>Should You Connect Magento 2 to Amazon?

Should You Connect Magento 2 to Amazon?

For your information, 9 out of 10 customers search products on Amazon before checking it on other websites – for example, your Magento 2 store.

Amazon is still the leading in the ecommerce world and the starting point of online transactions, without a sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Hence, connecting your Magento 2 to Amazon is a powerful way to scatter your business to more potential customers.

Excitingly, Magento has introduced Magento Commerce Branded Stores for Amazon Sellers to help you do so.

In this post, we not only get insight into this solution but also recommend you with several alternatives so that you can make an informed decision.

Get ready to get a foothold on Amazon from now on!

What to Expect from Magento 2 Amazon Integration

Critically, once connect Magento 2 to Amazon you can:

Magento 2 Amazon Integration Benefits
  • Sync all of your existing catalogs into the Amazon Marketplace while tracking your Amazon listings from the Magento Admin
  • Set up smart pricing rules, without sacrificing margin, according to the lowest competitor pricing or Amazon Buy Box price, or Magento Catalog price
  • Keep track of all Magento 2 orders and Amazon orders in one handy commerce dashboard
  • Make use of distinctive and user-friendly shopping experiences supported by both Amazon Web Services and Magento 2 platform
  • Build trust in customers with dynamic media, secure Amazon payment, and one-click checkout

Get Insight Into Magento 2 Amazon Sales Channel

Amazon Sales Channel by Magento

Provider: Magento | Pricing: FREE to download

Key Features:

  • Synchronize Magento 2 product catalogs & inventory levels to Amazon store
  • Define which products to list on Amazon, using intelligent rules
  • Apply advanced pricing rules of Amazon Buy Box
  • Fulfill orders with Fulfillment by Amazon services
  • Manage Amazon Orders from Magento Order Grid
  • Allow B2B pricing based off volume-tiered
  • Support multiple currencies thanks to the currency conversion tool
Check FREE Amazon Sales Channel by Magento and Amazon team


  • Developed by Magento & Amazon development teams
  • Certified in terms of quality and support
  • FREE download
  • Flawless integration


  • Required monthly $39.99 per Amazon account
  • Not available on all Amazon marketplaces
  • No Magento listing creation functionality (A big shortage!)

We recommend this Amazon Sales Channel for those already having Amazon listings and Seller Central accounts on Amazon.com. Although there are many things to improve, this free service is still well-worth trying in terms of code quality and features. It is developed by Magento and Amazon teams who know their platforms the best.

3 Alternatives of Amazon Sales Channel in Magento 2

Amazon Integration

Amazon Magento 2 Integration by Ced Commerce

Provider: Ced Commerce | Pricing: $499

Key Features:

  • Support multiple accounts from a single Magento Admin Panel
  • Import all live listings on various marketplaces (eBay, Walmart, etc.) into Magento, then sell them on Amazon
  • Auto-synchronize in real-time
  • Update multiple products on Amazon at once
  • Manage orders on both ends in Magento dashboard
  • Support Amazon’s services including Automated Shipment & FBA
  • Alert upon low-stock event
Check Amazon Integration Extension

Magento 2 Amazon eBay & Walmart Integration

Magento 2 Amazon eBay & Walmart Integration

Provider: M2E Pro | Pricing: FREE to download

Key Features:

  • Mapping product listings on Amazon (9 marketplaces), eBay (23 marketplaces), and Walmart (U.S.) into Magento 2 store
  • Supporting the creation of products and customers in Magento based on Amazon data and original order
  • Tracking information synchronization: orders, product listings, and more
  • Allowing Amazon Order Status Mapping and FBA service
  • Setting different prices and quantities for Amazon listings
  • Disabling out-of-stock or low-quantity products automatically and re-listing them if those products are back to stock
Check FREE Amazon Sales Channel by Magento and Amazon team

Amazon Integration for Magento 2.x

Selling on Amazon from Magento 2

Provider: M2E Pro | Pricing: $119.00

Key Features:

  • Synchronizing Magento data with various Amazon marketplaces (U.S, U.K, Germany, Spain, France, Italy)
  • Creating new products on Amazon or assigning Magento 2 products to Amazon automatically or manually
  • Importing customer and order data from Amazon into Magento 2 dashboard

Final Thought

Selling on both Magento 2 and Amazon is a brilliant idea to reach more potential customers and consequently, get more sales. Magento 2 Amazon integration tools save time and effort because merchants do not have to build all from scratch. However, there are many things else to prepare from strategic management, inventory management, and other resources.