How to Set Up and Use Magento 2 Enterprise Store Credit Functionality

How to Set Up and Use Magento 2 Enterprise Store Credit Functionality

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Magento 2 Enterprise Edition comes with many advanced features to bring users many benefits with dynamic marketing and merchandising, increased customer loyalty, powerful performance and scalability, extensive management tools, and more. In this article, I’ll introduce you one of the best features of Magento 2 EE helping you win customer loyalty effectively; it’s store credit.

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1. Overview of Magento 2 Enterprise Store Credit Feature

Store credit is the virtual amount added to account for each customer. Admins can use store credit for the refund and apply store credit to each account. Customers can use store credit to purchase products. In the checkout process, the customer is allowed to use store credit as a payment option.

2. How to Configure Store Credit function in Magento 2 Enterprise

  • Store Credit general configuration

To configure the customer store credit display, refunds and store credit update email notification, the admin can go to Store → Configuration → Customer Configuration, then expand Store Credit Options tab.

magento 2 enterprise store credit configuration

Magento 2 Enterprise store credit configuration

– In Enable Store Credit Functionality, choose Yes to turn on store credit feature, or No to disable it.

– You can choose to Show Store Credit History to Customers and Refund Store Credit Automatically or not.

– Choose the email sender and template for the notification emails to customers of store credit updates in Store Credit Update Email Sender and Store Credit Update Email Template.

After complete settings, tap Save Config button.

  • Update store credit balance

The admins also can update store credit for customers and view store credit history of each one in customer account page in the backend.

– After going to a customer account page, please expand  Store Credit tab.


Add store credit in Magento 2 Enterprise

– In Update Balance, select the appropriate Website, specify the updated Customer balance value in the Update Balance field, and you can also reduce the Customer’s credit balance by typing in a negative value with (-) prefix.

– Set to Notify Customer by Email and the store view to send emails from.

– Edit a short comment of the store credit update in Comment field.

When complete, press Save Customer button.

  • Refunds to store credit

The refund amount can be returned to store credits when creating a credit memo.


Refund to store credit

– Create a credit memo for a necessary order

– Scroll down the page to “Refund Totals” section that includes an additional “Refund to Store Credit” box. Check it to transfer order amount to store credit.

3. How can Customers Use Store Credit?

  • Firstly, customers must log into their accounts, then press Store Credit tab in customer account page to view their store credit detailed information.
  • In the checkout process, when choosing a payment method, the customer is allowed to “Use Store Credit” as a payment option. If the current store credit balance is greater than the order total, the other payment methods will be disappeared.

Use store credit as a payment method

  • The applied store credit is shown on the total order information; then when the order is placed, the credit balance will be adjusted.

4. Top Store Credit extensions for Magento 2 Community Websites

As mentioned above, Magento 2 only supports store credit functionality in Enterprise Edition. Hence, Magento 2 Community websites need to install a plug-in to use this feature.

Here are the top 3 Magento 2 Community Store Credit extensions are chosen by BSSCommerce team based on the price, functionality, and popularity.

Store Credit and Refund for Magento 2 by Aheadworks – $79

This extension is introduced as an in-store currency. The store credit can be used for refunds and award customers.

Key features of Aheadworks Store Credit and Refund extension for Magento 2:

  • Refund to store credit in one click
  • Order in the backend with store credit
  • Track all credit transactions and link to customer details page
  • Get an overview of customer store credit balance and the chance to update credit balance
  • Allow customers to use their store credit for paying purchases
  • Control over the extension, covering every notification and checkout aspects

Aheadworks provides the support policy with 90 days of free support, and you need to pay for more service such as installation, priority support.

Magento 2 Store Credit Extension by BSSCommerce – $79

This Community Magento 2 Store Credit extension allows admins to use for the refund or apply to the customer account. And customers can use store credit to checkout orders.

Lis features of BSSCommerce Store Credit extension:

  • Be able to add store credit to any customer account
  • Allow customers to spend their store credit for purchases both on shopping cart and checkout page
  • Permit buyers to use credit for shipping fee or tax
  • Restore to store credit when an order is refunded
  • Send notification emails to customers whenever store credit is updated
  • Track store credit transaction in grids and get a transaction report in a chart

Installing this plug-in from BSSCommerce, you will have Free 1-Year Support, Free Installation, Free Update, and 30-Days Money Back.

Mirasvit Magento 2 Store Credit and Refund – $149

This Mirasvit store credit Magento 2 module covers and automates most of your store activities, related to customer credits and refunds.

Main features of Mirasvit  Store Credit Magento 2 extension:

  • An easy way to use store credit in the checkout process
  • Show store credit information for customers
  • Manage customer store credit simply
  • Allow customers to send store credit to their friends
  • Refund to store credit
  • Flexibly manage configuration options

The package of this Mirasvit  store credit Magento 2 extension doesn’t include any free support.

5. Conclusion

Store Credit in Magento 2 is the must-have function for all websites. It is a useful solution to help you get more loyal clients. Using store credit can save your time and help reduce many risks.


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