Magento 2 Customize Checkout Page: 7+ Keys To Unify B2B & B2C

Before getting into the techniques of the Magento 2 customize checkout page for the hybrid store, you have to know your customer persona. 

Even though there are specific differences in how business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations market to the customer persona and serve their clients, some companies do both.

Customers are irritated by the lack of bargaining alternatives or services such as rapid reordering, and many abandon their carts at checkout. Hence, our goal should be to analyze B2B & B2C marketplace trends and adapt them to meet both requirements.

The checkout page is the most critical aspect of a hybrid store, and it significantly impacts conversion rates. 

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Is It Possible to Create a Suitable Website for Both B2B & B2C?


If you’re new to the sector, creating a website for both a B2C (Business to Consumer) and a B2B (Business to Business) can be difficult. Compared to the first phase, the B2B market grows faster than the B2C market.

However, it is doable to have clear messaging for each category and a navigation structure allowing users to quickly discover information relevant to their needs. is an example of a site that caters to both markets, but I believe the messaging is mainly aimed at customers. Specifically, the side links provide clear pathways to various types of information, such as careers and a link to a page listing their multiple websites. A link to business information is also included in the footer. They’re using it to direct consumers to various sites with various aims.

B2B and B2C websites are pretty different in checkout features and functionalities. Whereas B2B marketplaces require modules such as minimum order quantity and one-click reorder, it is challenging to implement the same functionalities in a B2C environment.

As a result, you need to modify an existing marketplace website to provide a perfect Magento 2 customize checkout page.

Elements of a Perfect Magento 2 Customize Checkout Page [B2B & B2C]

To unify B2B & B2C websites, you must have many works to generate; however, customizing Magento 2 checkout page is one of the most essential. 

Update your shopping cart

If you own an e-commerce business, your shopping cart must cater to retail and wholesale clients. One factor to consider is not displaying wholesale prices to those who do not qualify for them. You could also provide bulk discounts to anyone ordering many things at once.

Office Depot is an excellent example of a website that sells to corporations and individuals. A single package of permanent markers, for example, can be purchased once. Customers can also opt for subscription delivery, which allows them to have products sent monthly and save 5%. Users can sign up for Business Select on the right side of the screen to receive additional savings on goods and services and delivery to specific areas.

Offer multiple deliveries, shipping, and payment options

The most common delivery choices you may give your consumers are two-day shipping, overnight delivery, free shipping, and free in-store pickup. B2B consumers also desire the option of choosing their preferred shipping method.


DOWNLOAD Magento 2 customize checkout page to add as many fields as you want to checkout pages.

You can also provide live tracking for orders to keep clients updated on the status of their deliveries.

Allowing clients to pay using debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, or even online wallet transfers can improve the checkout experience.

Segment customer

You should segment B2B customers by not allowing B2B and B2C customers to check out using the same information if you have both.

Besides, you have more ability to route your visitors to distinct landing pages specifically designed for them on sites that aren’t set up as shopping carts. Consider the various buyer personas who visit your site and create a page for each. If possible, link to each buyer persona’s landing page from your homepage.

Tuckey provides services for both residential and commercial clients. Its landing page caters to both types of customers by placing these options above the fold. you can direct the user to a page that caters to B2B or B2C customers by selecting either option.


Users can get a grid of service types for each category of clients if they scroll down the homepage. For example, mold remediation, restoration, and remodeling are all covered under home services. Medical gas piping, welding, and metal fabrication are covered under commercial services. It provides various additional benefits, so this is only a taste. There’s a solid reason to break into each category for a more personalized online experience.

Significantly, your store will profit from personalizing this approach and limiting undesirable fields.

You may choose which customer groups will view the checkout custom field with Magento 2 customize checkout page module.

Follow up on abandoned carts

Some good businesses save a customer’s cart even after abandoning it, and this tiny gesture often piques a B2B customer’s interest.

What’s more crucial is to follow up on carts that were purposefully abandoned. Leading e-commerce organizations employ checkout analytics to determine why customers abandon carts, and your customer support teams may reach back to them via several channels.

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Autofill options for convenience

Purchasing speed is a priority for nearly half of B2B enterprises. Automation can assist busy purchasers in completing transactions and improving their overall experience. Moreover, an autofill address option and using the delivery address as the billing address with a simple drop-down selection for shipping and billing saves time. Users who have registered can set their preferences.

Following that, B2B e-commerce requires a high level of personalization. You may deliver on this front during the checkout step by enabling auto-filling details during the purchase process. However, don’t go overboard because many clients may not desire this option.

Pro Tip: Many B2B customers prefer bills sent straight to the account payables department to save time. Thus, consider enabling direct billing to meet your customer demands. Furthermore, it is a matter of choice, and not everyone will choose to participate.

Provide credit detail specification


Don’t surprise customers by exceeding their budget after making a transaction. Before they purchase, your checkout page should inform them of their credit limit and any other outstanding invoices.

You might also offer them alternate payment options to keep them from abandoning their cart and incurring outstanding costs.

Always be upfront about your specs and policies on the checkout page. Allow customers to review the policies on the last page before making a purchasing choice. Remember that misinformation or concealed policies are a significant cause of cart abandonment.

Convenient sign-up and registration process

Returning customers are frequently the source of further revenue. As a result, striking a balance between acquiring their information and creating any inconvenience becomes critical.

Almost consumers dislike filling out lengthy registration forms, and if they become upset, they are likely to leave. To better serve them, create simple sign-up choices like Gmail or Facebook.

Highlight appropriate reviews

Only the evaluations and testimonials that make sense to the right target audience should be listed on that visitor’s page on a mixed B2B and B2C website. Before making a final purchase, many people read online reviews. Hence, you should create separate sections for reviews and testimonials in Magento 2 customize checkout page. Consider making it in the same way that you separate each type of buyer persona.

Consumers aren’t interested in what companies say about their products or services. A business owner is more interested in knowing that you will meet their demands than how quickly you filled a single product purchase. Only provide material that is useful to the target audience.

One Brand With Two Or More Purposes With Magento 2 Customize Checkout Page

Businesses that serve both B2B and B2C need to provide a variety of functions in Magento 2 customize checkout page. Ideally, you can merge into a single, powerful website that gives the brand a more substantial online presence and higher brand recognition. 

Although integrating the two sides of your organization may not always be possible, there are numerous benefits to keeping a single site that serves all of your company’s essential functions.

You don’t need to solve complex puzzles to develop a customer-friendly checkout experience. Leveraging the eight elements above can help you easily handle the situation.

However, you’ll need a qualified team to build your hybrid e-commerce platform and integrate some valuable extensions.

Don’t lose another customer during the checkout process! 

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