BSS Commerce Offers You a Free Advanced Hyva Theme Consultation (For a Limited Time Only)

by Summer

Free Hyva Theme Consultation of BSS Commerce is now open for everyone who wants to enhance their Magento websites with speedy performance. Grab the chance and scroll down for detailed information.

But at the first, let’s take a look at why you should choose Hyva Theme.

Quick Sum-Up Of The Prominent Hyva Theme

Despite the fact that it was only released in February 2021, Hyva Theme quickly gains a reputation as the future of Magento Frontend Solution. With over 1450 current Hyva Themes customers and 400+ partners, Hyva Theme has the potential to strive further. 

Here are the reasons why:

From a technical perspective: Hyva Theme offers a revolutionary experience for developers.

– Easier Customization

– Reduce CSS loading amount

– Less JavaScript

– Reduced Learning Curve

– Faster Time-to-Market

From a business perspective: Hyva Theme offers better site performance to bring more sales.

– Increase in conversion rates

– Improve SEO Rankings

– Great UX/UI

– Easy Payment and Secure Site

– Moderate Budget Requirement

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Hyva Theme’s Performance Is Much Better Than Luma Theme 


Luma Theme is the default theme of Magento. It’s free but out of date since it was established in 2015. The complex dependencies and outdated technologies lead to poor page speed performance. 


When we compared it to the Luma theme, Hyvä easily stands out due to its ability to provide an amazing user experience while also optimizing performance. Check the comparison of demo site performance to deeply understand.


Hyva Demo Site – Desktop Version


Luma Theme – Desktop version

Here are the results on the desktop version without throttling performance:

– Hyva Theme Demo: 12 requests; 179 kB transferred; 699 kB resources; Finish: 210 ms

– Luma Theme Demo: 240 requests; 1.2 MB transferred; 3.4MB resources; Finish: 15.56s; DOMContent-Loaded: 2.23s; Load: 8.87s


Hyva Demo Site – Mobile Version


Luma Theme – Mobile Version

The other test on mobile devices is with simulated performance (mid-tier mobile, which reduces CPU performance 4x and network speed at Fast 3G). From the mobile performance, you can see how much bigger the difference becomes if your device is not super high-end. With Hyva Theme, the site loads with far fewer requests and resources. As a result, site speed surpasses the Luma Theme.

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BSS Commerce’s Free Hyva Theme Consultation 


So you’re probably impressed with Hyva Theme and want to get started right away but don’t know how. Understanding your concern, we decide to create a once-in-a-lifetime consulting offer to help you build a speedy site with Hyva Theme.   


Overview of this consultation

This high-level consultation will provide you with our expert guidance (a team of a Business Development representative, a Business Analysts, and Technical Developers) on making your Magento website faster and more user-friendly. Our team will analyze and offer you solutions to earn an impressive 90+ Score on Google’s Page Speed Insights across both mobile and desktop platforms.


Our experts will invest time and effort into assessing essential information, and the paid hours for high-level resources will cost at least $1000. This fee is waived during this promotional period, but to maximize the effectiveness of our services, we request some inputs from you.


What does this consultation include?

Theme customization. We will evaluate your website and give an estimate of the time needed and the necessary steps to apply your current web design with Hyva.

Module compatibility. We will examine your existing Magento 2 modules to ensure that they have compatible versions for Hyva Theme. If not, we will suggest alternative Hyva Theme

compatible modules to work seamlessly!


What can you get?

This advanced initial consultation helps empower your business growth and increase the speed of your site. It allows us to learn more about your business pain points and your specific

front-end theme needs, so that we can provide:

  • Analytical views of your page speed on desktop and mobile versions.
  • A high-level consulting plan with suggested scopes and timelines, helping you to embrace the new front-end theme. This strategic consultation is equal to one working week (see the section below for a breakdown ).
  • More exact quotations and timelines at +- 50% error, including quotations for front-end theme customization and Hyva’s compatible modules.

How can you join?

  1. First, read all the information in our Free Hyva Theme Consultation Guide to understand the expectations and requirements.
  2. Second, fill out the registration form with all the necessary information so we can look at your e-commerce sites, find solutions, and give you advice.
  3. Finally, be patient and wait for our response. Our expert will contact you as soon as possible!

For its high value (valued at $1000), this consultation only offers for a limited time. Take advantage now to receive a 7-day working effort consultation at no cost!


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