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Hyva Theme: The Enemy of Slow Site Performance

by Jayden Nguyen

As a company that offers eCommerce solutions, we have noticed a surge of interest in Hyva Theme recently. It seems like Hyva Theme is on its way to becoming one of the most well-loved items in the Magento ecosystem. If you are still out of the loop and wondering what’s so special about the Hyva Magento 2 hype, then you have come to the right place.

In today’s article, we are going to answer all the questions you have regarding Hyva Theme. What is it? What can it do? Do you need Hyva Magento 2 for your eCommerce site, and if yes, how should you install it? We will explain everything. So hop in, and let’s begin your Hyva Theme adventure with a quick explanation about Hyva Theme.


What’s a “Hyva Theme”?

Hyva Theme

Started out as an experiment by Willem Wigman, Hyva Theme offers new ways to create themes for eCommerce websites that are using Magento 2. You might know about these themes more commonly as storefronts. Many big vendors within the ecosystem of Magento have already sung Hyva Theme very high praises. The secret of why it is so refreshing to these businesses lies in its technological details.

Willem Wigman decided to rewrite Hyva Theme entirely from scratch, which means nothing from Magento remained: Javascript, Requirejs, etc.. On this blank canvas, he used one single JavaScript framework, AlpineJS, and added Tailwind CSS, which reduces CSS output by over 90% compared to traditional methods. He also re-imagined the layout XML and template PHTML files. The result is a much more simple coding process, which is still flexible enough for functionalities to run on. This is why, besides looking a bit different compared to what users usually see on Magento 2, Hyva Theme is also incredibly fast. The impressive site speed and performance have put Hyva in a top position in the race for eCommerce solutions.


What makes Hyva different compared to the current LUMA?

For those obvious reasons, Hyva Theme has been the talk of the town like no Magento tools have been before. However, long-time Magento users are still hesitant to leave the readily made LUMA stack for it. Considering that LUMA is what Magento originally offers in their packages, this hesitancy is understandable. But time has proved that Hyva is the superior choice, which we are about to show you in the below sections.


A quick throwback to LUMA

LUMA-based website

Comes out of the box along with Magento setups, the LUMA stack is this platform’s default theme. According to an article, about 90% of Magento 2 themes today were started via the LUMA framework. However, it also receives much criticism due to its being sluggish, hard to improve from, and lack of updates from Magento – it has not had any updates since the release of Magento 2!

The reason why LUMA themes perform so poorly is because of the heavy load of CSS and JavaScript. This old-fashioned architecture loads the pages much longer, and it takes even more time to put the visibility and interaction together. Furthermore, the size and number of JavaScript and CSS files, not to mention dead codes, included on an eCommerce website can be excessive at times. Now we know why the whole system has gotten so much better with Hyva Theme when Willem Wigman cut out these two factors.


Hyva vs. LUMA: The Differences


The first and foremost difference between Hyva Theme and LUMA is the quality of site performance. The Hyva Magento 2 is super lean and super speedy, for the reasons we have mentioned above. We have numbers to back this up: Hyvä Themes can earn 100/100 scores across all of Google’s core web vitals, on both desktop and mobile platforms, right at the beginning. This brings tremendous advantages since you do not have to start at the bottom with your performance metrics like when you use LUMA. Without a doubt, applying Hyva Magento 2 would be a much better approach in this scenario.

The second obvious distinction is the ability to upgrade. The Magento 2’s LUMA stack urgently requires updating to reflect the most current technology movements. However, it takes quite a lot of time and effort to build it up, especially when its frontend libraries are now considered outdated or unpopular by most of the Magento community. Additionally, when it comes to themes, Magento seems to have transited to focus more on PWAs, so any expectations for recreation of LUMA seem quite hopeless.

Meanwhile, Hyva Theme is thriving and making bold statements everywhere with its success. At the core, Hyva Magento 2 still keeps its root at the Magento 2, while expanding endlessly and creatively. It’s familiar, yet refreshing and much more capable. With such speed and performance, Hyva Theme can even be a great cost-effective and convenient alternative for a PWA.

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The third difference would lie in a more technological part: the learning curve. The frontend area of Hyva Theme is much easier to maneuver and work with than LUMA. It is because its logic and styling are both isolated to mostly single PHTML files, and the layout XML is decoupled, in an improved way, from the PHTML. Furthermore, Hyva Theme is using cutting-edge technologies, which means more and more current developers are learning how to work on its frontend processes. With all that said, Hyva Theme is clearly the choice for long-term business goals, instead of the old and way-behind LUMA themes.


Hyva Theme’s Strengths: Why is it so special?

Spectacular performance

Hyva performance

We know we have mentioned it quite a few times before, but Hyva Theme’s performance is a work of art. It’s lightning-fast, and this speed applies to all kinds of smart devices – desktops and mobile phones alike. The best part is Hyva Magento 2’s TTI, or Time To Interactive. This tool takes only 2 seconds to fully load the site, along with every element, before allowing the users to interact with the functions. This number is very impressive, considering that the LUMA-based theme performs the same task within 30 minutes or more.

