Why is Magento Maintenance Important & The Right Time to Do it

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Is Magento maintenance really important? 


When it comes to this question, let’s remember how many times you went to see your doctor, or how many times you faced health problems a year. Can you give a number? If humans have regular health checkups, Magento websites should also be checked and maintained to work appropriately without hitting any issue. 


Besides the reason for the website’s overall health, Magento 2 maintenance also powers up online stores to deliver better digital experience and adapt them to new demands of businesses (e.g., the addition of new categories, changes in customer segmentation). 


If you do not ensure what the right time to go for a Magento maintenance service is, the advice is given in this post. 

Why Is Magento Maintenance So Significant? 

Before discussing how important maintenance is for Magento websites, it’s necessary to understand what this activity covers. If you still question that, don’t hesitate to get a free consultation and make it clear. 

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Performance enhancement 


Before using any digital infrastructure, you should be mentally prepared to spend on maintenance. Like other ecommerce platforms, your Magento system can suddenly hit technical issues or Magento 2 issues caused by configuration mistakes, but you do not realize. 


Arisen Magento 2 issues (Magento issues), from small to serious ones, may cause a drop in your conversion and hurt the customer retention rate if they are exposed in the front end. For example, sluggish loading page or not-working functions are called the top reasons customers abandon an ecommerce website. Having your site maintained by professionals is necessary to troubleshoot and fix bugs. 


That’s not all about “performance enhancement’? 


Magento continuously comes with quality fixes and improvements through each version update. Website maintenance, accordingly, facilitates your store with new features to continuously enhance user experience. 

Security enhancement 


Data leakage is the top fear of online businesses while technology criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your store safe from hackers trying to steal your data. Fortunately, Magento offers continuously-updated versions of security patches to minimize security holes that can hurt online stores. 


Installing security patches is a complicated process that non-developers should not interfere. By getting support from a partner to maintain your website, you can get this task done while keeping the website’s performance intact. The release of security patches is separate so that your partner can safeguard your store without upgrading the full setup. 


For those who are curious about Magento 2 Security Patch in a technical aspect, don’t miss the post All About Applying Magento 2 Security Patch For Beginners

Adapt your store to new business purposes 


If you think that maintenance only resolves technical problems, you have skipped another important meaning. More than the technical aspect, Magento maintenance allows you to adapt your business to new goals and exploit the market to the maximum. 


To maximize profits, you might need to expand product selections and add new categories to your store. You might even want to re-segment your customers to meet their needs better or discover new insights. For all, Magento maintenance services can get you covered. 

Keep up with the updates  

Amid the frenzied competition of online businesses, one of the most critical conditions to stay ahead is to be the first in keeping up with the updates of technology. Besides version update and security update, Magento 2 maintenance experts can suggest the latest technology and solutions for performance optimization. 


Don’t forget to get support from a certified Magento partner as they have the best conditions to approach and learn from Magento releases and updates. This value will finally be shared with their clients and turns into business benefits. 

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The Right Time for Magento Website Maintenance 

What is the right time for Magento website maintenance? 


The answer is: “Just do it whenever you think about it!” 


Because maintenance involves a lot of aspects to keep a Magento website free from bugs, secure, and up-to-date, it is one of the greatest needs of store owners. It’s not surprising that you have to go for a maintenance service several times while your website works for you. 

Proactive approach   

What are the great benefits of maintaining your website proactively: 


  • Detect problems soon before they get worse and more difficult to fix 
  • Take advantage of cutting-edge technology updates to enhance the user experience 
  • Minimize abandonment rates and boost customer engagement    

# Maintain regularly to make sure your website runs smoothly 


Like what we mentioned, regular maintenance allows merchants to track the website’s health and have a timely fixing plan for found issues before they break out the seamless user experience.  


# Magento releases new updates  


As soon as Magento introduces a new version update, security patch and related technology, you can immediately ask your partner (Magento maintenance agency) to get your site updated. In this way, it can take advantage of new improvements to improve competitiveness. 


Once the Magento version is upgraded, the Magento maintenance agency you work with also takes installed third-party modules upgraded to another compatible version for you.    


# You target new business goals 


When your business comes with new goals or targets a new market, your website needs to be given some changes. Magento maintenance, accordingly, is necessary for your store to get ready. 


What changes you may need? 


  • Expand new product categories      
  • Add new features/functionality 
  • Re-segment customer database 
  • Optimize performance 

Non-proactive approach 

Unlike the proactive approach, the motivation for Magento maintenance in the following cases appears when merchants know that their website has faced unexpected problems.    


# Any function does not work properly 


Inactive or not-working functions are the most common pain points of ecommerce. Sometimes, those bugs will be exposed when you try doing some actions on the storefront (e.g., Checkout as Guest or Gift Card does not work). If they are not removed as soon as possible, many more customers who face these bugs will get annoyed and feel a bad experience on your website.  


# You hit Magento 2 issues 


Have you ever faced Magento technical issues? 


For example: 

  • Magento error 503: service temporarily unavailable 
  • Magento error 500: internal server error 
  • Magento error 404: page not found 

At first sight, these Magento issues are more serious than not-working functions because visitors will see error messages and immediately have the impression that a website is low-quality or even no longer active. Indeed, many visitors do not have a technical background to understand all error messages. 


When your site hits errors, it’s definitely the right time to go for a Magento maintenance service. If you do not see any bug. That’s fine! However, there might be hidden issues somewhere that you can miss or can not detect while it’s so easy with Magento 2 maintenance services.        


# Customers complain about the bad experience 


Receiving complaints from customers about bad shopping experience is such a bitter pill to drink. If your business focuses on customer-centric, you cannot set aside those complaints but check and improve your site immediately.  


Sometimes, the need for maintenance will appear in situations like that. However, it’s awful to let this happen because you lose those customers forever.   

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Magento maintenance is such an important process through the life of a website. However, never let problems on your website are too late to be resolved or your sales will drop pathetically. 


With the topic of “when is the right time for Magento maintenance”, we recommend store owners to be more proactive in doing this to ensure the highest Magento performance. 


BSS Commerce is a trusted Magento partner with an ecosystem of solutions for Magento websites, including Magento Web Development, Magento Website Maintenance, Code Audit, Speed-Up Consulting, and so on. Among those, Magento 2 Maintenance Service is one of our leading services. 

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