Step by Step to Customize Magento 2 Footer Template for Emails

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E-commerce website’s emails remain effective instruments of communication. We invest ideas, money and time in emails that make customers feel connected with us.


“A bad beginning makes a bad ending, right?” – “Wait, does a bad ending ruins the whole thing” too?” 


We could spend three days to generate a wonderful header, email’s content but then dead-ending the email with a tedious email footer, that would kill the business. Magento store’s owner should always be mindful with this element of emails in Magento 2. Then we bring to you this tutorial to customize Magento 2 footer template for emails.


Let’s see how we could create and update the footer template of emails in this platform.

Begin with: Load the default template

  • On the Admin sidebar, accessing Marketing > Communications > Email Templates

Access Email Templates from the admin sidebar

  • Choose Add New Template
  • Under Load default template, in the templates list, find Footer or Footer (magento/blank) in Magento_Email section

    magento 2 add new email footer

    Choose the email footer in the template list

  • Then choose Load Template

Loading default template

Wait till the loading completes, you will get this default form. Now, you can create a new Magento 2 email footer template.  

Edit the email footer template

Then: Customize Magento 2 footer template for emails

Once the email footer template is loaded, you now can create a new email footer template to your wish and purpose of business. Magento has designed the form to enable you to edit the template in a manageable way.

  • Fill out the Template Name field
  • Fill out the Template Subject field

Tips: when you set the template subject, keep in mind that this template subject can be used for sorting and filtering in the grid table. So choose the subject name wisely so you could effciently organize templates, use the sort and filter functions.

magento 2 email footer name

Choose the email footer template’s name and subject


  • In the Template Content box, you can customize the content as your wish in HTML

If you choose to not edit the content of the template, your email footer will look like one of the two following previews

Edit the content of the email


  • If you want to add more variables to the content of the footer, click on Insert Variable and choose the variable(s) you want to insert.

    magento 2 add new email footer template 3

    Insert variables into the email footer template

Note: the variable(s) add will appear in the position that you place your blinking cursor in the Template Content box.


When a variable is selected, a markup tag for the variable is inserted in the code. Although the Store Contact variables most are often included in the footer, you can enter the code for any system or custom variable directly into the template.

  • If you need to make any CSS declarations, enter the styles in the Template Styles box
  • During the editing process, you can preview the template anytime by choosing Preview Template. 
magento 2 email footer preview

Email footer preview

Here we got the preview page

magento 2 email footer example BSS

Magento 2 email footer preview

This is the default email footer

magento 2 email footer preview

Magento 2 default email footer preview

And here is the Luma default email footer

magento 2 email footer preview

Magento 2 Luma email footer preview

Lastly: Setup the new Magento footer template for emails

Now, you have created a new template. You can find these templates in Store > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration. The email footer template will show up in all the configuration for emails. Have a look at these examples below.

magento 2 email footer example

The newly created template will show up with other template options

Another one example

Magento 2 email footer example

The last thought

To give you extra tips, the email footer should contain relevant links and information that make sure customers would at least know how to contact you. Also, you should choose a fine layout or style that could draw the attention of your customers. We hope that you could take advantages of all the features that Magento gives you. 

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