The Directory of Top Companies For Mobile App Testing Service

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Why are mobile app testing services so much sought? 

Mobile app testing refers to the process by which the application software developed for mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability, and consistency.  This process can be an automated or manual type of testing. 

As mobile apps are getting complex, they are in need of being tested end-to-end. For example, an application should be tested to make sure that it is downloadable effectively, works seamlessly, and whether it performs the same across devices. Because of its multiple sides, there are many agencies offering a service or package to implement testing tasks in a professional manner. 

Looking at this directory won’t waste you much time to find support. 



ScienceSoft is a software testing and QA services vendor with 14 years of experience in mobile application testing service. They offer the service for both native and cross-platform mobile applications.

The testing team of the company includes ISTQB-certified testers who have worked on complex projects of different industries. Their project portfolio includes end-to-end testing of a highly ranked mobile banking app, mobile video streaming applications, and full-cycle testing of a mobile application for car insurance claim estimation. 

Their Mobile App Testing Service offers: 

  • Usability testing 
  • Functional testing 
  • Performance testing 
  • Compatibility testing 
  • Compliance testing 
  • Security testing 
  • Mobile test automation 

Besides Mobile App Testing Service, ScienceSoft is a place for more IT services and solutions supporting retails and other industries (health care, banking, telecommunication).  

BSS Commerce 


One of the reasons to choose Mobile App Testing service by BSS Commerce is the reasonable cost that the service requires, but the quality is actually awesome. 

Having years of experience, the service team of BSS Commerce has delivered a number of successful projects from various industries. In BSS Commerce, clients are always guaranteed with the best outcome, professionalism, timeliness, and reasonable price. 

With BSS Commerce Mobile App Testing service, you can request for: 

  • UX/UI testing 
  • Functional testing 
  • Other testing activities according to your needs 
  • In general, it’s easy to request a customized testing service to fit your needs 

CUSTOMIZE Testing On-demand request now, and you will get proper solutions from professionals. 



TestingXperts is well-known for end-to-end testing for mobile apps, including functional, security, performance, compatibility, usability, and test automation. Their Mobile Test Lab has more than 350 physical and cloud-based devices from leading brands. For that reason, they have the ability to test across many network carriers, operating systems, browsers, and locations.

By opting for Mobile App Testing service by TestingExperts, you will get: 

  • Functional testing 
  • Compatibility testing 
  • Performance testing 
  • Security testing 
  • Usability testing 
  • Test automation 

Galaxy Weblinks


Galaxy Weblinks is a trusted software testing company having a personalized QA team. They have provided their service to more than 800+ clients across the globe in nearly 50 countries. 

With a certified QA team, Galaxy Weblinks always deliver satisfying results to the clients using the latest technologies & QA testing tools. Their full-cycle mobile testing services guarantee accurate results, timeliness, customization, and independence while testing. 

What will you get with their service? 

  • App crash tests 
  • Visual QA 
  • Performance test 
  • Devices/OS compatibility test 

Indium Software


Indium Software is one of the leading mobile app testing companies. They have launched a wide range of services for different platforms and operating systems. With more than 2 decades of experience in Software Testing, Indium has proven its skills and expertise working with small, premium, and large-scale enterprises and Fortune 500 clients.

Mobile App Testing Service by Indium consists of: 

  • Compatibility testing 
  • Integration and system testing 
  • Usability testing 
  • Performance testing 
  • Regression testing 
  • Functional testing 

The team of highly qualified and experienced testers works on their client’s requirements and offers business-critical mobile testing services. The company applies a mix of testing methods and techniques which help them reach the balance between time, quality, and costs.



Thinksys is a boutique, e-commerce web, and mobile software development agency. With over 150 specialized software testers and the use of the latest technologies, the company caters to small, medium, and large companies. 

Thinksys provides clients with a customized end-to-end mobile app testing service for various operating software, platforms, and devices. They have supported many businesses to speed up time-to-market, reduce risks, and get a higher return on investment (ROI).

Mobile Application Testing Service of the company is offered with these supports: 

  • Penetration and security testing 
  • Automation testing 
  • Functional and performance testing 
  • Usability testing 
  • Localization testing 
  • Accessibility testing 
  • Cloud-based testing 



ImpactQA has been providing Software Testing and QA outsourcing services for over 10 years. Their cutting-edge tools and technologies have supported digital transformation for a lot of SMEs and Fortune 500 Companies. 

With a team of  250+ QA experts, the company has been improving quality assurance across multiple business areas such as BFSI, e-commerce, e-health, and more. 

Their suite of Mobile App Testing services contains test automation, security testing, performance testing, or a full-cycle solution that they use to cut on time-to-market and improve customer experience.



You should not ignore this leader in app testing. Testlio has served a lot of big customers, including Amazon, American Express, CBS,, Microsoft, and the NBA. With the rich human resource of over 10,000 testers around the world and a comprehensive software platform, Testlio introduces a suite of flexible, on-demand testing solutions to world-class customers in any location, on any device, and in any language.

Testlio provides you with two options to be supported: 

  • Fully-managed testing: They do the work for you from start to finish. 
  • Co-managed testing: You have more control over the process and can write your own functional, regression, exploratory, and more test cases using their software. 



Kualitatem is an independent software testing agency that offers its services worldwide. Their key services serve a wide range of individual testing demands like Automation Testing, Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Performance Testing, and so on.

The company has portfolios of serving more than 500 clients under the contribution of a strong team of certified professionals and the latest technologies to release innovative solutions. They promise acceleration in their testing process, rapid project team mobilization, high speed of delivery, and reduced costs via flexible pricing models. 

There are a number of high-quality testing tools that have been used by Kaulitatem for specific purposes, such as test automation tools, bug tracking tools, code review tools, etc. Those tools allow the company to do a great job in any testing project. 



BugEspy is another company serving a bundle of services that deliver optimized software testing solutions to cover any product’s entire lifecycle. Their services are considered to be cost-effective with a team of highly qualified ISTQB certified QA engineers. 

The service team of BugEspy has developed a wide range of skills over many years working on projects of different business areas, including Education, Transportation, Media & Entertainment, e-commerce, etc. They will follow mobile app testing parameters to test your application on various devices, screen sizes, charging/low battery devices, and so on. 

Not only Mobile App Testing Service, but further testing solutions are also available at this company, including Web App Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, and Penetration Testing. 

Bottom Line

By summarizing this directory of the top mobile app testing companies, we hope you have found a suitable agency to help uncover hidden risks on your mobile apps as soon as possible. 

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