>How to Create Bundle Products in Magento 2

How to Create Bundle Products in Magento 2

A bundle is a “build your own,” customizable product. Each item in a bundle can be based on one of the following product types: Simple Product and Virtual Product.

The bundle product is a bit similar to the grouped product in Magento 2. Bundle products and Grouped products both include a list of products in a product page. With grouped products customers fail to choose the attribute of items that they want, however, in the bundle products they can do it since there are available options for their choices. To know more about common and different features between Bundle and Group Product, please check this blog HERE

For example, A grouped product contains 2 individual options: a shirt, a pair of pants. But when it comes to bundle product, customers can choose options for shirts, pants that they want to buy. These chosen items will form a bundle product. Consequently, the price will be variable, based on the price of each product separately added to the bundle.

So how you can do it?

The following instructions will help you create Bundle Product in Magento 2 step by step.

Step 1

You login the backend, then select Products -> Catalog.

Step 2

You click on the triangle in Add Product tab and select Bundle Product in a dropdown list.

magento 2 bundle product

Step 3

You fill in information for this grouped product.

magento 2 bundle product

In Bundle product, you can set SKU, Price, and Weight be either dynamic or fixed.

If you want the price to change according to options selected then choose the dynamic price. Meanwhile, the fixed price will allow you to set the price for Bundle product that will not depend on customers’ choices.

Similarly, such attributes as SKU and weight can be dynamic or fixed, depending on what you want it to be displayed

Step 4

On tab Bundle products, choose Add Options button to add product options to the bundle.

magento 2 bundle product

For example, a customer is purchasing a shirt and a pair of pants. They can choose a shirt to add to their bundle and select the type of shirt they want to buy. This requires you to add more than two options to a bundle product. Note, that you can create an unlimited number of options for each bundled product.

After clicking “Add option” button, you will need to fill out required blank: “Option title” then clicking “Add Products to option.” 

magento 2 bundle product

Step 5

You need to add products to option by applying the filters to find the required products. Remember to checkbox of each that you want to include in this option. 

magento 2 bundle product

Then it will be like this:

magento 2 bundle product

The steps “Add Option” and “Add Products to Option” shall be continued as instruction above until all needed options are created.

Step 6

You upload images for this bundle product.

magento 2 bundle product

Step 7

You Save the configuration of the Bundle products and after that, go to the frontend, here is your Bundle Product. 

magento 2 bundle product

As the guide above, you can add simple products or virtual products to options of bundle product. These products have their thumbnails but default Magento does not allow enabling the children product thumbnails on the product page. This drawback can make confusing for customers when ordering bundle products.

Magento 2 Bundle Option Image extension is a powerful solution for this case. This module allows you to show bundle item images and customize to display them more effectively.

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