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Free Magento 2 PWA Theme

Open Source (CE): 2.4.3 & above
Commerce On-Premise (EE): 2.4.3 & above

Based on PWA Studio, this open-source PWA theme for Magento 2 is an easy way to transform your store into a headless storefront that is fast, engaging, and mobile-friendly.

  • Lightning-fast loading speed
  • App-like UI/UX
  • 70+ pre-built templates
  • Support all Magento 2 features

⇒ Combine with the free page builder tool PWA Page Builder to build your desired layout for your Magento store!


Magento 2 PWA Theme - A Reliable & Fast PWA Integration Solution


Offer a great UI/UX like a native app

PWA theme for Magento 2 offers customers an enjoyable shopping experience as with a native app..

Users who visit your store site can add your PWA to their home screen like an app icon to access it faster.

PWA theme also enables push notifications, splash screen, and fullscreen mode. 


Optimize Magento store loading speed 

The website loading speed affects customer satisfaction. It is one of the determining factors of conversion rate.

PWA Theme reduces the page loading speed significantly. Your Magento store will be lightning-fast for users to explore and find their desired items.


Easily customize website layout with 70+ pre-built templates

Simply choose from 70+ pre-built templates or drag and drop page elements to build your desired layout.

  • Ready-made templates: 40+ beautiful templates for you to choose from, so you don't need to build your pages from scratch.
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Easy preview & publish: Preview your changes before they go live and Publish changes to the live environment with one click. No coding knowledge is required.
  • Instant changes: All changes are reflected instantly when you preview. No "clear cache" is needed.
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Dedicated Support
We are all ears to your problems, either with our extensions or customizations. FREE 1-year support is included.
Open Source
The source code is completely open to inspect, modify and enhance according to your business purposes.
Qualified Code
We have developed a validation tool to ensure that every piece of code follows Magento coding standards.
High Compability
Our modules work well with each other. Even you want ours to be compatible with those of others. We are here to help
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We simplify and clarify the installation process, so you can get the extension played for your website in clicks.
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  • Why do you need a PWA Storefront?

    PWA Storefront has a lot of unique features that no theme or eCommerce platform can offer. For example, push notifications, offline functionality, device agnosticism, and app-like appearance. And you can add any unique features and integrations based on your specific business needs.

  • Is it just a really fast Magento theme?
    Not really. Our PWA theme is quite different from a traditional Magento theme. Beside the benefit of speed, PWA provides your site with features such as push notifications, add to home screen, app-like appearance, and offline capabilities.
  • Does it automatically work with the current extensions installed on my site?

    Our PWA theme will automatically work with most of your backend extensions. For extensions that modify or interact with the frontend, we will need to do some customization for them to work.

  • Does your PWA theme support multi-stores/languages?

    Yes, our PWA theme supports multi-stores and multi-languages.

  • Is Siminia theme compatible with Adobe Commerce?
    Yes, Siminia PWA theme can work well out-of-the-box with both Magento Open Source and its enterprise version - Adobe Commerce.
  • Differences between Magento themes and PWA?
    PWA storefront is a Magento progressive web app built using PWA Studio tools. It is made up of an application shell that exists in the browser and a middle tier service layer that sits between the shell and a headless Magento backend. Unlike a Magento theme, a storefront application does not inherit from a parent theme. Instead, the application is composed of React modules that provide the different pieces of functionality. These pieces can be swapped out to change behavior or even removed entirely.
  • Is PWA an application?
    Many should wonder if PWA is application, with the application look-like keyword, it is quite confusing, right? The answer is no, PWA is a website, still, with the application look-like appearance only. FYI, with our PWA Solution, we can support you with a hybrid application building too.
  • Timeline to build a PWA?
    The timeline can vary a lot based on your requirements (How many customized features should be implemented, the design,...)
  • Does PWA affect SEO?

    Yes, PWA can benefit SEO. For a better understanding, please refer to our blog.