Magento Grouped Product vs Bundle Product: Stop Confusing!

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Many merchants like the fact that Magento supports various product types. Take, Magento grouped product and Magento bundle product, for example.

However, if you are a beginner at this platform, you might find the two are a bit or even very confusing. As a result, you do not know whether to use the Magento grouped products or bundle to display your items.

We know your problems and are glad to help with a complete comparison.

Main discussions in this blog:

  • Similarities of Magento grouped products and Magento bundle products
  • Characteristics of the grouped and the bundles
  • Advanced features to improve the display of the grouped and the bundles

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Magento Grouped product & Magento bundle product – The Similarities


Come to think of Magento bundle product and Magento grouped product, the similarity is, they have no inventory. They are simply just set to in or out of stock.

About images for constituting products, default Magento 2 does not allow showing images for each constituting product in both grouped and bundle products.

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Magento Grouped product vs bundle product: Particular traits

A first glance, a grouped product mostly looks like a group, including products that can be sold separately, but carry some similarities in terms of functions or sub-categories. In general, these contribute to one big and general function (like accessories). 

While the other Magento 2 plugin – bundle product looks like one “body”, like a music band, carries parts that are hardly sold separately because it might make no sense.   

Grouped product vs bundle product: Constituting products

Come to think of In default Magneto 2, there are no images for constituting products.

In a grouped product, constituting products are bought individually if we want. In other words, we can treat them as single products.

On the contrary, we cannot buy constituting products of a bundle product separately because each individual option acts as a decisive part of the final product.

Grouped product vs bundle product: Minicart display  

Even though being called as a “group”, when we add items to the cart, each constituting products are listed separately as individuals. Here is an example.


Choose products to add to cart

And let’s see how does Magento 2 displays grouped products in the mini cart.

Grouped-products-and-bundle-products-in-magento 2

Products displayed in the mini cart

While in bundle products, chosen to constitute products will be displayed under the bundle product in the cart.


Choose products in the “bundle” to add to cart

Let’s see how do these products appear in the cart.


The mini cart displays only the bundle products

Only when you click on the drop-down, the list of the product will show up.


List of bundle products that are added to cart

Grouped product vs bundle product: Customization

Customization is a noticeable trait of both two products, hence, we mention it here, separately. So, with grouped products, customization is limited. That means customization for grouped products depends upon choosing individual products and their quantity.

For instance, with a set of clothes, which has a medium red t-shirt and large brown pants, a customer will only select the quantity for them, like 2 shirts and 1 pair of pants.

Therefore, if you want to have only a set of clothes with more custom options like size, color, etc, because the default of Magento does not allow adding custom options for a grouped product, you might need this extension Grouped Product with Custom Options.

Bundle product has limitless customization. We can configure a bundle product with the given options. Each configuration will result in a unique product that has its own existence. When buying a computer, for example, we select different RAM, CPU, etc. each of the configurations really makes a product itself.

Grouped product vs bundle product: Benefits

Of course, in many cases, we will feel that both of the two types are suitable for one product. On the other hand, sometimes, none of them is suitable.

Obviously, grouped products allow customers to make a single purchase instead of buying separate things. Additionally, grouped products promote eye-catching special prices or promotion campaigns toward potential customers.

On the other hand, bundle products allow combining any products with a wide range of colors, size, capacity, memory, etc. This helps customers to custom their “bundle” conveniently.

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Grouped product vs bundle product: Usages

Grouped products are supposed to integrate simple products for the convenience of customers, or in other words, you can sell products as groups or sets, such as a set of clothes, a set of furniture, and so on or you can sell clothes, furniture individually if you want.

Meanwhile, just use bundle products if you sell a complex product like computers, cameras, mobile phones, etc.

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