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by Snowy

Along with the advancements of technology, the future of web development tends to change every single year. It is presented when the number of websites all over the world has increased dramatically. In addition, businesses nowadays depend more on online purchases via apps or websites rather than conventional stores. 

Therefore, to compete with such a competitive digital market, your website must become more potent. To do this, you must create innovative ideas and identify the newest web development trends. 

In this article, we will give a prediction about the future of web development. Check them now!

What is the future of web development?

After a long process of researching, we have collected 19 futuristic trends which are predicted to be the future of web development for the next five years.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

In the coming days, it is presumable that the role of artificial intelligence will become wider than ever in the world of websites.

It can not be denied that AI will be the future of web development as this phase has developed at a higher speed. Currently, many leading companies have launched AI-specific. In addition, Gird is one of the most sought-after AI implementations that permits content-specific website development in no time. Furthermore, the launch of ADI tools has allowed automated website development which can be customized further according to the web developers. Two common examples of AI systems are Apple’s Siri and Google’s Alexa have features of recognizing human speech, analyzing it by tracking patterns, and offering a better user experience thanks to information interpreted. One another example of the fastest-growing AI trends is speech recognition. It plays an essential role and an indispensable part in revolutionizing the mobile and website development world. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Gradually, big names such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google,… are investing a large amount of money in AI. Therefore, web developers should include features and functionality developed by AI. It will bring radical changes into the domain of web development. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

As a survey by Statista, there will be several around 32 billion connected devices in 2021. The huge growth in the number of IoT devices will positively impact the web development process because companies tend to manage these devices via laptop or desktop. In addition, the integration of devices with the website also plays an important role in bringing better services to customers. For example, IoT can be used to analyze fitness bands or smartwatches. They can track all activities of the users like tracking sleep, nutrition, and optimize the health goals by storing the information over the cloud.

While only a few websites have an IoT integration currently, the concept will continue to focus on the near future as the number of connected devices will gradually increase. 

Virtual Reality

Over the past few years, virtual reality has been one of the most determined elements that have had a positive impact on the future of web development. Web developers have made full use of virtual reality to implement the top traits of technology to bring their users a stimulating environment.

The websites equipped with virtual reality can permit the users to enjoy the 3D world in real-time and have engagement with it. Several famous organizations are looking for web developers with adequate skills in virtual reality that can be implemented in their business models. This can offer their clients to engage virtually with their products which can increase general customer satisfaction.

360 Degree Video

One of the most sought-after skills that are found by almost all organizations worldwide is the ability to create a 360-degree video. It can support the development of a website by offering an interactive and enhanced UI design. It brings the users a virtual experience of a product that is easy to describe and explain. If the designers have prior experience in virtual reality, they can have more opportunities to create 360 Degree Video to increase customer engagement.

Voice Command

Voice command is expected to be a trend of the future of web development. Nowadays, users can use voice commands to control their smartphones, TV screens, laptops, or tablets. In comparison with the past few years, technology has improved a lot. The users can easily call an Uber driver just with a voice command instead of doing a lot of acts with the application. This can be used by the website developers to improve the customer experience. Many organizations believe that it would be one of the most essential aspects of the evaluation of technology that will find pace in the next few years.

More Appreciation for Web Standards

In the past, it used to be difficult to sell customers on the role of valid and semantic code. However, with the development of technology, there are many devices and browsers on the market. Therefore, the standards have become more and more important to produce interoperable and flexible products. With the support from web browsers to open web standards, the coders can be able to work with website regulations well. Therefore, website developers who focus on compliant code can benefit from this trend.

Code Injection Exposure

These days, as many applications offer the users comment and feedback with the support of forms, there are some common ways to add a malware code injection.

For example, if the applications do not prevent the user from adding a minimum number of characters into the login form and allow the use of characters, it will be easy for the attacker to add the code into the form for accessing all data of the server.

Motion User Interface

Motion User Interface (Motion UI) is a SaaS library that is typically used for creating custom CSS. When you can use Motion UI intelligently, it can effectively improve the image of the brand ten folds by giving the user an ideal insight into the message of the brand. Furthermore, you can use Motion UI to improve the user experience design by using several elements to add to the simpler navigation and boost the overall website performance.



Motion User Interface

In the future, web development is bound to change dramatically by performing all new technological measures at a necessary level. In comparison with the last few years, it is undeniable that technological improvement seems to affect the development of websites directly or indirectly. It is necessary for web developers to continuously update with the latest trends occurring all over the world that can enhance the user experience and bring better customer engagement and satisfaction.

Less Demand for PSD to XHTML/CSS Conversion Services

Currently, web developers have tended to work more on niche jobs like source software customization. Many developers who are responsible for charging a premium over “PSD to HTML” chop shops will need to shift their niche. There will be a demand for this type of work. However, the demand for PSD to XHTML/CSS Conversion Services will gradually decrease.


