All About Cross-Selling: 5 Strategies And 3 Must-Have Magento Apps

This is the complete guide of cross-selling that covers everything from 5 amazing strategies to 3 wonderful Magento apps.

Every sale you make is essential, but each sale could make a lot more. All you need are the right cross-sell strategies.

The fact is, the probability of selling to an existing customer is about 70%, while the probability of selling to a new customer is just around 10%.

That means you have to make the most of every customer. And cross-selling is the ticket to make it happen.

So in this article, we will introduce you to cross-selling along with 5 strategies and 3 Magento apps for it.

Let’s get started!

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What Is Cross-Sell?


Cross-selling is the action of suggesting additional, complementary or related products to a customer in order to enhance sales.

The most famous example for cross-selling is the simple phrase: “Do you want fries with that?”. Back in the 1980s, McDonald’s realized the financial benefits of more customers purchasing fries when their employees asked this question. And they have been using this tactic ever since.

But cross-selling is not just about getting customers to buy more. It is also about creating an amazing shopping experience for customers by recommending them other products they might want or need. 

It is why cross-selling is such a powerful profit-boosting strategy.

Cross-selling vs. upselling

Cross-selling and upselling are both sales techniques to boost value to order, but they are actually slightly different.

Upselling increases a sale’s value by offering a more expensive option to the product the customer wants to purchase. Cross-selling increases a sale’s value by offering additional products, not changing what the customer wants to purchase.


For example, if a customer purchases a new cell phone and you offer them a new case to go with it, it’s cross-selling.

But if a customer purchases a new cell phone and you offer them a phone with a bigger screen or better camera, it’s upselling.

Overall, both of these tactics are extremely effective in generating more revenue per transaction.

However, in this article, we will only focus on the cross-selling strategy. Please continue reading the content below to learn the best ways to get people buying additional products and items to their orders.

5 Powerful Cross-Sell Strategies

Here are 5 incredibly effective cross-selling strategies that you should use for your eCommerce store.

Recommend related items

Offering related items is probably the most common cross-selling strategy. 

eCommerce websites are optimized to recommend similar or related products when the user is browsing. And the “Frequently Bought Together” of Amazon is the most successful study case.

This is a basic but highly effective strategy. It works in two ways:

  • Helping customers find more products to add to the cart.
  • Helping customers find a better-suited product for them.

Plus, it’s really simple to add this feature to your Magento store with the help of one of the Magento apps in the next part.

Shop the look


The “shop the look” technique is about presenting customers with a lookbook image in an effort to sell extra products. 

For example, if you are shopping for a new dress, the website might show you a picture of a model wearing it with a matching jacket, shoes, and accessories. You can add the whole set to your card if you like the entire look.

Even though it is most commonly used in fashion shops, it can apply to furniture, too.

Offer product bundles

Bundling is another effective cross-selling strategy. 

Bundling means packaging items that complement each other so that customers can buy them all in one. And usually, store owners will offer a discount to encourage customers to buy the bundle.

For example, when someone searches for the latest games console on Amazon, they will see Amazon sells the console individually and as part of several bundles. It’s ideal for customers who intend to buy the included games, as they will be able to make a saving.

Set free shipping threshold


Setting a free shipping threshold is a fantastic way to cross-selling. It will encourage your customers to buy more to get the free ship deal.

Usually, store owners will highlight the free shipping offer on the shopping cart page and show cross-selling suggestions below.

However, in the next part about Magento apps for cross-selling, we will introduce you to a solution to help you use this strategy more effectively.

Send a cross-selling follow up campaign

Cross-selling doesn’t even have to be on your website.

If some customers of yours are perfectly primed to make another purchase, you just need to give them a little push. And an email campaign is the perfect way to do it.

Just make your follow-up emails even more effective by taking into account all four other strategies mentioned in this post. 

For example, you should keep your cross-sell recommendations relevant to their purchased products.

3 Must-Have Magento Apps

Traditionally, cross-selling is done by the salesperson in a physical store.

For eCommerce stores, to implement this sales technique, you will need the help of some extensions to suggest relevant items to customers at various stages of the buying process.

And in this part, we will introduce you to the 3 best Magento apps for cross-selling.

Frequently Bought Together Magento App


Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together by BSS

Price: $89

As we mentioned above, “Frequently Bought Together” is an incredible practice of cross-selling.

And with the help of this Magento app, you can recreate the greatness on your Magento website.

You just need a few minutes to install Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together. The setup process is so easy, with no coding knowledge required.

After installing, the AI algorithm will automatically take care of the Frequently Bought Together section for you.

This module also supports adding multiple products of the ‘frequently bought together’ list to cart to make it easier for your customers.

Highlight features:

  • Add frequently bought together block to the product page
  • Enable setting frequently bought together list from related, cross-sell, or up-sell products
  • Automatically track products commonly bought together from real orders in the purchase history
  • Display frequently bought together products in a convenient slider
  • Easily customize the display of frequently bought together list
  • Allow customers to add all frequently bought together products to the cart

Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar App


Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar by BSS

Price: $79

This is one of the perfect Magento apps for cross-selling. And it will help you apply the free shipping strategy beautifully.

First of all, this module enables you to set the minimum cart total to get free shipping.

But what makes it the best is that Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar allows you to display a free shipping bar showing the progress towards the cart goal to reach free shipping.

And you can display this free shipping bar on any page, including the homepage, product page, category page, cart page, checkout page, etc.

Highlight features:

  • Display a free shipping bar to show the cart amount left until free shipping
  • Auto-update the current cart total and the remaining amount
  • Allow setting free shipping amount and message for each store view and currency
  • Display free shipping bar on multi-page: homepage, product page, checkout page, etc.
  • Include tax in the displayed subtotal on the message bar
  • Show success message when customer’s order reaches free shipping amount
  • Allow customizing fonts and color of the free shipping bar and success message

Magento App For Bundle Product Option Image


Magento 2 Bundle Product Option Image by BSS

Price: $79

Magento 2 Bundle Product Option Image is the perfect extension to help you use the ‘shop the look’ strategy.

This module enables you to display images of each children product of the bundle. It will make your bundle products more visual and appealing.

Highlight features:

  • Enable displaying images of children products of bundle products
  • Enable displaying images of children products in a slider with multiple select input type
  • Allows setting width and height for images
  • Be compatible with Magento websites even when themes are customized
  • Improve visual for your bundle product


Take advantage of these cross-selling strategies and Magento apps to drive more sales effectively in your store. Do it right, and you can definitely increase average order value and revenue.

But remember, cross-selling isn’t all it needs to enhance customer experience. You will also need to optimize other aspects, like wholesales or checkout experience as well.

And luckily, we have the collection of all extensions you need for your Magento store.

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We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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