It’s really no surprise that Hyva Theme can score 100 in Lighthouse with each and every category. This level of site speed is very beneficial for a digital business, especially when it comes to SEO utilization. Having a fast, effective webpage is the first step to getting good SEO results, and in turn, good visiting rates as well as positive responses from customers or users. Hyva Theme is obviously superior in this area.


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Goodbye complexity, hello simplicity!

Hyva Magento integration and upgrade

As a Magento 2 user, it’s super easy to make the transition from your current default theme to Hyva Theme. You can totally do this without rebuilding the whole system or installing the functions from scratch. If you are still one Magento, however, you will need to start a new project on Magento 2 first, though this does not impact your ability to utilize Hyva Theme at all, so no sweat.

All you need is a clear plan, and a good team of developers to realize your vision into reality. Where to find these developers, you asked? Scroll down a bit further, and we will show you.


Less development time

Hyva development time

The frontend technicalities of Hyva Theme are much more compact and cleaner than most Magento default themes. This means developers will need much less time to work out the complicated codings and modifications they usually have to struggle with. Additionally, other processes, like debugging or maintenance, also become more simple. Some problems only take a few hours, if you have the right developers on call.

As a result, you will get your site done (or maintained) a lot faster, and more efficiently, yet with less money and effort.


Amazing developers’ experience

Hyva Theme Developer Experience

Usually, merchants and developers stay on their own sides, do their own jobs and that’s about it. However, with new technology like Hyva Theme, it is very important to build a supportive community around it, so the tech itself can expand and the users can benefit from the help and assistance of developers within said community. We know it sounds a little out-of-touch right now, but imagine a scenario where you run into an unknown problem with your Hyva Magento 2 theme. That would be a time to require solutions or answers from the Hyva Theme experts – each and every one of them are developers with the kind of experience that comes with time, discussions, knowledge-sharing platforms, and the support of merchants like you.


Convenient maintenance

Hyva maintenance

Source: GitHub

It’s a simple deduction that a tool that is easy to use would also be easy to maintain. But how convenient Hyva Magento 2’s maintenance exactly is? Here’s a quick breakdown of this aspect of the Hyva Theme:



Hyva Theme is what we call a component-based function. This means each component within the theme lies in one certain file, along with all the data about markup, styles, as well as its functionality.

Being component-based equals being easy to fix errors or improve on problems, since all you need to do is to switch out or isolate the parts that are wrong at the time. There’s no requirement for changing the framework as a whole, or impacting anything else rather than the exact sore spots. Save yourself and your developers a bunch of time, effort, and money with Hyva Theme today.



In Hyva Theme, all the default storefront output has been removed. This helps cut down on the amount of disruption that users usually experience with the LUMA stack. The changes in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files, therefore, will not affect Hyva Theme at all, if you choose to make an upgrade on your webpage.

Hyva Theme also has all its updates, but you can always perform them according to your own needs and specifics. These changes will not be a problem for your front-end proceeds at all, either.

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How to Implement Hyva Theme?

How to implement HYVA

Hyva Theme is compact, flexible, and efficient in any way possible. This also applies to its implementation. One can always adopt this theme tool on their own, but it can be quite tricky if you are looking to integrate it with your current system or to create a whole packaged frontend platform for your web page. If you are wondering what to do in that case, you can always reach out to us, BSS Commerce.

BSS Commerce offers Hyva Theme Development services that will enhance your Magento website and make it much more capable than you can imagine. We can join you from the very beginning, or we can assist you in any step that you are having trouble with. Whatever you require, we’ve got it.


What will you get, working with BSS Commerce?


Trustworthy Hyva Theme Partner

BSS Commerce is an official technology partner of Hyva Theme. Our collaboration will be the base to move the Magento sites forward. We also have the ability to support the Hyva Magento 2 with the latest technology and solutions.

Expert, dedicated team

Our experts are Magento certified with over 9 years of experience. Through hundreds of projects, we have proved ourselves as a passionate, dedicated, and intellectual team that can face any challenge. Our mission is to provide you with the best eCommerce, especially Hyva Theme development solutions.

Competitive price

At BSS Commerce, we believe in mutual benefits and success. We always try our best to give you the best solutions at the most cost-efficient prices. Our prices might not be the lowest ones out there on the market, but they sure are the most invest-worthy!


Bottom Line

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Hyva Theme is here to stay. We have already seen this frontend technology revolutionizing one of the most sought-after eCommerce platforms, Magento 2, in recent years. And with all of its not-yet-discovered potential, we believe Hyva Theme still has a lot to offer in the years to come.

We are happy to help you make the first step on your upcoming journey with Hyva Magento 2. Don’t hesitate to hit us up with any questions you’ve got! On that high note, we will say goodbye for now and hope to see you in the next article.

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