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From Frustration to Flow:
How Café Du Cycliste Optimized Their Website fors E-commerce Success

Nice, France

Cycling Apparel & Accessories

Since 2009

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About Café du Cycliste

Café du Cycliste was founded in 2009 by Remi Clermont and André Stewart and was famous for high-quality technical cyclists’ apparel with a little bit of French twist. It is located in a traditional café in the port of Nice, with the address at 16 Quai des Docks, 06300, Nice.

The company offers lightweight clothes that focus on breathability, protection, and versatility, which is most suited for you to go through a long, active ride.

Not only that, but you can also purchase high-quality gifts such as water bottles and gear to bike, as well as book rental bikes for your trip, with various sizes to choose from.

Website Performance Challenges for a Leading Cycling Brand

Café Du Cycliste’s online store offers sports products and rental choices for cyclists internationally. However, an unsettling realization struck – their website was not operating at its optimal potential. A comparative analysis revealed that, in contrast to industry competitors, the site’s mobile version loaded approximately 35% slower, leaving users frustrated. Specifically: 

– Homepage speeds on Mobile: Café Du Cycliste – 18, Competitor – 28

– Category speeds on Mobile:  Café Du Cycliste – 19, Competitor – 22

Even desktop users encountered performance issues, with key product pages and the homepage loading about 30% slower, disrupting the otherwise seamless shopping experience. Specifically: 

– Homepage speeds on Desktop: Café Du Cycliste – 40, Competitor – 57

– Category speeds on Desktop:  Café Du Cycliste – 34, Competitor – 52

This performance gap posed a significant threat to brand reputation and the potential for sales growth. 

The Importance of Optimizing Website Speed

The cycling industry is a rapidly evolving landscape, demanding constant innovation and adaptation. Recognizing this, Café Du Cycliste understood the critical need to optimize their website. Delivering text and image content swiftly wasn’t just a technical requirement, but a strategic move to stay competitive and elevate the customer experience.

Finally, Café Du Cycliste has found what they need in BSS Commerce’s speed optimization service. With over 10 years of experience in crafting e-commerce solutions, partnerships with major platforms like Magento and Shopify, and a platinum certification with ISTQB, BSS Commerce possessed the expertise and capabilities to fulfill Café Du Cycliste’s vision.


The Project Goals

Café Du Cycliste partnered with BSS Commerce with the primary goal of elevating their website performance for both mobile and desktop users, ensuring a seamless experience for their valued customers. The complexities of their website, including JavaScript and unused modules, created obstacles to achieving optimal speed, prompting Café Du Cycliste to seek solutions for a smoother user journey.

Furthermore, Café Du Cycliste was concerned about the impact of images and other media content on website loading times. Understanding the crucial role these elements played, their objective was to optimize them without compromising on quality.

By addressing these speed-related issues, Café Du Cycliste envisioned not just an improvement in website scores but, more importantly, a heightened user experience that resonated with the essence of Café Du Cycliste. 

Unveiling the Optimization Strategies for Success

Before finding the right solution with BSS Commerce, Café Du Cycliste grappled with challenges over an extended period, collaborating with various partners, yet none meeting their expectations. In contrast, BSS Commerce swiftly addressed these challenges within just one month, showcasing expertise and efficiency in resolving complex issues.

Translating the goals set by Café Du Cycliste into tangible actions, BSS Commerce meticulously implemented a suite of solutions for a transformative impact. While the reliance on high-quality images limits complete speed optimization, BSS Commerce addressed several key bottlenecks, resulting in significant performance improvements and a noticeably smoother user experience.

Optimize Server

To address server-related issues hindering performance, the BSS team meticulously combed through Café Du Cycliste's server environment. They initiated the removal of accumulated unnecessary files that could potentially impede the store's speed. Simultaneously, they conducted a thorough evaluation of the hosting provider, ensuring that it aligns with the optimal requirements for seamless performance.

Optimize Back-end Code

Recognizing the significance of back-end efficiency, the BSS team delved into the code that powers Café Du Cycliste's website. Their focus was on rectifying glaring issues, such as the presence of unused modules. The BSS team systematically reviewed and optimized the back-end code, ensuring that it contributed to the overall speed enhancement.

Optimize Font-end Code

The user interface is at the forefront of the online experience, and the BSS team has dedicated efforts to refine Café Du Cycliste's front-end code. BSS Commerce's approach involved a meticulous examination of Javascript, CSS, and HTML scripts. They implemented checks and minified these scripts, removing any redundant or unnecessary elements. By streamlining the front-end code, BSS Commerce aimed to significantly improve the website's responsiveness.

Updates Magento components and platform

Drawing insights from numerous successful collaborations with global clients, BSS Commerce identified outdated versions of components within Café Du Cycliste's Magento store and the platform itself. In response, the BSS team swiftly executed necessary updates, ensuring the entire system was now up-to-date and primed for optimal performance.

Ongoing Support

BSS Commerce recognizes that website optimization is an ongoing process. Therefore, BSS Commerce stands ready to address system checks upon Café Du Cycliste requests, promptly resolving any lingering speed-related issues on the site. This ongoing support ensures that Café Du Cycliste's online presence remains consistently optimized for an exceptional user experience.

The Results

After implementing the optimization strategies, Café Du Cycliste witnessed significant improvements in website speed across all devices. Mobile page speed soared by an impressive 60%, while the desktop experience received an equally notable 70% boost. These dramatic enhancements translated into a noticeably faster, smoother, and more enjoyable user experience for Café Du Cycliste customers. 

Homepage Speed
Product Page Speed
Category Page Speed

According to Google Analytics, Café Du Cycliste now experiences over 210,000 visitors per month, showcasing the positive impact of website optimization on brand visibility and customer engagement.

Café Du Cycliste was thrilled with the outcome. They expressed great satisfaction with the solutions implemented by BSS Commerce, recognizing the positive impact on their online presence and customer satisfaction. 

The transformative solutions implemented not only addressed the initial challenges but also positioned Café Du Cycliste for a faster, more efficient, and user-friendly online experience, ultimately elevating its digital presence in the competitive cycling industry. 

Words from Café Du Cycliste

BSSCommerce has full understanding of both Magento capabilities and e-commerce needs, which has been a big help for me during my website’s project. They are responsive to my requests, have reliable service along with excellent communication.
Remi Clermont
Founder, Café Du Cyliste


Café Du Cycliste, a leading cycling brand, partnered with BSS Commerce to optimize their website for speed and user experience. Through meticulous server and code optimizations, timely updates, and ongoing support, BSS Commerce not only addressed Café Du Cycliste’s challenges but propelled them toward a future of digital prowess. The significant boosts in speed scores on both mobile and desktop stand as a testament to the success of this collaboration, showcasing how a shared commitment to excellence can redefine the online experience. 

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