Why an Offshore development center can speed up your business growth?

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Offshore vs. Outsourcing: What is the difference?

The Offshore development center is no longer a new definition in the technology world. Easy to understand, an offshore development center is a software development business that is based in another country yet delivers services to your company and on your behalf. So, you will hire this third-party software company to complete tasks in your projects.


On the other hand, outsourcing is a little bit different. Outsourcing is when you request specific services from another company. In this case, geographical location is not always a concern.


Both Offshore development centers and Outsourcing have the same purpose in saving your time and money by hiring a dedicated development team. But using an offshore development center is more beneficial for your business. Because the country where it is located has lower standards of living than where the controlling company is based. It means your company can diminish the cost by using the expense contrast between the two nations. 


Reasons to choose Offshore development center

The Offshore development center is beneficial for business activities. Check out these reasons following to know why:

Save time and money

By hiring offshore development centers, you don’t have to worry about human resources. No longer long recruitment and technology training for new employees that waste a lot of time and affect your project process. Furthermore, it helps the host company save an amount of money with the advantage of cost difference as we had mentioned earlier. The offshore development center is full of equipment, human resources, and infrastructure. So, your projects can start more conveniently.

Assure quality

With a dedicated development team, your company can reduce risks and innovate quality work. Moreover, the highest standard will be followed by the experts to ensure the best solution for your business. Your business can keep track of the progress of the projects and immediately fix the parts that don’t meet your expectations.

Access to talented experts

Technology is improving and changing all the time. With an offshore development center, your business can connect with specialists who have experience and always keep up to date with the latest technologies. 

Focus on business development

Leaving hard work for the experts, your company will have time to improve business growth and expand the market scale. It allows strengthening your core business process. 

Expand easier to the marketplace of the foreign country

In case you want to reach the overseas market, an offshore development center is a good choice. With a local dedicated development team, they can support you and come up with ideal insights that optimize your business in their market. 

Control the process of the expert team

Hiring an offshore development center company gives your company easier control than outsourcing to a third party. An offshore development center will strictly follow your company’s guidance. On the other hand, an outsourcing company will independently complete your tasks. 

By the way, Offshore development centers also have weaknesses. The barriers of language, culture, distance, and legal can be the challenges with the offshore development centers’ process. 


How to choose the right Offshore development center?

Now you have known the benefits of an offshore development center. And you will want to choose a trusted partner to collaborate with. With thousands of companies outside, which one is suitable for your business? 

There are some factors you may concern about when picking one: 

Country to set up an offshore development center

Based on the budget and requirements of your project, find out the suitable countries. Here are our research top offshore development countries in each region for you to refer to.


Besides, you can check the salary database of software developers in these countries to compare and make a decision. This salary expert website may help you.     


Remember to check the time zone differences so that you can schedule your project process logically. Moreover, cultural differences are also needed to be considered. 


China and India are known as the top outsourcing countries in Asia. But Vietnam is now rising as an ideal offshore development destination because of the advantage in cost and the number of well-trained tech experts. 


In the Kearney Global Services Location Index 2019 report, Vietnam ranked 5th with a total score of 5.88. This global Outsourcing Ranking is based on 4 main factors: Financial attractiveness, People skills & availability, Business Environment, and Digital resonance. It has proven that Vietnam can completely become a perfect offshore development center for your company to trust in. 



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Company profile

Be sure to check the working profile of the company before collaborating. Spend time reading reviews of customers and researching relevant projects to know if they have experience in your problem. Take a look at the results of past projects, or maybe ask other clients if possible. Remember to check vendors’ Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter accounts, and also Google reviews. 


It would be perfect to work with an Offshore development center with experience, English proficiency, and diverse services. A young company may have passion, but the one with a long history is familiar with the process and works more professionally. 


You can see more than 637 reviews of BSS Commerce customers on Trustpilot (97% is excellent).

Moreover, BSS Commerce Is On Clutch’s List Of Top ECommerce Development Companies In Vietnam.


Pricing plays an important role in the decision-making process of the offshore development centers. Based on your budget, choose a suitable company with competitive costs. Maybe the cheapest one is not the good one, you should care more about the quality.  


Before starting working with an offshore development center company, remember to do comprehensive research on the company, its services, and references.


In BSS Commerce, we got all of the factors your business needs in an offshore development center. 


Competitive cost: We offer you a suitable price, not the cheapest one. But we ensure that you will be happy with the value and result of the projects after working with us. 


Expert team: BSS Commerce has 9+ years of experience, 20+ agencies trusted in BSS, 50+ Tech Experts for hire, and 100+ successful projects. We feel confident to solve all of your business difficulties. Moreover, our experts are qualified in both technical and English so that we can work and communicate with global companies clearly and effectively. 


Multiple services: BSS Commerce is a full-service agency. We not only provide your business with outstanding services but also integrations, apps, extensions, etc. 


Win-win mindset: In BSS Commerce, we always find the best solution to optimize cost, time, and result rather than only meet your requests.


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BSS Commerce Offshore development center

Everything you need for technology solutions, BSS Commerce can cover all from services, technologies to platforms.



  • eCommerce development
  • Module creation & customization
  • Mobile development
  • Product development
  • PIM development
  • PWA development
  • Custom ERP development
  • AI & Automation development


PHP, ReactJS, Java, NodeJS, Symfony, JavaScript, C, C++, Python, .Net, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage Service AWS, PWA



Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Shopware, Odoo, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform.


How to start with our Offshore development center?

Our process includes 4 steps: Discussion – Interview – Final deal – Onboarding. Your business can quickly and easily complete your projects by contacting us in the following journey:



Firstly, you will contact us by filling in the form here, booking a call, and reaching us via email or Livechat. After that, we discuss your projects together, find out your requests. BSS Commerce will contact you later for more details and give you a suitable solution. 


Getting clear about your workload and task, we will set up an interview between you and our expert team (PM, BA, Developer,…) to consult and work together.

Final deal

We finalize resources, terms, and policies to reach a commitment. To achieve mutual benefits for a long-term relationship, we provide a flexible hiring plan with a competitive price. 


Now, our team is ready for the project to launch! BSS Commerce also promises to provide close assistance and support to keep work flowing smoothly. 


So, are you ready to join us in the journey and get success? Let’s go!

Check out Offshore development landing page to find our more about our service.  


In conclusion, the offshore development center is a perfect solution for your business to save time, cost and focus on your business activities without worrying about human resources issues. 


BSS Commerce is by your side on the way to taking over the challenges to boost your business scale. If you lack the human resources to run your projects, please feel free to contact us. With our experience and dedicated development team, we ensure to give you the best solutions with our experts.


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