>How To Add Multiple Products To Cart For Magento 2?

How To Add Multiple Products To Cart For Magento 2?

1. Limitation of “Add to cart” function in Magento 2 default

In the default Magento, customers can select only one product at a time. Also, in the product list pages, the quantity box is not available for each product. Hence, after clicking on the “Add to cart” button of a product, they will be redirected to the product page to select the quantity. If the buyer wants to purchase many products, the process must be repeated one by one. This makes the buying procedure more complicated and more time-consuming

2. An effective tool to add multiple products to cart and support wholesale order in Magento 2

Understanding that drawback of Magento, BSSCommerce has come up with the new Add Multiple Products To Cart for Magento 2 extension as a useful tool supporting multiple adding to cart. The module’s main purpose is to simplify the shopping process for customers and encourage ordering various products in Magento 2 stores. No need to visiting each product page when selecting many products anymore, the buyers will surely save much time and have better experiences with your site. As a certain result, sales performance is boosted up once customers love coming back to what makes them feel convenient.  Especially for wholesale and B2B business, the increase in sales and benefit will be more impressive and remarkable.

3. How “Add Multiple Products To Cart for Magento 2” works

With all of the amazing benefits above, let’s find out in details about the extension’s features and how it can help your business growth.

Magento 2

Add checkbox, quantity box next to each product and “Add all to cart” button on product list pages for multiple selections.

+ Checkbox and quantity box are available for each product.

+ Customer can tick on each product or choose the “Check all” box to select all items on the page.

+ An icon will be displayed for the chosen item to be noticed.

+ “Add all to cart” button with total quantity or total selected products will make all the selections go to cart.


Ajax popup function for choosing product options

The module works for simple, configurable, bundle products and simple products with custom options. Thus, in case customers forget to choose product options, a pop-up will be displayed for them to choose that required information without redirecting to product page separately. After all, information is provided, customers can click “Add all to cart” normally. In case of clicking “Add to cart” of only one product with options, the popup being shown is the same as Ajax popup.


Popup for success adding confirmation

After selecting all products they want, buyers will be shown a popup with details of what was added to cart. The popup includes product images, product links, prices (when adding only one product), a minicart with subtotal, a checkout link. Moreover, “View cart’ and “Continue shopping button” are available to guide customers about the next action.


Check out the FRONTEND and the VIDEO sample to see the real experience supported by the module.


Easy configuration at the backend

Let’s take a look at the BACKEND and see how flexible the setting is.

To make the extension worths the investment, it is developed for admins to have the highest control of its features. The module can be customized up to store view level, which allows owners can manage it to be suitable for each market. For details, admins can freely select specific customer groups to apply the module. “Add all” button can be set up for displaying either total quantity or total selected products. The elements in success pop-up can be enabled or disable such as price, image, mini cart, checkout link and buttons for next actions. Also, the design of the pop-up can manage to match with the style of the site.


Work for any place in Magento 2 site

And for the best part is that the module can be applied for any place in Magento 2 store not only product list pages and homepage. In the General Options in the backend, admins just need to Select class and ID to be applied (separated by a comma). So that customers can add multiple products to cart even from wishlist, compare, CMS page…


4. Conclusion

Add Multiple Products To Cart for Magento 2, with all of its practical features, is expected to be appreciated by store owners like  Add Multiple Products To Cart for Magento 1 extension. Once customers can select as many products as they want with the less complicated process, your site will be on their favorite list.

A small reminder is that we are about to change the support policy. From December 16th, customers buying our extension is no longer get the free lifetime support policy. So hurry up and buy the extension now before December 16th to get the last chances of FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT policy.add-product-cart