9 Common Types Of Magento Customizable Options [Must Read]

Magento 2 CMS is widely used to manage many types of online businesses. Modern business requirements can be easily met because of many Magento customizable options. In fact, there are many types of customization options. However, this post will dive into the most common ones and how they help your website.

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Magento Checkout Page Customization

You can’t create a website or the material that goes on it without understanding how a customer’s brain reacts, what clicks with them, and what sticks in their mind.

To have a good Return on Investment, you must pick the proper time and ask the correct questions. Because these leads arrived on the page of their own volition, you can gather data from everyone who visits your website via organic searches or external links.

It’s not tough to get more out of a customer’s short attention span and little patience on your eStore. You can customize your checkout form to ask for all information to know more about your customer.

In general, there is two way to do any Magento customizable options. One is manually coding, and the other is leveraging third-part extensions/ modules. To know how to customize the checkout page or add more fields manually, check out the detailed guide HERE.

On the other hand, Magento 2 Checkout Custom Fields extension enables you to create new custom fields on the checkout page for any information you believe is required for order fulfillment.

This module helps with management by putting all new custom fields into one grid. Custom fields can also be preserved as order attributes in the Order Grid and Order Detail Page. You can quickly add Magento 2’s order grid fields, and view/filter them.


Try a demo of Magento customizable options yourself, and see how you can integrate it in just a few easy steps.

Magento Custom Shipping Method

A reasonable approach is implementing a custom shipping method based on the business requirement. A shipping strategy should ensure that the order fulfillment cost does not exceed that order’s profit.

A suitable shipping method should be easy, rapid, and inexpensive. Every store owner doesn’t have to locate an appropriate delivery method for their business among the default Magento 2 shipping options.

The most efficient way to have a suitable shipping system is to programmatically create Magento customizable options for the shipping process that matches your company’s requirements and is possible.

If you want to custom it manually, stick to the Magento Devdoc tutorial. You’ll need a Magento Community or Enterprise installation to get started, either locally or on a server that you can access. 

Otherwise, Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method is a better option. Without coding knowledge, you can still easily customize your shipping method for each country and region. It enables you to choose any delivery service advantageous to you and your clients. For example, for maximum convenience, make better use of local delivery services.


DOWNLOAD Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method now!

Magento Customizable Options Template

Offering clients various options and selling products with bespoke options can help you considerably improve your revenue.

To add custom options to numerous products in default Magento, you must build them one by one. If you wish to change the options or their values, you’ll have to start from the beginning. Time is, as we all know, precious in any business. Nobody can afford to waste so much time. Therefore, Magento customizable options can assist you in removing this restriction entirely!

There’s no need to waste time designing unique alternatives for each product. Magento 2 Custom Option Template allows you to quickly build various templates and apply custom options to any product with a single click.

Magento Custom Order Number

Custom order numbers allow you to change the number prefix to make it easier to manage orders, shipments, invoices, and other order documentation. Besides, you can hide accurate order numbers from competitors.

Moreover, customers are more likely to purchase from stores with many buyers, and they usually estimate your sales volume by looking at the order figures.

The native Magento numbering, on the other hand, is inconvenient. Hence, many retailers are scrambling to discover a way to change order numbers.

Like other Magento customizable options, there is two way to custom order numbers:

  • Make updates to the database manually: edit order increment ID, order number starts, and prefix using code and instructions.
  • Install a third-party module such as Magento Custom Order Number.


For more details, please check out “A” Complete Tutorial Guide To Custom Order Number In Magento 2.

Magento Custom Option Image

Custom option image is one of Magento customizable options that helps online stores optimize the appearance of product landing pages. This feature adds a slew of new features that make it easier for clients to picture your products, resulting in a quicker purchasing decision.

However, there is a significant disadvantage to doing business on the Magento platform. You can’t put a picture into a “custom option” field on your product’s custom options page (such as color, size, width, height, and so on).

In reality, the inability to enter photos for custom options values with default Magento is one of the most aggravating limitations for store owners.

Ideally, hundreds of custom option image extensions for Magento 2 are available. We strongly propose Magento 2 Custom Option Image by BSS as the most acceptable extension for adding photos to custom options.


Further reading Custom Option Image For Magento 2 – The Best Solution if you want to explore more!

Magento 2 Product Custom Tabs

The default feature of Magento 2 offers three product tabs, including detail, further information, and review, to assist store owners in showing specifics about their products to customers. 

However, as we all know, the three tabs can only be modified using manual code interference by default.

Even three tabs may not be sufficient to give consumers all relevant product information. Customers may ask for more information about the user guide, shipping policies, recommended products, etc. 

Since then, there should be a Magento customizable option that allows admins to add more product data and custom tabs to the backend. 

As a store owner or admin, you’ll almost certainly find a way to add or customize your product tabs in the most accessible way possible, increasing your sales figures. Especially from the perspective of a B2C business, you should consider the finer points of each product more than ever; more tabs equal more consumer interaction.

You must know about coding if you want to customize manually. Otherwise, you must take the help of outsourced developers. However, we introduce you to a more accessible alternative: Magento 2 Product Custom Tabs module. This extension allows admins to add as many tabs to the product page as possible in any sequence they choose.

Magento Registration Form Customization

A customer registration form is a valuable tool for gathering consumer data. Online retailers can better understand client behavior, engage with customers, and plan marketing efforts.

However, the built-in registration lacks customization. With more attribute fields on the registration page, you can collect enough information and encourage repeat orders.

Besides, creating a relationship with customers will be easier if you encourage them to fill out the registration form. You can classify data better on the registration form and understand and predict your consumers’ demands to develop appropriate business strategies.

Not only benefit you, but your customer can also take advantage, such as saving time and effort for the next order or getting updated with exclusive offers.


DOWNLOAD Magento 2 Customer Attributes to create unlimited custom attributes!

Magento Custom Pricing

It’s nothing strange to a B2B store about custom pricing. 

Wholesale businesses using Magento 2 must calculate how to offset production, marketing, distribution, and sales costs. You must not only create price points that will increase brand exposure in the marketplace, but your pricing policy must also be worthy of consumer loyalty and competitive with your competitors.

As a result, businesses are compelled to assess and decide on the best pricing approach to maximize earnings and keep corporate clients.

The solution here is to apply custom pricing. This way helps you distinguish between B2B and B2C marketing, personalize B2B customer experience, and collect valuable data from customers.


Find out more about custom pricing HERE.

Although Magento provides several price rules such as special prices, catalog price rules, cart price rules, etc., you only can generate custom pricing through changing code or using a third-party extension. In this case, consider Magento 2 Price Per Customer as one of the excellent options for those who don’t have coding knowledge. 

Wrapping Up: Magento Customizable Options

The below list is not all of Magento customizable options. In fact, the list goes further due to Magento being an utterly open-source platform. Thus, you can customize your Magento website freely based on your needs.

I hope this post will help you find a way to boost sales and customer satisfaction. Using a third-party module is better if you are not an expert on Magento or don’t have coding experience. Consider the list and your need to select the suitable ones.

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