How to Create Better Visual for Websites with Magento 2 Gallery Extension

Create Better Visual For Websites With Magento 2 Gallery Extension

Although Magento is an useful system for web builders as it covers almost all basic required features, it still includes lots of drawbacks that need changing and updating, one of which is the default gallery. In this post, I would like to introduce one of our excellent modules: Magento 2 Gallery extension.

This article will provide you with useful information about:

  • The limitation of Product Gallery in Magento 2 default
  • Magento 2 Gallery extension’s advantages to solving such limitation
  • Outstanding features of Gallery for Magento 2 extension
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The Limitation of Product Gallery in Magento 2 Default

Magento 2 Gallery default only allows admin to display images of products on separate product pages and categories. Online customers tend to suspect images on ecommerce websites when accessing certain product images only; they may find them boring, and inconvenient. So, how to improve visual product effect to catch the eye of the potential customers? Here you have Magento 2 Gallery extension, a flexible tool to set up your image and video galleries and to control a huge collection of Magento 2 gallery in various albums.

A Useful Extension to Display Images Gallery in Magento 2

A website is truly an online showroom where displays all information, images, products and services available to people all over the world. An eye-catching and professional media gallery is one of the very first successful steps to make your websites closer to your customers. Furthermore, admin can manage unlimited images and videos of Magento 2 Gallery extension supported by logic structure layout.

For customers, this Magento 2 gallery extension offers them many benefits. Firstly, they can easily search, observe and compare the products via different images and videos. Secondly, the Image Gallery extension provides more access to more options and suggestions through beautiful product image popup. Lastly, customers will have a better online shopping experience thanks to 100% responsive layout on any devices.

Here are some of the customer feedbacks:

Magento 2 Gallery extension is truly what I am seeking for my clothes-selling site. The extension helps me build an image and video gallery so easily. The best thing I like about this extension is the video function. I can insert any Youtube video to my gallery.”

“This Magento 2 Gallery extension is truly what admin can rely on when it comes to managing product image. I like that it supports both image and video, and even widget to place the product album on any product page.”

How Magento 2 Image Gallery Work

Stop worrying even if you are not a skilled designer, the following key features of our Magento 2 Gallery extension will help you to make it within some simple steps.

  • Create various galleries including both images and videos into different album layouts

Multiple beautiful albums in Magento 2 Gallery extension

This Image Gallery extension enables amateur users to build their image galleries, then divide them into different albums with specific subjects. All commonly used pictures format, as well as videos, are supported by Magento 2 Gallery module with the high-quality upload. Let the beautiful photos tell a unique story of your products in a lively and interesting way.

  • Display image popup with eye-catching transition effects

High-quality videos easily uploaded in Magento 2 Gallery extension

Image pop-up is usually placed at the center of the page where viewers focus on the most are highly visible of the products you offer. Magento 2 Gallery extension allows displaying popups, accomplished by eye-catching effects such as fade or elastic which can be flexibly configured in backend setting.

  • Support Magento 2 gallery video for better visual

Magento 2 Gallery extension’s outstanding feature in comparison with the default is to show any video for better visual. Admin can add videos using the embed URL key of YouTube video. Since customers have a preference for eye-catching images and videos over long text, they are likely to remember the products more quickly.

  • Display gallery album wherever you want on any page thanks to Magento 2 Gallery extension widget support

With widget support function of Magento 2 Gallery, extension, admins can set albums on any page and at any position to bring highlight specific products into exposure and visibility.

More visible highlight products with Magento 2 Gallery extension

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  • Optimize SEO for gallery albums with meta title, meta description

How to increase your website’s rank in search engines is a concern of any SEOer. Gallery extension for Magento 2 enables admins to edit meta title and meta description for Magento 2 Gallery albums when creating a new album.

  • 100% screen solution responsive to any device

The difference between desktop and mobile display of a website in Magento 2 default makes customer annoyed and discouraged from shopping online. This will be resolved thanks to 100% responsive layout on any device of Magento 2 Gallery extension whether it is a laptop, PC, tablet, or phone.


With multiple albums regardless the significant number of videos and photos, Magento 2 Gallery extension is undoubtedly a must-have tool to increase visual effect for your products, to draw buyers’ attention and improve customers’ shopping experience, encouraging them to take a further look then add more items to the cart.

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