away.

How does it look in the frontend?


Each custom option is illustrated by an image, and for drop-down and radio button options, we support swatch images to give more visual flares to your website looks. When you click on the options, a swatch image will appear, which not only allows customers to take a closer look at their options but also let them remember the visual information longer.


Two styles of displaying images for options

You can choose between these two styles: Display when selected and Display all.

Style 1: Display images when selected options

With this style, the image is shown only when its custom value is selected. This feature can be used in case you want to save the space for your site when no custom value is selected.

Style 2: Display all images of options

For this style, all images for custom options are already shown when you visit the page. This feature empowers you to manifest the custom option, leading a bigger deal as you might want.


How about backend capabilities?

  • Easily upload images, remove or retrieve the uploaded image in a click.
  • Set image width and height of each option type.
  • Work with simple, configurable, bundle (without dynamic pricing), downloadable and virtual products.
  • Support selected Magento option types: drop-down, multiple select, radio button, and checkbox.

Power your store with Magento 2 custom option image

Customers now demand products displayed in an unbelievable engaging way. An image is “a precious gift” to make your customers understand the custom options that you offer. However, default Magento has said “no” with this feature. That’s why you need to upgrade your store now to not let your customers go away.

Why choose BSS?

Competitive Price

Every merchant needs to survive – we do understand. That’s why we keep the price as low as possible.

Dedicated Support

We are all ears to your problems, either with our extensions or customizations. FREE 1-year support is included.

Open Source

The source code is completely open to inspect, modify and enhance according to your business purposes.

Qualified Code

We have developed a validation tool to ensure that every piece of code follows Magento coding standards.

High Compatibility

Our modules work well with each other. Even you want ours to be compatible with those of others. We are here to help

Simple installation

We simplify and clarify the installation process, so you can get the extension played for your website in clicks.

Quick Update

Your business and customers’ demands are ever-changing. Our extensions are also up-to-date with new features.

Business expert

Our certified experts get involved from the extension development to support to bring you efficient and budget solutions.

Easy to Use

No need to install bunches of redundant features. We select the most relevant functions to ensure the user-friendliness.

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  • Can I install this Magento 2 extension via Composer? If yes, how can I do that?

    Yes. You can install Magento 2 extensions via Composer following the instruction here.

  • How to send customization request for this extension?


    Just drop us an email to or contact us.

    We'd like to offer customization service for all BSS Commerce extensions and any third-party extensions.

Release Note
  • v1.1.5 (Jun 10, 2020): Add swatch image for custom option; Work with modules in M2 Advanced Custom Option Package by BSS Commerce; Required to install with M2 Custom Option Core Extension
  • v1.1.4 (Apr 21, 2020): Fix bug of deleting custom option image
  • v1.1.3 (Mar 02, 2020): Optimize code
  • v1.1.2 (Oct 08, 2019): Allow selecting option(s) when choosing image; Highlight image when option(s) selected; Fix loading time issue
  • v1.1.1 (Mar 13, 2019): Fix product image display issue when editing on shopping cart
  • v1.1.0 (Mar 04, 2019): Fix bug of updating products from shopping cart page; Fix bug not highlighting images chosen
  • v1.0.9 (Jan 15, 2019): Fix bug not uploading images on Magento 2.3; Fix image display issue with config image size in back-end
  • v1.0.8 (Oct 09, 2018): Compatible with magento 2.2.6
  • v1.0.7 (Sep 04, 2018): Fix bug when changing base url of website
  • v1.0.6 (Aug 01, 2018): Fix wrong image link when saving options
  • v1.0.5 (Mar 20, 2018): Compatible with magento 2.2.3
  • v1.0 4 (Oct 26, 2017): Fix issue of missing custom option image when upgrading version. Compatible with Magento 2.2
  • v1.0.3 (Jun 16, 2017): Fix issue when no image in the option
  • v1.0.0 (Mar 14, 2017): First Release
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