Javascript is used for developing Android mobile apps and dynamic website applications. It has remained one of the most popular website development trends in 2020. It is to strengthen with the advent of new frameworks and plentiful libraries. Javascript’s higher adaptability for giving customized functions and ease to use has made JavaScript frameworks become a preferred selection for web developers all over the world. 



This trend will provide facilities developers to build clean and responsive websites. In the coming years, JavaScript frameworks or platforms will promote web development.


A good framework is necessary for a perfect website. It plays an important part in the development environment. Although we cannot name the future of the web for the following years, web developers can create a unique framework.

Latest Norm AMP

The responsive website design approach has become popular since 2015 when Google has begun to give more importance to websites. As a report from Adobe in February 2017, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) took up about 7 percent of all web traffic for the USA’s top publishers. The design of it is to improve the performance of website content and ads. In addition, it also improves the speed of the website and user experience. It can work seamlessly and attract customers to use it. Thus, it is reliable that AMP will be one of the trends of the future of web development.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

When coming to comparison in the aspect of leveraging technological advancements between the best of mobile sites and native apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) seem to be a great concept based on the evolution of the Internet and the adoption of HTML 5. With the support of PWAs, you can provide similar functionality and excellent user experiences to native apps. The giant of the eCommerce industry – Flipkart has used PWA and witnessed a 70 percent increase in conversions.

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Response Animation Idle Load (RAIL)

The designing concept – Response Animation Idle Load has been here since 2015. However, it is expected to thrive in 2021. This concept brings a faster load time at under 1 second and the better performance of the website. It mainly focuses on giving a satisfactory user experience. An article from Smashing Magazine has revealed that RAIL breaks down UX into tap, scroll, drag…actions and gives performance goals along with a structure that is necessary to give better performance. In summary, the concept of RAIL is really useful for web designers to follow the user-centric method.

Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Currently, most websites do not ask to add various web pages and financial content. However, it will make more sense to have a straightforward website. In addition, Single Page Applications (SPAs) will be effective for mobile screens. The visitors can smoothly scroll up and down and get the information that they want to have on a single page. You don’t need to have menus that maybe complicate the browser experience. If you have an eCommerce website, you will probably find that it will be beneficial to design and make loading time faster.

SPAs have been an attractive topic since 2020. Currently, more companies are allowing them to balance the expense as well as give fast information to the visitors. Facebook, Gmail, and Github are popular examples of SPAs. A SPA can eliminate the specifications of reloading the website page by loading all the content via JavaScript. SPAs can work inside the browser and present natural behavior. Users tend to like it because SPAs have reduced waiting time and directly rendered the web pages in the browser of the users.


Bitcoins have gained popularity since 2020. However,  the story of blockchain technology has just begun. The technology is considered to bring radical changes to the web industry. Although Blockchain is eliminating the necessity of intermediaries, it has offered a safe and secure online transaction. This innovative technology has utilized standard data storage for supporting users to store data in various locations worldwide.




Thanks to Blockchain technology, banks, and financial organizations can keep the data of customers safe with the support of algorithms. 

No-code web development

It’s an amazing technology solution that allows non-developers to build websites or applications without code. You can easily process and create your own website by dragging and dropping elements on a graphical interface. This solution is suitable for small businesses with a low budget for hiring developers. Some of the no-code platforms can be listed: Bubble development, Webflow, Appian, Quickbase, etc.


Currently, GIFs have just become trending on social media. However, this trend tends to be even more on the website. Web developers are trying to make their websites more attractive due to the limited attention spans of most visitors. GIF can bring an amazing alternative instead of having video on the website because it can negatively affect the loading time of the websites.

It is lighter in comparison with video. However, it still attracts and holds the visitor’s attention for a moment. In addition, it is recommended to be used to a single-page site and mobile views.


When coming to building a website, illustrations will be expected to one another trend of web development. Designed concepts include illustrations, fonts, and forms. They are extremely useful to make websites more user-friendly and interactive. Therefore, web development organizations should stay updated with this trend. It can convey the message to customers more effectively without using text. In addition, they can make your website attractive and interesting. Thus, the trend of illustration will be one of the most important trends in the next 5 years.

Tracking user’s behavior

In the coming years, the trend of web development will relate to users’ behavior. It is the research about the number of clicks, user interaction, the number of mouse movements, and many different actions related to this. Many companies strive to give a pleasant user experience on their websites. Therefore, the concept of tracking users’ behavior gradually comes into the picture.

This approach is considered to be the most sought-after skill among good web developers. If you have a plan to develop a website for your business, you should integrate tracking users’ behavior features into your website. Therefore, all you need to do is to consult a well-known web development enterprise.

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