How to effectively use AIDA Model for your Ecommerce Marketing

How to effectively use AIDA Model for your Ecommerce Marketing

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One day, when checking your email, you see the following messages. Surely, you can’t help paying attention and are likely to open them:

“Do not open this! You will be attracted!”

“Dear Ace, want to receive a big present from us?”

We nowadays live in a more and more competitive and sophisticated advertising world where is the home to all kinds of media from radio to TV, from print to text messages, etc. It forces marketing messages for your Magento site to make a special effort to get attractive. It is needed that you grab customers’ attention to products on your Magento site the most impressive way.

Marketing principles are still sustainable, just because human nature doesn’t significantly change. People seemingly keep following the AIDA model and purchase loop in marketing which identifies the buying process of the cognitive stages that clients go through. For Magento economic industry, it is still applicable.

What is AIDA?

AIDA stands for Awareness – Interest – Desire – Action, which is also called Purchase Funnel. The model developed by Elias St. Elmo Lewis in 1898 defines the process of customers when engaging with advertisements.

Awareness – the customer takes notice of the product through various marketing channels

Interest – the customer gets interested in the product

Desire – the customer moves from interest stage “to have it is better” to desire stage “I must have this.”

Action – the customer turns desire into action and purchases the product.



In contemplation of getting your products sold out in the marketplace, you first create the existence of a product on your customer minds through marketing channels. To get noticed, any text and visual content should be deeply relevant and timely to the target audience that you are trying to approach. The very first and essential stage is catching your customer attention and awareness towards your brand images. The hook on capturing the reader’s attention is always challenging. When successfully overcoming the first stage, you will receive the ability to sell the product by 30%.

It is suggested that you consider the following advice:

Figure out your target audience

Going along with the eCommerce trend  of targeting at micro-marketing which focuses more on individuals and small customer groups, collect their general information such as gender, location, employment, interest, etc.

Make use of visual content marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

eCommerce sites will feature large pictures and an increasing number of videos. As follows, designers and developers of your Magento site need to optimize how these precious materials are delivered to boost site performance on all platforms.

Solve the noted issues

Find out the most annoying problem relating to the topic you are writing or the feature of your products that can solve it.

Generate eye-catching headlines, titles, etc.

As researchers show that 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, you will fail to grab your customers’ notice without having beseeching headlines or titles in case of having well-heeled content, though.

You can run a PR campaign for months before launch, appealing promotion programs, etc.

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After having customers’ attention, bear in mind to get their interest by the following methods:

Listening to their problems

Determine reasons causing their problems

Demonstrating things clearly, not just telling

Getting them actively involved.

Use information, persuasion techniques as well as social proof


Once attracting customers, your next step is driving their interest into desire. Your customers, after approaching your product marketing, have a need, yet this is not desired. Before the hesitation to buy the products prevent customers from adding products to the cart, you need immediately motivate them.

Use customer-generated content

Using words of mouth method of marketing, which encourages customers to engage in, is worth considering. A study found that word of mouth is the most significant influence in people’s electronics and apparel purchases.

It is proven that sources of user-generated content such as discussion forums, blogs, etc. – three times more influential on customers when they make purchase decisions than conventional marketing methods such as TV advertising.

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Persuade them with your product features

Show how the product on your Magento site effectively helps them to deal with their problems.


This is the magic stage when they take action on their desires and buy the product or agree to your proposals.

The scariest point is where you ask for the sale. Keep track of the signals from your customers.

Summarize the problem you are solving for them and how what you are proposing solves that problem.

CTAs are positioned on the Magento site, blog, social media, and local advertising.

Urge your customers by sales promotion strategies such as discounts, special prices, BOGO programs, etc.


The marketing funnel (or AIDA) is a visualization for knowing the process of turning leads into buying customers. Designing the marketing funnel is a great way to shape the customer journey, which helps optimize sales and boost profits.

Learn more about Marketing Funnel – Tips & Best Practices!

Do you have any other tips for using this kind of framework efficiently? Please share with us by commenting below!


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