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Admin Action Log for Magento 2

Magento 2 Admin Action Log is an extension that can track all activities of admin users in the backend and helps to manage all admin actions at ease.

  • Select objects to log actions related to
  • Display all admin actions on a grid table
  • Enable a detail page for each action log
  • Be able to revert some specific incorrect actions
  • Easily track every admin login and page visit history
  • Keep track present session in the admin panel
  • Set duration time to clear all loggings
Community: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.6

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Free Installation
Free 1-Year Support

Many Magento 2 store owners might need a tool to follow actions in the admin panel and control their management team effectively. Magento 2 Admin Action Log is a useful plug-in which keeps track all actions, logins, page visit histories and active sessions of administrators easily.

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Key Features of Admin Action Log for Magento 2 Extension

  • Be able to select objects to track actions related to

There are hundreds of configurations in the Magento 2 backend for admins to customize. And if Admin Action Log extension logs all, the information data is so big that you can’t manage them. Therefore, this module allows you to select objects that you want to track actions related to.


  • Log all detailed activities of backend managers in a grid

In the “Action Logs Grid”, you will be able to view all actions that were performed in the backend related to objects you selected. You can know when the action occurred, who made the action and their IP Address, the name, type and object of the action, the specific object was affected and the result of the action. It is likely a report of admin performance on your website, including useful information to help you find out the strong and weak points in their working method and optimize the management efficiency.


  • View detailed information of each logged action

Besides the basic information about actions in the grid, you can preview the detailed page of each action log right from the “Action Logs Grid”. Hence, you will know exactly what was modified, created, deleted or any other changes made on your site.

  • Restore the wrong actions of specific objects

Magento 2 Admin Action Log extension allows you to revert actions of System Configuration object in case these modifications are incorrect.


  • Set duration time to automatically clear all loggings

  • Keep track login actions in an individual grid

Admin Action Log for Magento 2 extension can track all login attempts and record them into a separate grid for you to conveniently check who and when sign up to your store admin panel.

  • Easily list all page visit history of sessions and show visit history in details

There is a grid displaying page visit history of sessions with information about the admin username and full name, IP address and the time when the session started and ended.

In the visit detailed page, you can absolutely recognize the actions your staffs performed in their working session, which pages they visited and the duration they stay on these pages.

  • Display information of current working sessions

The Active Sessions Grid allows you to follow the current actions of all admin managers in the backend of your site.

  • Manage Admin User Roles to enable the extension for specific users

Store owners can configure user roles for admin accounts to allow them to access the configuration and action log pages. It will help you improve security in your website information and your staffs don’t know that you are tracking their actions.


Why is Admin Action Log for Magento 2 Your Must-have Extension?

  • Help store owners keep an eye on admin team activities

This module is must-have for Magento 2 store owners who share the admin management of their stores to others. Tracking admin actions is a great way to manage your staff works and help save time significantly. Besides, in case you are noticed for bugs, this extension makes it easy to find out bugs and fix them timely.

  • Decrease risks in case your website admin panel is hacked

Magento 2 Admin Action Log is the useful security extension. Because if someone tries to hack your admin panel, you can check the login details to reduce the risks that you might face.


  • Best choice for my website
    It saves so much time to check administrators performance using this extension.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Lola Birch on 13 June 2018
  • Simple interface
    This extension works well within a few configurations
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Medoro Calabresi on 07 June 2018
  • Easy to Use
    Easy to install, within a little configure and this admin tracking extension works very well. A great product!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Kelsi G. Moore on 27 February 2018
  • Great support
    The module works as described and the support team is very helpful.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Jesse E. Sanchez on 01 November 2017
  • Great extension
    With this price, the extension works better than expected. I selected some necessary objects that I want to follow, this extension tracked all actions in the backend related to. It saves my working hours to check my staff performance so much. Highly recommended for who shares the admin management with others.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Andreas Klein on 01 November 2017
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Release Note

  • v1.0.0: First Release
  • v1.0.1: Fix Bug with caching event load function